Does iMessage Use Data?

Does iMessage Use Data

Do You Use Data When Using iMessage? Well, the simplest answer to this question is yes. iMessage will definitely provide its service when it is supported by your data bundle or it must have a wireless connection.

There is a great difference between commonly used text messages and iMessage because it sends information by using the internet. It is not the same. So, one can easily access that iMessage either use your data plan or Wi-Fi connection.

Therefore, you must take care that you are not sending too many files in the form of selfies if not connected with Wi-Fi.

 iMessage is really fast and secure to use. You can send pictures, videos, GIFs, location, voice notes, share important links, and many other visual things. You can also enhance your fun time by using third-party iMessage. By this, you can also use more functions.

iPhone X and lateral devices can also use animated emojis that reflect your expression exactly whatever you want to show. There is a huge difference between text message and iMessage and we can clearly identify them by looking at the following points:

  • iMessage sends your files, videos, pictures to a great extent.
  • The messages sent through iMessage then it will look blue.
  •  It can only operate by using an Apple device.
  •  You can also see what other user typing.
  •  It is totally secured from start to end.
  •  It can send your files in a really quick time.

For using iMessage you just need to log in to Apple ID and must have a good internet source and that’s all you need to do. You can send Animoji which is quite fun.

How Much Data iMessage Use?

It is easy to use iMessage while connecting to a data plan or Wi-Fi connection but as far as their usage assessment concern, nobody can exactly tell you how much data or MBs or GBs you are going to use in a day. It totally depends on how many files you send or receive from your friends and family.

Look, I can clear it by telling you that if you are using your iMessage for sending and receiving plain messages then probably it cost you like 1 KB or maybe might not even get noticed by you.

But on the other hand, if you are willing to capture a photo of you or your surroundings then it will cause almost 8 MB because you can say 8 MB are standard data usage while sending a high-quality version of a photo

Now you can guess to some extent that if you are sending videos or documents how much MBs are going to be used as compare to simple messages or just emojis. But if your device is connected to a Wi-Fi source then you have no reason to worry about how much it will cost to send a message or a video.

If you are using the data plan then you must be conscious about what are you sending or receiving from your social circle.

Finding iMessage data consumption in iOS

Apple devices back from iOS 5 in 2011, iMessage was a very popular app and it gets modified over the passing years.

It also featured estimating how much data has been during a day or in a month but now this particular aspect vanished into thin air and that is why users cannot calculate their regular usage. But there are other ways to see how much cellular data has been used in a day or in an hour.

By this, you can also see which App using more data specifically. You can turn on or turn off your data service for individual Apps on your devices or enable data to your preferred applications.

First of all, go to your settings and select cellular data. If you are using the iPad then you will see settings and next is cellular data. If you are using a Dual SIM device then you should choose one of them to carry on using data plans. You might get familiar with the following points:

  • Turn off or turn on data roaming
  •  Turn off or turn on voice roaming
  • Select LTE, 3G, 4G

For estimating which Apps using more data you can go to’ settings’ then ‘cellular data’. Scroll down to the page end to find out which app you should allow using data or which should be turn off to save your data.

Is The iMessage Data Consumption Figure Too Big?

It can clearly be seen now, iMessage use data plans if your device does not have good access to Wi-Fi. Although it is not possible to tell that a specific amount of data you can use or you will use throughout a certain period.

But if you are using iMessage for sending big files, capture snaps, and record videos, and send it to other iOS device users then it will ultimately show your data consumption figure too big. But I must say it again, it entirely depends upon your way to use your iOS device.

But for figuring out how a bigger number of MBs or GBs you have used, simply go to ‘settings’ then select ‘cellular data’ and choose ‘system services’. Here you can see total data consumption by all the Apps.

There is no option for turning permanently off data plans for iMessage and connected with a Wi-Fi connection. If you are trying to do so then it might bring problems for you like you are falling back on simple text messages then you must have regular texting plans associated with your iPhone.

The better solution to this problem is to regularly visit your ‘system services’ and be specific about which multimedia products you want to send to others. Moving back to plain text or the MMS option may have other issues like low image quality or need a longer period to send a video.

Can I Use iMessage When I Have No Access To Cellular Data?

No wonder! If you are expecting to reach out iMessage application on your iOS device without turning on mobile data because you must have a wireless connection in this situation. Users can turn off mobile data by going to the control panel of their device and tap on the green button.

But by doing this your iOS device will completely disabled sharing your attachments. You cannot make video calls and send picture messages.

So, if you are willing to send files in a short time to a wider range it is compulsory to access Wi-Fi or turn on your cellular data.

How Can I Use Less Data On iMessage?

There is a number of means which can enable you to use less data or totally zero data usage. But it can only be done by turning off your iMessage App by following below steps:

  •  Go to your mobile settings
  •  Choose messages
  •  Select iMessage and turn it off

There is another means which is quite easy to execute. Users must connect their device with a wireless connection as much as possible for you and stay out of cellular data plans. You can put a limit on heavy files like videos and pictures that you share with people.

In this digital era, you can quickly find so many other Apps that give you the exact same services offered by iMessage but charges are very minimal. A few examples include WhatsApp, Messenger, IMO. You can experience similar functions with these alternative applications.

You can also read our How To View iMessages Online guide & if you having trouble & Can’t Sign Into iMessage On Mac read this guide! Apple devices have one important function which can solve your problems as you may suddenly use your cellular data for these third-party applications. You can manually turn it off to save it. You can do this by following described points:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on cellular data
  • And then scroll down until you find an option named with messaging App.
  • Turn it off

Apart from that iOS devices can help you to stay connected within your data plan limit so anyone can easily manage their mobile bills.

However, nowadays many carriers offer you unlimited data bundles but it may have hidden tax charges or limitations like users can use these internet bundles for some specific Apps or at a particular time within a day.

You must consider the following points:

  • Make a regular check on data usage
  • Put a limit to background data utilizing applications
  • Use Wi-Fi assist
  • The iCloud drive should be managed for your documents updates
  • Disabled all the automatic download option for all the applications
  • By using Safari your device might save reading material offline automatically, turn it off
  • Mails should be controlled under updates when required

Is iMessage Being Too Costly For You?

Users can send iMessage to another iMessage for free. But the plain text will bring you some charges at the end whatever it is. Although send text messages are free nowadays along with data bundles. All the pictures, videos, links can be share wholly without any cost.

IOS 10 and lateral devices, it has many other features along with previous functions which may interest you even more. One of them is, if you are sending a link to YouTube, the receiving person can watch a complete video in the message.

There is no need to click on the link and switching to another App.

Similarly, while sharing a music audio note, the recipient can listen without going for another App to play. Rather than this, they listen to them in iMessage.

Other than this, you can send voice notes which will expire after a few minutes or whatever time limit you set. For a setting time, you must understand the below-described points:

  • Go to settings
  • Select message
  • Tap on ‘Expire’ in the Audio Message option

iOS 10 and lateral devices have many fun features in it that get modified with the passage of time. It consists of stickers that you can use to express feelings before sending a written text message or drawing whatever you want like signatures, specific emotions on your snaps.

While you are typing a message, it suggests you related emojis which makes it even more fun.

So, after offering so many fun factors does it cost you more even you are using cellular data? Well, I do not think so because there is a number of data plans which cost you much less like 50 to 80 dollars for a month. But if you have a strong wireless connection, its price even gets lower.

Does iMessage Use Data – Conclusion

iMessage is one of the coolest App which is offered by iOS devices according to many users. You really have fun using it especially when it cost you such a low price either in a data bundle or using a Wi-Fi source.

In this digital century, everyone likes to capture beautiful moments of their lives so that they can share it with their loved ones, and also later on it become a pleasant memory of their lives. And also iMessage supports third-party applications which makes it more attractive for regular use.

The only drawback of using iMessage is users cannot send a message, share attachments, and video files with Android users as it is not suitable for their software.

But at the same time, it brings many benefits like in Android mobiles there is only 160 characters text typing limit within a single message but it is not going to happen with iMessage.

Users find it very annoying and sometimes disturbing or missing order of text when it breaks into separate pieces of 160 characters

With passing time, this application modifies with extra required features which also enhance its user and preference by users. The bills for iMessage utilizers also bring special offers so that more people would like to bite them.

It uses data to a minimum extent but provides you the best output like HD images of your surroundings or yourself.

Users can also check regularly their data consumption of each and every application and if they notice that it consumes data out of the box then they can manage it by a number of solutions. After making so many attractive offers it is quite convincing that it cost you much less than expected.

Therefore, after reading and understanding these details about every possible questionable aspect everyone can figure out is it best to use iMessage or not.

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