iMessage Apk For Android

iMessage Apk For Android

Specifically, created for Apple’s iOS software, the iMessage app will let you enjoy the company of your loved ones even if they are hundreds of miles away. The cloud messaging app is only available on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

As we all know that the Android platform doesn’t support downloading iMessage from its Play Store. Resultantly, you may face limited interaction with your friends who are in love with their android phones.

Your friend will not be able to see the specific emoji you have sent. In other words, your loved ones will not be able to get the joke you are making.

To download iMessage on Android you can use iMessage apk files. Apk or Android Package Kit is the format of a file which is utilized to install the app on your device. There are several reasons that you may need to install the Apk file manually.

You may need the app before it is released on Google Play Store or the app isn’t available for download in your region such as Spotify. Here is a guide of how to iMessage through apk files.

Why Do We Need iMessage Apk?

You may be thinking why would need Apk file of iMessage as Android has an abundance of messaging app such as Facebook Messenger, Wechat, Whatsapp, etc. iMessage app has one of the convenient ways of communication which have been restricted to Apple. Here are some of its advantages:

Unlike SMS service, iMessage notifies you when your friend has received the message or not. Below the text, the delivered icon will appear as soon as your loved one’s mobiles receive the message. Moreover, it will also inform you when they have gone through your text or typing a reply.

Your friend will never make this lame excuse that he didn’t get the text when he misses your party.

Everyone likes privacy even if they are not discussing the world’s greatest secrets. No one likes third-party snooping around their conversation.

iMessage provides end to end encryption. In other words, your text messages won’t be seen by anyone except you and the recipient. Apple has introduced the ultimate privacy feature and now Android users can get it too though Apk files.

As they are several chatting apps available, it is expected that you will lose track of conversation when you switch devices or app.

As a result, you have to spend minutes asking your friend about what you were talking about. iMessage syncs with various devices so you can have a conversation from where you have left off. You can download iMessage on Windows and sync its Android device.

How To Get iMessage Android Apk?

iPhone utilizes an IPA file format while Android apps are available in the Apk version. To put it simply you cannot install IPA files on Android even if you are able to extract it from the app.

Still, several IT experts have been able to introduce the Apk file of iMessage for Android users. Just type iMessage for Android Apk file on the search bar of any web browser.

You will be taken to several sites that offer their version of the Apk file of iMessage. Make sure that you download Apk file from a trusted source as they are many cybercriminals trying to hack your computer using apt files.

Some scammers will fill the file with viruses that will attack your device as soon as you install it.

How To Install iMessage For Android Apk?

Even though there are several iOS emulators for running iPhone apps on an Android device, but we advise that you use apk files for the installation process. Apk files will regularly update the iMessage app so you can enjoy the latest features.

  •  After getting Apk file for iMessage installation, connect your Android device with a USB cable or through Bluetooth to your computer.

  •  Move the downloaded apk file to your Android’s storage. After the file has been successfully moved, remove the USB cable from the computer or disconnect the Bluetooth.

  • As we all know the security block won’t allow you to install the apk files which are not downloaded from the Play Store platform. To bypass the security, just go to the Setting app and then click on the Security option. On the next page, tap on the box next to Unknown Sources to enable the feature.
  •  Start the downloading process. After downloading iMessage you will be asked to verify your phone number.
  •  Now you can send your text messages through the iMessage app.

Features Of iMessage App

By installing the iMessage app on you will get your hands on several amazing features which your default SMS service fails to provide. Here are some of the reasons why you should download apk file for installing iMessage:

Group Message: Now you don’t need to tell your friends about spiciest gossip separately. Just create a group on iMessage and discuss your dream dress that you saw in-store with every member of your social circle.

Share Media: Unlike standard SMS service, iMessage allows you to share multiple media. Send the pictures of your trip to your loved ones and an important document to your boss with ease.

Message Effects: Make your conversion more entertaining while utilizing the iMessage bubble effect and screen effect. Add some animation to your text and have a good laugh with your loved ones.

Stickers: Well now you can use iconic stickers thanks to iMessage. Use the sticker of your favorite character instead of the dull alphabets.

iMessage Apk For Android – Conclusion

Android manufacturers have been trying for years to introduce iMessage features in their messaging apps, but they have been unsuccessful in their endeavor.

Even though IOS and Android use different formats of files to install apps on their respective devices, installing iMessage on Android is not as complicated as it seems.

You just need to know the basics of IT to successfully install iMessage on your Android device.

iMessage Apk file is easily available on the internet. Download it from a trustworthy platform instead of becoming victim cybercriminals.

Moreover, you can easily connect with your friends who rely on iMessage to send a text. In other words, you can easily connect with your friends anywhere or at any time.

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