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You can make the best investment in your overall health by purchasing a new mattress. Thousands of people have relied on on-trend Liff to help them choose the right mattress for their unique needs and have grown into a trusted resource. We are led by sleep geeks who are passionate about delivering high-quality sleep.

Our mattress buying guide has you covered no matter where you are in the process:

  • Are you just beginning your search? We have a mattress buying guide for you.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Our quiz will recommend products based on your preferences.
  • Do you have a couple of options to choose from? Use our comparison tool to find out how they compare.
  • Would you like a second opinion on the mattress you have in mind? It's probably been reviewed here.
  • Contact us via email or Instagram, or watch our YouTube channel.

Original Trend Liff

Usama founded The trend liff and is our original sleep geek. Having done plenty of research on the subject, he embarked on creating a mattress buying experience that would be simple, stress-free, and even a little fun.

The project's goal was to make consumers feel more confident and comfortable when selecting a mattress. Usama learned firsthand how uncomfortable and stressful buying a mattress can be after seven years as a retail mattress salesman. Customers would often be steered to mattresses based solely on the commission amount by mattress salespeople.

Hence, Usama created Trendliff as a way of sharing his knowledge and helping countless people (and sleepless ones) find the mattress that best suits them.
In order to assist every customer, Usama couldn't visit every mattress store. Trendliff is a good alternative. We at Trend Liff follow in Usama's footsteps by creating the best sleep-related content available online.