Endy vs Douglas Mattress Comparison

Endy vs Douglas

Endy Mattress

  • Sleepers who prefer a medium-firm bed should consider the Endy Mattress.
  • Isolating motion very well, the bed makes no noise at all.
  • An Edgey’s thick support core is made of high-density polyfoam, giving it superior edge support compared to most all-foam models.

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Douglas Mattress

  • The Douglas is a luxury memory foam mattress with a ‘Medium Firm’ comfort layer and a cooling, eucalyptus-derived cover.
  • Excellent motion isolation and no noise when bearing weight.
  • Moderate yet consistent conforming is ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers weighing 130 lbs. or more.

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Endy vs Douglas: Quick Overview


Endy is a Canadian based mattress brand that provides the same type of mattress for everyone. The only difference in the mattress is the size, it comes in different sizes.

Endy was launched in Canada in 2015 and the manufacturing of the Endy mattresses is done in Canada.

Endy mattresses have gained popularity over time and many individuals consider the Endy mattress to be of the perfect firmness that any individual would like.

Endy Sleep mattresses are bed-in-a-box, the means that mattresses are delivered to individuals in easy to carry boxes.

Endy believes that one size fits all, this statement refers to the firmness of their mattresses, which they believe are exactly the right firmness. Foam-based Endy mattresses are marketed as being among the most comfortable mattresses on the market.

The Endy Mattresses are manufactured in Quebec and then shipped to Ontario and British Colombia. Endy is amongst the best mattress companies in Canada and it has to face tough competition from Douglas and other brands.

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Douglas is also a Canadian based mattress brand and it was launched in 2017. When looking at the time of its launch,

Douglas has gained great popularity over a small period of time. It was launched by a Canadian company, Novosbed.

The reason for the great popularity of Douglas over a small period of time is Research and Development.

The firmness and comfort level of the mattress were determined using Novosbed data. Over 8 years of data was analyzed to find out what sleepers prefer.

The Douglas mattress is also a bed-in-a-box option and it comes in different sizes. The Douglas mattresses also come in the same firmness but in different sizes.

They believe that their mattress is of the perfect firmness and provides great comfort to sleepers. Douglas is also providing the best customer service, warranty period, and trial period as compared to its competitors.

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Douglas vs Endy Mattress Comparison

Company Overview



Launch year20152017
Price (Queen size)$850 CAD$799 (CAD)
Available inCanada and USCanada
Manufactured inCanadaCanada
Trial period100 days120 days
Warranty period10 years15 years
Firmness levelStandardStandard
Company green policyNoneEucalyptus fabric for cover, renewable energy, recycled cardboard for packaging. 
Social contributionReturned mattresses are donated Returned mattresses are donated

Endy vs Douglas: Pros & Cons

Endy Pros and Cons 

The Endy mattress has many pros firstly the price of this mattress is very reasonable as compared to its competitors. The price is 850Canadian dollars which is quite affordable.

However, this price is more than the Douglas mattress. Also, this mattress provides good motion isolation so if you sleep with your partner that moves a lot.

This mattress is a perfect fit for you as good motion isolation allows you to isolate the movement on the mattress and the sleep of the other person is not disturbed.

Endy mattress comes with a good surface that provides pressure relief so when the pressure is exerted on the mattress it provides comforting support to the body.

As the pressure relief surface helps the people with back pain with good sleep at night. These mattresses are easy to carry and move.

So if you shift a lot and change places of your bed. This mattress is easy to move and carry. Unlike other mattresses, it does not requires too much effort to move this mattress. If you are living in Canada there is a major offer for you while buying this mattress.

Endy mattress offers free shipping all around Canada. So it saves a major cost of the customers who are buying this. As this mattress is less priced than the other mattresses also this free shipping offer provides more benefits to the customers.

The edges of this mattress are quite good the person sitting at the edge of this mattress does not sink in. With many pros, there are some pros of this mattress as well. Firstly this mattress comes with one firmness level. So the people who choose a mattress based on the firmness level they want don’t have an option in this mattress.

If you have a back problem and the doctor have recommended you a certain firmness level. So in this mattress, you don’t have the option of changing the firmness level. They have the same firmness as all mattresses.

Moreover, due to the release of gases and less air to pass through it these mattress doesn’t provide cool sleep. The person sleeping on an Endy mattress might experience hot sleep.  Now coming on the pros and cons of Douglas mattress.

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Douglas Pros and Cons

As mentioned the price of Douglas mattress is very less than the competitors even the price is less than Endy mattress. So providing this good product at a low price is the key benefit they are providing to their customers.

They also provide a good return policy as you can return your mattress easily with this company without a complicated process. Unlike Endy mattresses, the Douglas mattress provides cool sleep.

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As the structure of the Douglas mattress is such that it allows the air to pass through it and the passing of air through the mattress lessens the temperature of the mattress. Hence providing cool sleep to the person sleeping on this mattress.

As a result of the good motion isolation of this mattress, it can absorb the moments on the bed. Consequently, the sleeper on this mattress can get a more comfortable night’s sleep. Aside from the longer warranty, they provide 15 years of warranty as compared to Endy’s 10.

15 years warranty for a mattress is more than enough. With these pros, there are some cons as well. Firstly it provides one comforting level so there are no options for changing your comfort level according to your needs.

Moreover, this product is limited to Canada so cants buy it from any other country. The structure of this mattress is overall good but the poor edge support lets the person sitting at the edge sink in the mattress. Due to the mattress used in this mattress, there are certain gases that are released in this, mattress. So this off-gassing is a major con of this mattress.

Type of Sleeper Is Best Suited for?

The Douglass mattress is recommended for people with heavyweight or have average weight. The sleepers lying in these weight categories will get an ideal sleep with this mattress.

Moreover, this mattress is ideal for the people who are seeking back support so if you have any back issue this mattress is made for you. The Endy mattress, on the other hand, is recommended for back and stomach sleepers.

So the person who sleeps on his stomach this mattress is recommended for them. This mattress is recommended for the people who have average weight. The people with such weight categories will experience comforting sleep on the Endy mattress.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side, stomach sleepers.

Douglas vs Endy: Cover & Layers 

Endy and Douglas, both mattresses come in one type of firmness and do not provide options in firmness. The only options available are the sizes. Endy and Douglas are both made up of foam and come under the category of combination foam mattresses. 

Endy and Douglas are both made up of three layers of different foam in order to provide the sleepers with an ultimate, relaxing, and comfortable sleep experience. The mattresses are 10 inches thick. Both the mattresses are made with 3 different layers of foam. The main difference between the mattresses is the different types of foams that have been used to construct the layers of the mattress. 

The cover of both, Endy and Douglas is different from each other and is different than one another. The cover fabric is different and portrays the unique design for each brand. The side cover for the edges is different in Endy but the same in Douglas. The only similarity between both the mattress covers is that they are washable. 

Endy Cover & Layers

The Endy Mattress is made up of three layers in order to provide comfort to the sleepers.

  • The first layer of the Endy mattress is two inches thick. This layer is meant to provide the sleepers with feel and comfort. The layer is made with comfort foam. It has gel-infused memory foam in order to maintain a stable temperature on the top of the mattress. The layer provides comfort and a great feel to the sleepers. It also helps in motion isolation, this means that sleepers would not disturb their partners while sleeping.
  • The second layer of the mattress is made with polyurethane foam and is 3 inches in thickness. This layer is meant to provide comfort and also works as the transitional layer between the two other layers. This layer supports the sleepers and the mattress. It also helps to give the right contour and hug to the sleepers.
  •  The third layer of the mattress is 5 inches in thickness. This layer can also be called the foundation layer and it forms the foundation of the mattress. It gives the mattress its structure and plays a supportive role. This layer is more firm than the other two layers. This is so the sleepers may not sink in too much into the mattress while sleeping.

Endy Mattress Cover

The cover of the Douglas mattress is also white in color. The same fabric has been used on the top and the sides. The cover is quilted and the quilting design is much simple as compared to Endy mattress.

The edges of the mattress have a red stitch which adds color to the simple design of the mattress. The mattress cover is made with sustainable Eucalyptus fabric that is eco-friendly. This fabric is very soft at the feel and also provides maximum durability.

The cover material is very breathable and does not absorb heat, the cover is also easy to wash. It can be washed in the machine. This ensures that individuals can always have a clean mattress cover.

Douglas Cover & Layers

The Douglas mattress also has three layers that are meant to provide the sleepers with comfort.

  • The first layer of the mattress is two inches in thickness. It is made up of cooling gel foam in order to maintain a cool temperature on the mattress top. The mattress eliminates any kind of body heat, so the sleepers can enjoy a comfortable sleep. This is very beneficial, especially in summers to keep the body cool while sleeping. This layer may be made of comfort gel but it still provides the sleepers with the comfort of memory foam.
  • The second layer of the mattress is also called the transitional layer and its basic purpose is to provide the sleepers with comfort and support. Not only does it support the sleepers but it also supports the mattress itself. The layer is made with Elastex foam. Elastix is a company that manufactures its own special kind of foam. This layer also provides a bounce to the mattress and is a non-allergic material.
  • The third layer of the mattress is also called the foundation layer. It works as a foundation for the mattress. This layer is 6 inches thick and provides motion isolation. The thick layer reduces any kind of motion. This layer is made up of motion isolation support foam. This is very ideal, especially for couples as they can sleep without disturbing their partners.

Douglas Cover

The cover of the Endy mattress is while on the top and grey on the sides. The top of the cover is quilted in a diamond-knit pattern.

The cover is made with polyester and Lycra which are breathable materials and do not collect heat.

The Lycra is used in the cover to provide the stretch required. The cover is washable and can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.

This makes it very friendly to use, especially for the youngster as they tend to spill or make the cover dirty.

However, the cover of the Endy mattress is not Eco-friendly when comparing it with the cover of the Douglas mattress.

Motion Isolation & Edge Support

Endy is providing good edge support than the Douglas mattress. As the structure of Douglas mattress is such that it provides less edge support. So the person sitting at the edges may sink in the Douglas mattress and also this mattress cannot exert pressure at the edge very well.

But the Endy mattress comes with good edge support the people sitting at the edge they will not experience any sinking of the mattress. Because the structure of the mattress is such that it provides good edge support to the person using it.

Good edge support is the reason of a good structure so Endy mattress has good structure than Douglas mattress. Coming on the motion isolation both mattresses have good motion isolation.

The movement on the surface of these mattresses is absorbed. So these mattresses are ideal for a couple as if one person moves due to good motion isolation the sleep of other person is not disturbed.

Endy vs Douglas Firmness

The Endy and Douglas mattresses are not the same in the feel, firmness, and comfort. However, they both come under the category of medium-firm. When rated out of 10, Endy is 6.4 in firmness while Douglas is 6.6. 

The Endy mattress is said to be perfect in firmness by many individuals. It gives the sleepers just the perfect amount of hug and body contour that is required.

On the other hand, Douglas mattress is a bit more firm for some individuals but is quite close to Endy. The Endy mattress is also much less bouncy as compared to Douglas. If rating it out of 10, Endy is 2.5 while Douglas is 3.2.

The Douglas mattress has a more spring feel. Individuals who prefer a more firm and springy mattress should opt for Douglas.

The feel of Endy is cool on the top as heat eliminating memory foam has been used on the top layer. It eliminates body heat and tries to keep the top surface cool.

The Douglas mattress has a better heat elimination on the top, as a very breathable material made from Eucalyptus fibers has been used. It does not trap any kind of body heat and keeps the sleeper cool.




Firmness level6.4 out of 106.6 out of 10
Edge Support4.3 out of 107.9 out of 10
Motion isolation6.9 out of 108.3 out of 10
Bounce2.5 out of 103.2 out of 10

Douglas vs Endy : Price, Shipping and Warranty ​

Endy and Douglas are both bed-in-a-box mattresses and they are delivered to customers in a box. Both the companies ship the mattresses without any cost as they offer free shipping to the customers.

Endy and Douglas, have a standard shipping time. They both deliver the mattresses to the customers within 3 to 10 working days after the order has been placed. The payment for the mattress is made online.

The mattresses are delivered to the customer doorstep which makes it very convenient. The shipping methods used by both the brands are very secure and deliver the mattresses without any kind of damage.

Endy provides a 100 day trial period to the customers. This means that customers can check the mattress before keeping it, in case the customers do not like the mattress they can return it with a 100% return of the payment.

This increases customer satisfaction and shows that the brand cares for its customers. The customers are also provided with a 10-year warranty. This indicated that the band tries hard to satisfy the customers.

During the warranty time, if any problem occurs, or does not remain as comfortable as before, the company fulfills the claim. Individuals can return the mattress for a full refund or a new replacement. The damaged or the problematic mattress is then donated to charity by Endy. Customers are not asked for any additional costs to return the mattress during the trial or the warranty period, the company collects the mattress.

However, on the other hand, Douglas provides a 120 day trial period. This is a big positive step towards satisfying the customers, as no other competitor including Endy provides such an extended trial period.

Customers can return the mattress for a 100% refund if they don’t like it.  Douglas takes the warranty time to another level. They are very confident about their product and provide the customers with a 16 year warranty time.

If any damage happens due to the manufacturing defect, the company takes responsibility and provides the customers with a 100% refund or replacement. They also then donate the damaged mattress to the charity. No additional costs are to be paid in order to return the mattress as the company collects it.


Endy (CAN $)

Douglas (CAN $)

Twin XL$700$679
Cal King$950$899

Endy and Douglas both provide the same type of mattress but in different sizes. Both the brands provide the same size so the comparison between the prices is very easy. As the table above shows the difference between the prices.

The prices of Endy mattresses are slightly higher than Douglas. The queen size which is the most common one is for $675 for Endy while Douglas can be bought for $649 Canadian Dollars. The price difference is not much and is just about $26, However, due to the psychological and penetrated pricing strategy, the price may seem to be a lot less than it actually is.

The Endy double is priced at $775 while Douglas double is for $729. The Endy King and Cal king are for $950 each while the Douglas King and Cal King come at $899. The Endy is twin is for $675 while Douglas is for $649. The last one Twin XL comes at $700 for Endy and $649 for Douglas. The price difference is not a lot but Douglas mattresses are still cheaper when compared.

Shipping and Warranty



Shipping CostFree ShippingFree Shipping
Shipping Time3-10 working days3-10 working days
Trial period100 days120 days
Warranty period10 years15 years
Warranty returnCompany collectsCompany collects
Warranty Refund100%100%
Additional CostsNoneNone

Endy vs Douglas Mattress - Conclusion ​

douglas vs endyComparing the mattresses of both the brand in terms of layers, cover, feel, comfort, firmness, shipping, warranty, trial, Environmental friendliness and price, Douglas mattress is better in most of the aspects.

In terms of comfort and feel, Endy is said to give the perfect hug, however when looking at the other aspects, Douglas has more advantages. Douglas provides a 15-year warranty and 120-day trial as compared to Endy’s 10-year warranty and 100-day trial.

Douglas also has Green policies, as the cover is made from natural Eucalyptus fibers and is more durable than Endy’s polyester cover. Moreover, Douglas also uses renewable energy in its manufacturing process.

The Douglas mattress is also priced lesser than Endy. This means that Douglas’s mattress is also low on the pocket. The motion isolation technology used in Douglas is also better than Endy.

Endy is rated 6.9 out of 10 while Douglas is rated at 8.3. This means that Douglas is more preferable for sleepers sharing the same mattress, as they would not disturb their partners while making any movement. The edge support of Douglas is also better than Endy as it is 7.9 out of 10. The cover of the Douglas mattress is also better than Endy.

Besides being more durable, the cover is also more breathable. As compared to Endy, the Douglas mattress eliminates more heat. Based on all the aspects, Douglas wins over Endy and is able to provide better comfort and support to the sleepers.

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Endy Company Information
Company History: Endy was established in 2015.
Physical Stores: Endy holds a partnership with Urban Barn, a Canadian home goods chain; the Endy Mattress is sold at Urban Barn stores across Canada. Endy also has showroom partners in 22 locations throughout Canada.
Contact Email: [email protected] | 1-866-304-3639 | Endy.com

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Douglas Company Information
Company History: GoodMorning.com launched in 2009. The Douglas Mattress was introduced in 2017, and GoodMorning.com unveiled its third mattress, Logan & Cove, the following year.
Physical Stores: GoodMorning.com does not operate any brick-and-mortar locations
Contact Douglas:Online form | 1-855-215-9509 | DouglasBed.ca

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