Endy Mattress Review

endy mattress review

The Bottom Line

  • Sleepers who prefer a medium-firm bed should consider the Endy Mattress.
  • The bed isolates motion very well and doesn’t make any noise.
  • A thick support core made of high-density polyfoam gives the Endy better edge support than most competing all-foam models.

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Detailed Endy Mattress Review

Do you find it difficult to find a mattress that is both supportive and pressure-relieving? Then we have the solution to your problem, of course, Endy mattress. This discussion is all about one of the most popular mattresses in Canada.

Endy is among the most popular brands of online mattresses, with a high percentage of 5-star reviews. Although, the market is getting saturated with each passing year. So, isn’t it an amazing offer?

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Endy mattress was first designed in 2015 to provide an alternative yet comfortable way of sleeping. It proves itself the right choice for customers in many ways.

Mattresses are not the only product offered by the brand. It designs, develops, and manufactures pillows and sheets.

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Construction ( Cover & Layers )

It has made of three layers of different specifications of foam. The best part of every mattress is the height. The mattress containing a height of 10 inches and it is the best suitable for the perfection of sleep.

It is quite a convenient foam mattress and because if this, the mattress is softer than any other mattress in the market. Here is the best point addition to the Endy mattress. It is softer because of its memory foam layer at the top but it has balanced the softness with firmness. It has quality in construction as the bottom two layers are offering a role in firmness.

In other words, it does not lose quality as softer mattresses generally do in a short period of time. Endy structure, however, provides long-lasting durability as per its ten-year warranty.

Endy Cover

The Cover is made of polyester blended stretch fabric. It has a textured design and having holes in the pattern of the fabric, so it is breathable and performing a role in cooling the warmed mattress.

It allows the airflow within the foam layers. It has a softy feeling in touch, it is micro-quilted fabric. It is soft, cozy, and plush for consumers.

endy mattress priceEndy Layers

  • The first and top layer consists of two inches in height. It is the softer foam layer made of memory foam. It is also called the comfort layer. It is just like any gel memory foam having a density of 4lb. It is performing the role of sinking the pressure into the mattress. So it is playing the moral role to make it softer and best for side sleepers. As it is the softy and comfort layers, it is performing to contouring the body parts. With the help of this top layer, It will give the relaxing sleep to consumers everyone can awake happier with a fresh body.
  • The second it the transition layer. It consists of 3 inches in height. It is made of polyfoam. It is basically helping the mattress to keep the firmness below the comfort layer. It has a density of 1.8lb which gives compression support to the sleeper. Without this layer, the mattress cannot help to relax the body because it is helping to load the burden of a body.
  • The third is the base layer of the mattress. It is completely made of 1005 polyester. It has a high density of 1.8lb. The base layer is playing of the foundation. It is providing support to all the above layers. Without the base layer, the mattress cannot stay stronger until its validity period. It is the qualitative layer construct with high-density polyester. The firm layer is providing compression support to the above layers. The base structured to help the mattress keeping its shape while the movement of a sleeper. So with any pressure or motion transfer, it will not lose its durability and would not leave the space. The above two layers are standing on their shape and place because of this strong foundation base layer.

Firmness /Feel /Bounce & Edges support

After a detailed discussion about the construction of the Endy, now we are going to figure out its feel. Let’s get started with the firmness. Before we begin with Endy firmness, it is important to know that everyone experiences the firmness level a little differently. It is entirely depending upon the shape, size, and weight of the user.

It is generally observed that there is not much difference between the response of the customers following the firmness. Endy has received an average which perfectly fits into the industry standard of medium firmness.

It gives a medium-firm feel because it is a mixture of polyfoam and memory foam. When you experience your sleep on Endy, you may get to know that it is slightly contouring as you sink into it, the transitional layer lifts the sleeper and making it super comfy if you want to change your position.

One can easily judge that Endy is the right choice for combo sleepers who likely to turn positions all night.

Endy Feel

The top layer of the Endy is very soft which makes it super comfy. If you press the Endy down to some extent, you may feel the transitional layer and then the support layer. The combination of these three layers gives a medium level firmness.

On the other hand, if you are a big person following weight and size, you may feel that Endy is a bit firmer especially if you are a side sleeper. Eventually, you hit the base layer of the mattress and it can be the reason for pressure on your shoulders and hips.

endy mattress couponEndy Bounce

We can say that Endy mattress has a balanced medium foam feel but responsible. If you sit or lay on the mattress, you will bounce back at your place quickly. It may give you a little sinking type of feeling, but it is not difficult to move around.

There is a very low level of bouncing effect in the top layer after the transitional layer activated it is easy to feel the deeper bounce.

the endy mattressEdges Support 

As far as Endy edge support goes, the foam mattress doesn't compare well to other mattresses that use innersprings as their foundation. Additionally, it varies from person to person. The edge support will be less for heavier individuals, especially when sleeping or sitting on the edge of the mattress.

Endy is rated as medium firm so, it means it should be good for edge support too. Keep in mind, more surface area of the mattress is available to use if it provides good edge support. So, it means that with low edge support, you will not be able to share your bed with another person as you two will too close together to be comfortable. As you will be trying to sleep in the middle of the mattress.

Edge support is also important in terms of mobility such as people who move around too much while sleeping. It can also be problematic for those people who are more likely to get in or out of the bed at night.

Couples are usually more concerned about edge support. It is necessary to mention the meaning of edge support, basically, it is a measure of the security that one can feel during sitting or lying near the edges of the mattress.

So, with poor edge support, your mattress may collapse if you are sitting near or on the edges of the mattress. Roll-off the mattress, what the heck!

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Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

The foam layers of Endy are good up to a great extent as far as motion transfer concerned. It absorbs most of the movements and vibration. Mostly movements are unnoticed as only the second layer offer deeper bouncing effect.

endy mattress reviews
Motion transfer is an important point especially if you are sharing your bed with your partner, children, and pets. Endy is claimed to be more motion transfer efficient because of the open cell memory foam in the upper layer. In this way, you will not wake up at night unless you are a very light sleeper.

The best choice when it comes to buying a mattress is Endy because it is the best option when it comes to motion transfer. Endy is definitely worth a try!

Endy Sleeping Suitability

  • Back Sleeper: If you are a back sleeper then Endy has proven itself in this department it is a pretty decent match for you. Your lower body may sink into the Endy but not too deep. You will be able to move around easily. You can stretch on your back easily. It will be very comfortable especially the upper memory foam layer. Endy also allows some pressing at the lumbar area.
  • Side Sleeper: Moving on your sides can give you more pressure on your shoulder and hips. As you hit the firmer section, the dense poly foam does not provide much body contour, puts pressure on the shoulders. It is recommended for strict side sleepers to look for a softer mattress, but for combo sleepers, who change sides during sleep, Endy is okay for them. If you are heavier than 230 lbs then might need a softer and thick comfort layers mattress.
  • Stomach Sleeper: When you are a stomach sleeper, the Endy is too soft for you if you are a strict stomach sleeper. You may bow in the mattress at the hips and feeling a bit more aligned with your shoulders. You may feel back strain but not too much.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for sidestomach sleepers.

Endy Mattress Size & Price

Endy sleep has developed all the attractive features of other mattress companies. Endy is coming in six sizes with the same attractive titles to remember quickly about the size differences. Those are starting with the price from Canadian $650 to $950 only. So it is coming in so much competitive price ranges. While every size is suitable for kids and adult sleeper.

” Here is the size chart for a better view of measurements “

Twin39W” x 75L”10″
Twin Extra Long (XL)39W” x 80L”10″
Full54W” x 75L”10″
Queen60W” x 80L”10″
King76W” x 80L”10″
California King72W” x 84L”10″

” All sizes are containing a height of 10 inches. But all are different in measurements of width and length “

  • TheTwin is the smallest mattress size currently on the market. It comes with  39 inches of width and 75 inches in length. So the kids can enjoy the active sleep on this mattress happily. The mattress is designed especially for kids. Kids are always active sleepers and they like to move around the whole bed while sleeping. This mattress is also good for day-time sittings or for short time living apartments. It was designed with very organized measurements so it can suitable for the standard length of the adult individual as well. Students can carry this for hostel rooms for a single adult sleeper.
  • The Twin XL is actually the single bed. In many markets, it has been called as a single bed mattress. It is not wider than twin size mattress but it is longer than twin size mattress. It is best for an adult sleeper with some extra length to adjust him at best sleeping area.
  • The Full-size is the double bed. It is called a double bed in the market. The mattress Full size coming in 54 inches wide and 75 inches for the length. It is best when you have to share your bed with the second sleeper or with your pets. It is quite a mini-double bed.
  • The Queen Size mattress is actually the best fit size mattress for an adult couple. It is coming with 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. It is the most famous mattress size in current days for an active couple. It has the full length of adult people and its width size allows the couple to sleep actively. It has a weight of 66 lb only. Endy sleep selling this mattress at the price of CAD 850 only. So it is the quite best package, affordable, comfortable, and best for sizing needs.
  • The King is the large size mattress which comes with some more width than the Queen Size mattress. It has developed with some extra measurement to secure more sleeping needs. Such as, it is for those who like to share their bed with pets. The King size mattress designed to provide luxury sleep to adult active sleepers.
  • The California King Size mattress is the special largest size of a mattress. It is for the short family who likes to share their bed with kids and pets.

Whenever you are going to choose your mattress size then you should be careful to look at your room size as well. As for this California King Size mattress, you must have the largest size of a room. Or maybe the room which you hold for night sleep only.

Warrenty & Other Information

It's offering ten years of the warranty period. It is just as regular as any other mattress company. It is the right warranty period as longer warranty providers are usually becoming unnecessary. Within these 10 years of the warranty period, you can apply for returns for applicable reasons and get to enjoy the advantages of return policies.

The mattress has some terms and conditions for its use which needs to be followed. The mattress has been designed to use on solid structures with polished slats spacing of almost two inches. It is applicable for return within the warranty period for the below kinds of defects.

Variable slumped or depression into the mattress that is more than 1 inch or deeper than it. A proper or bodily defect into the mattress that causes any flaw or injury into the foam layers.

Any manufacturing defect that causes any crack or damage / stuck of the cover or zipper. The smallest issues that are accountable for quality incidents.

The return policy is not applicable to the flaws like;

Any minimum increase of softness in the foam that may not disturb the comfort assurance of mattress. Or do not affect its pressure-relieving or sinkage abilities.

These type of things are considered as normal visualization upon the product regular usage. As every materialistic product are subjected to make variations within the consuming period.

Any type of burns, spots, stains, cuts or fabric tear-up that is subjected to owners misuse or removal placements.Any kind of exposure to harsh conditions within the place of settings or mismanaged foundational structure.

Warranties are subjected to those mattress owners who did purchase from directly Endy sales As the warranty is exclusive to only original owners. The mattresses purchases from any unauthorized retailers or agents are not applicable.

The mattress owners are subjected to handle all the return and shipping cost in a condition of any repair or replacement for their faulted mattresses which do not comes in its return policies.


Offering 100 days trial period just like any other mattress company. They do not ask you to compromise on anything in the condition of low price offers. So you got plenty of time to test its durability and quality standards.

You have a frank offer to return for a 100 percent return within these hundred days of the trial period. If you get any dissatisfaction then you are free to contact the service providers for return. The team will suddenly manage to pick up arrangements.

They do not want you to pay efforts for any hassle. Their team will come and pick up the returnable mattress from you. Further, they will decide if that is able to recycle or donate. But you will get a 100% refund with a new mattress or simple you are subjected to get 100% money-back return.

Return policies will needs you to take care of some points. It has some points which you need to care about handling the mattress. You are applicable to apply for return if the mattress damages because of any company’s production error. But if it is injured by your side then it will be tested by their quality inspectors.

The mattress should be placed on a flat and polished wood bed which do not offer any damage to the cover or foam layers. The mattress should be handled in an organized way and it gets not scooped while the period of settlement into the bed.

Shipping services are well managed. Most of the mattress has a record of delivery within the three to seven days delivery period. Only the buyers living in remote areas or in rural areas can expect for some longer time.

Endy is offering free of cost shipping services to Canada estates. However, Canadian territories are subjected to pay for shipping charges that would be around CAD 150 only. Canadian territories can email service providers to get quotations and further details about delivery free and time period.

Company Information

Endy Mattress Review - Conclusion

review endy mattressThe Endy mattress is coming with a softer memory foam layer. It has the construction of three layers and softer in feel. It is performing well in motion transfer.

The Softer mattress is good for side-sleepers. They have to be noticed for their pressure points while sleeping as for shoulders & hips. These are the stress points for side-sleepers. It is doing very well in this need. So it is best recommended for side-sleepers.

Active couples should consider this option. Due to its good performance in two conditions, namely edge support and motion transfer. If you plan to use this mattress with your partner, these features are helpful.

Endy is good to buy if you are living in Canada. The company is located in Canada and manufacturing all their mattresses in Canada factory. So If you are the residence in Canada then it is best for you to visit their warehouse and choose your mattress. So in this way, you will be much easier for the trial of a mattress and for return policies as well. You are secure with Endy sleep while living in Canada.

Here is once more benefit to buying is, it is coming with the best price than any other mattress in the market. They have a very competitive package. With low prices offer they are offering all others as 100 days trial period and reliable return policies.

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Some Endy Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not necessary to use box spring for Endy, but you can use it if you want. To keep your Endy in good condition, it is recommended to place it on a good foundation. Users should prevent to use it directly on the floor. 

You can set up Endy easily by following our guidance which also includes the way of using Endy on a traditional bed frame with box spring. 

  • It is the best mattress in order to motion isolation and does not produce noise.
  • It is good for pressure relieving and you can properly sink into it and get comfy sleep.
  • The best thing, it is easily moveable and light in weight.
  • It gives you the best edge support than all the other foam mattresses available in the market.
  • Endy provides you free shipping in all the provinces of Canada.
  • After knowing all that, it is an easy decision for anyone to choose Endy in the first place.

Endy is made up of memory foam layer in order to provide cozy and comfortable sleep at night. Mattresses which are made of memory foam layers are the first choice for those people who are suffering from back pain. 

Endy gives you adaptive and even support especially if you are using it with an adjustable bed frame. Endy with an adjustable frame can help you to evenly distribute your body weight which removes pressure points and all kinds of other discomforts.

Endy is medium-firm on the scale of firmness. Endy is recommended for those people who weigh around 130 pounds. It is the best option for stomach and back sleeper but as far as side sleeper concerned, they may find it a little softer.

No, rotation of Endy is generally done by the users after every six months, and do not worry if you think you may forget to rotate after a certain time. We will remind you! 

You can rotate your mattress up to 180 degrees because it is very common to soften over time. So, if you rotate it at a proper time it will give you a balanced feel across the full surface.

Yes, off course. Endy is the best mattress for stomach and back sleeper. it provides you great edge support as compared to all other mattresses in the market. It is good according to the motion isolation point of view.

Shipment of Endy is free all over in Canada. After giving all these amazing features, still, it has a below-average price.

Yes, you can lay down on your brand new Endy just after unboxing it from the package. The core of the Endy will be set in a few days and keep its integrity for the whole life of the Endy.

After 2 to 3 days of unboxing, your Endy will reach to its full firmness.

No, it does not sleep hot kind of mattress. It is common in all the mattress that they will automatically change the temperature according to your body heat or by weather fluctuations but Endy will not do so.

Endy is designed to be temperature neutral which will give you the same temperature all over the night. Your body heat will not influence on the Endy temperature. So, if you sleep hot then Endy could assist you. Sleep cool!

It is good to use protector but if you are not using any protector, you can remove the fabric cover by zipper. After that clean it with a good detergent and wash it with water. 

You can also wash its cover at 40-degree warmth in the water. Let it dry in the open air for a few hours.

Endy project was launched in 2015 was a great success for CEO Mike Gettis and Chairman Rajen Ruparell. It 2015 they earned up to 1 million dollars. In the next year, 2016 was 10 million dollars of success. In 2017 it earns 20 million dollars which were the biggest hit of its entire life.

You can also wash its cover at 40-degree warmth in the water. Let it dry in the open air for a few hours.

Off-gassing means the subject which emits volatile organic compounds and gives you chemical or petrol type smell. If you talk about Endy then it has a low reputation in this department. Company is trying to give its best shot in new settlings. 

There may be a time difference to deliver Endy at your home door. It depends on our volume, but if it delays more than usual time frame you ca contact us for further assistance. 

Once your order ships, it will take 3 to 7 working days to deliver your mattress depend upon your location.

Not at all, the company designs its products should be safe for you and for your environment too. Endy gives you petroleum-type odor after unboxing but do not worry it will fade away after a few hours. Endy products are certified by CertiPUR-US ®.

No, the company gives strict attention to this aspect. Endy products are not toxic at all. They satisfied their customers fully in this regard. It is certified by standard institute.

Endy scored 6.5 on the firmness scale out of 10. That means it is medium soft, not too soft. If you want a medium soft mattress for you than Endy is the right choice for you. 

Unfortunately no, Endy is not organic as it is made up by the combination of different polyurethane layers of foam. We can assure you that Endy’s products are safe to use in any kind of environment. It emits a very low quantity of volatile compounds.

The cover of the Endy is made of polyester, which is easy to wash, soft, and breathable. Comfort layer of Endy consists of open-cell memory foam layer which gives you cozy sleep nights.

Transition layer, polyfoam layer is good for motion isolation and prevent noises while toss and turning around during sleep. The dense foam layer, base, is good to provide support.

Endy mattresses are 10 inches thick, 2 inches first comfort layer, 3 inches transitional layer, and 5 inches dense base layer.

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