8 Best RV Mattress

best rv mattress short queen

The need for RV mattress arises because there are different aspects that vary in the traditional mattress and RV. Like RV  is around 6 inches smaller than the traditional mattress.

Similarly, the size is different because the mattress cut in the RV bed is changed then in the normal bed. That’s why specialized mattress is needed to achieve the exact fitting.

Weight is also a factor that is not a big concern in the traditional mattress but in RV  it is. Because it should be easy to carry. Issues like this lead to the need for a particular mattress.

8 Best RV Mattresses Reviews

#1 Plush Beds 8″ Natural LatexPressure relief4.8
#2 Denver 326395 Short Queen10 years warranty4
#3 12-Inch King MEDIUM-FIRMEven support4.1
#4 Serenia Sleep 8-InchTemperature sensitive4.6
#5 Live and Sleep20 years warranty4.5
#6 DynastyMattress Cool Breeze120 days trial4.2
#7 Zinus Deluxe SpringFiber quoted4.6
#8 Zinus Hybrid SpringOdorless material4.6

1. PlushBeds 8" Natural Latex RV Mattress - RV Special

  • Cooling Memory Foam
  • Environment-friendly
  • Natural Bamboo & organic wool
  • 25 years warranty
  • A 4 months sleep trial time

Plush Beds consist of a layer of material known as latex which is made from rubber. There are no fillers in this mattress. The structure of these mattresses provides relief to the body as well as the support. Release the pressure of the body by providing the right support.

The firmness of Plush Beds is medium soft. The firmness of this type is best for the people suffering from the back problem. The firm supports help them align their body in the right posture.

Generally, latex mattress lasts for 10-12 years. Same is the case with Plush Beds the company gives the guarantee for 12 years .which is enough for a latex mattress there is an exchange of quality and life in the case of a latex mattress. Good quality with moderate life.

It transmits the motion created by the body towards its source. Making Plush Beds a good choice for people who suffer from the disturbance of their sleeping partner.

No fillers and toxic chemicals are in this Mattress it is an eco-friendly product. And the off-gassing is minimized in this mattress due to the use of natural material and things.

The edge support of Plush Beds is not as good as the RV spring mattress. But it is also not worse than the memory foam mattress. The edge support of this mattress lies in between. Hence proving moderate support.

Noise is very less as there are many holes in the Plush Beds. So the impact of the movement is minimized and reduces the noise of the movement also.

As the natural material is used in Plush Beds such as a material made from natural rubber.so the off-gassing is not present. Moreover with an infusion of natural things like green tea etc. This mattress becomes odor free.

Structure of Plush Beds Mattress is such that it contains thousands of holes for ventilation. Making it easier for the air to pass through it and making it a cooler mattress.


  • Good motion transfer
  • Good quality of pressure relief


  • Edge support is weak at the edges
    Average firmness level

2. Denver 326395 Rv Short Queen Mattress

  • 10 years warranty
  • 100 days trail time
  • Amazing motion isolation
  • Recommended for back sleepers
  • No memory foam layer

Denver 326395 RV consists of a high-density foam that weighs 1.8 pounds with a luxury design that provides the ultimate comfort. This high-density firm core proving the proper support to the body. The size of this mattress is enough that two adults can sleep on it easily. The density of this RV mattress is 1.8 pounds which is quite good.

This mattress is a medium-firm which is best for the people who prefer sleeping at back. The structure of Denver 326395 Short Queen benefits the person suffering from back pain.

The durability of Denver 326395 Short Queen is more because it is a type of foam mattress the duration of such mattress is more. So this mattress comes with a decent warranty.

The foam in Denver 326391 is constructed in such a way that it reduces the motion transfer. The movement is isolated in the mattress. Hence providing comfortable deep to the user.

Off-gassing is usually a big issue in the foam mattresses. The same is the case with Denver 326391 it relies on some gases due to the material used in it. The gases are not that harmful but still, it counts as a drawback.

The edge support of the foam mattress is not that good. That’s why Denver 326391 lacks in this too. When the pressure is applied the body sinks in it this is due to the lack of edge support.

Noise is not an issue in Denver 326391 as the foam used in it is integrated so the noise of the movement or pressure is not much.

Due to the off-gassing Denver 326391 smells and the specific smells stay for the first 15-20 days. The smell is not that harmful but it makes the user quite uncomfortable.

The temperature of Denver 326391 is more as the structure is integrated and the airflow is not that much. This leads to an increase in body temperate during sleep.


  • Good motion transfer
  • Good quality of pressure relief


  • Edge support is weak at the edges Average firmness level

3. DynastyMattress New RV King Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory

  • Soft Flex Cover
  • 30 nights of sleep trial
  • Top-quality medium plush
  • 20 years warranty
  • 5” contour

The mattress is composed of open-cell memory foam with a 3-inch comfort layer that weighs 4 pounds and a 9-inch layer for the base. The size of this mattress is suitable for the sleeping of two adults. It consists of the 3-inch layer with good density. The density assures that the quality of King MEDIUM-FIRM Mattress is good and will offer good support to the body. It is an innerspring mattress made up of coils and padding.

Being a medium-firm in firmness this mattress is ideal for the people who are going through back issues and need good support for their body during sleep.

The durability is not that much as compared to other mattresses King MEDIUM-FIRM has a warranty of 6 Years. Since it is an innerspring mattress the life is good but not that much in comparison to others.

Due to the even structure, the movement is readily isolated from its source. Delivering a good experience for the people. And ending the issues of people who have sleeping partners. The firmness minimizes the effects of frequent movements.

As the material used in the padding of King MEDIUM-FIRM releases gases. So off-gassing is an issue in this mattress. But it is less than the memory foam .which releases gases for a longer period.

The springs in this mattress are well structured and so they provide support to the whole surface of the mattress. So the person sitting on the edge of these mattresses will not slide down or feel uncomfortable.

The noise in this Mattress is more due to the use of springs. So they make a noise when pressure is applied to them. This is a drawback of buying this mattress is the noise element as it is less very in latex and memory foam mattress.

The smell is less as compared to memory foam because the off-gassing is less in these mattresses. But King MEDIUM-FIRM is not an eco-friendly product it releases some odor as well. The fact that it is not completely odor-free.

The open cell structure of King MEDIUM-FIRM lets the air pass through it. The benefit of this is that the temperature of the mattress is less. And the person experiences a Colling effect.


  • Extra unique design
  • Good sleeping free trial offer
  • Good price through online


  • Extra shipping fees
  • Not good support for oversized customer

4. Serenia Sleep 8-Inch

  • 12 inches thickness
  • Medium Plush feel
  • Recommended for side sleeper
  • Total weight capacity of 750 lbs.
  • Firm
  • Bamboo Charcoal main material
  • Conforming support
  • 10 years warranty

The mattress is composed of a 2-inch density memory foam that weighs 2.5 pounds with a supportive base and a 4-way stretch knit cover. Since Serenia Sleep is a type of memory foam mattress it is made from foam and a supportive base layer made of the sensitive material. The material is 2 inches thicker and the weight is around 2.5 pounds. This provides the body with good support.

The Serenia Sleep mattress is very firm and is recommended for the people suffering from back pain. But it is not suitable for the people who frequently change position during sleep. The structure of this mattress provides an even balance of support to the body.

The durability of the memory foam mattress is usually good as Serenia Sleep is also memory foam. The warranty given by the company is 20 years that is more than enough because the life of a mattress is less.so getting this much warranty is surely a great offer.

This mattress is built in such a way that it evenly supports the body. Similarly, motion isolation is also present in this mattress and it is better than other memory foam. It carries more isolation due to its support base.

There is no use of harmful chemicals in making Serenia Sleep and this gives it gives an advantage. The use of good material eliminates the fact that this mattress releases harmful gases and it’s not better for health.

The integrated structure of this mattress allows it to support well also at the edges along with other areas. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, you do not slide down while sitting on its side. Because the structure is so evenly supported.

Noise is often a problem in memory foam mattress but it is quite less in Serenia Sleep. The effect is minimized due to the fact it has more bounce than the traditional mattress.so it makes less noise

As there is no use of harmful Material in the making of The Serenia Sleep. This lets less off-gassing and leading to less odor. The use of good materials lessens the odor released by this mattress.

The open cell structure of this mattress allows the air to pass through it. This is the reason why this mattress is cooler. And decreases the body temperature while sleeping on it.


  • Back and side sleepers
  • Sleepers with spinal pain


  • A bit of blackness in firm-level
  • Motion isolation is not high quality

5. Live & Sleep Resort Classic - RV Short Queen Memory Foam Mattress


  • Very affordable
  • CertiPUR -US certified
  • Knitted Jacquard Cool Fabric
  • 4 layers

It is consists of a deluxe layer of 2.5-inch air-infused foam on the top of a high-density firm base. The extra density provides extra comfort and good support to the body.

The firmness of this mattress is medium-soft because of the extra layer on the top. Live and Sleep are for the people who change positions during sleep. This firmness provides them the ultimate comfort.

As it is memory foam and memory foam are the most durable mattress. The life of Live and Sleep is also very good. T his mattress lasts more than the innerspring mattress but no more than the latex foam.

This is structured in such a way that it provides good motion isolation reduces the impact of any movement and minimizes it by isolating the movement towards its source. This feature is beneficial for the couple as they experience discomfort due to the movement of their partner

As being a memory foam it releases a lot of gases. This is due to the material used. But the good side of Live and Sleep is that it is not made of harsh chemicals. Hence the gases release from it might not affect your health.

The edge support is not that much good in this mattress as it takes the shape of the body due the pressure applied. So if you are sitting on the side you might experience you are siding down this shows that the edge support of this mattress is not that good.

Noise is usually more in the mattress that has bounce but Live and Sleep are often referred to as having less bounce. As a result of this, the noise made by this mattress on movements is less as compared to an innerspring mattress.

Off-gassing is closely related to the smell. Live and Sleep contain materials that release gas. Because of this specific odor is also found in these mattresses. The smell of this lasts for 15-20 days making it problematic for the people who buy this.

The use of the breathable material in this mattress provides its user with the cooling effect. As the material allows the air to pass through it resulting in lessening the body temperature of the sleeper during the sleep. The cooling effect of this mattress still not stops it from being the hottest as innerspring and latex are still cooler than it.


  • Simple design
  • Good firmness for joints or back
  • Only online retailer


  • Less time duration for mattress

6. DynastyMattress 10-Inch CoolBreeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress for RV


  • Cooling feature
  • Medium Firm
  • 30 years limited warranty

It consists of 3-inch gel foam with airflow foam and 5-inch high-density foam for the base. The high-density layer provides the ultimate support for the body. Comforting layers take the shape of the object whose pressure applied to it. Hence it leads to Comforting experience.

It is a medium soft mattress that is good for the people who change their positions during sleep. But there is a drawback to this medium-soft firmness. This mattress is not suitable for the person suffering from back pain.

Dynasty Mattress is best at the warranty. By proving extraordinary warranty of 30 years. This shows how Durable this mattress and how much it can bear. The life of ideal gel foam is usually less than 30 years. So Dynasty Mattress cool Breeze is a good option.

The surface of this mattress absorbs the movement of the movement very well. The problem of different routines of sleeping partners and their movement is minimized by this feature.

No toxic material issued in DynastyMattress cool Breeze as it is an eco-friendly product. So there is no off-gassing caused by this mattress.M moreover, there is an infusion of green tea in this that also controls the off-gassing.

The edge Support is mostly good in the innerspring mattress as DynastyMattress cool Breeze is a gel foam mattress.so the edge support is not up to the level of the innerspring mattress in these. The downside of this that a person sitting at the Side might experience sliding down from the mattress.

Noise is not much in DynastyMattress cool Breeze as it is made from foam and gel, unlike innerspring mattresses the noise of movement is very low. And the bouncing is also less in this mattress.

The use of green tea and other materials helps in providing a pleasant smell. As mostly the gel foam mattress releases odor but since it is an eco-friendly product. The use of natural materials helps in reducing the odor.

Basically, two main reasons are behind the cooling effect of DynastyMattress cool Breeze. Firstly the use of gel foam in the comfort layer at the top helps in maintaining your temperature during sleep. Secondly, the use of airflow material that allows air to pass through lowers the temperature


  • Breathable materials
  • Balanced mattress


  • Not for overweight

  • A bit low  firmness

7. Zinus RV-SPP-10SQ Deluxe Spring 10 Inch Pillow Top RV


  • The sweet night gel memory foam mattress provides the sleepers with the perfect fit and releases back pain
  • This mattress has 2-sided firmness which helps to maintain balance and motion isolation

It is composed of a fiber quilted cover with green tea foam and coil springs. Since it is a spring mattress it is well structured with good edge support. This is built in such a way that it allows the air to pass through it.E very spring integrated into the mattress is enclosed in memory foam.

The product has firm support and is recommended for people with back problems. A mattress that is too soft is not good for people suffering from back problems. The springs in this mattress provide firm support to the body and help the people reduce their pain.

Mostly the spring mattress is the least durable but  Zinus Deluxe Spring comes with a 10 years warranty. Making it more durable than the others in its category. This much warranty for a spring mattress is very good as compared to its average durability life.

This is constructed in such a way that coils used in it are attached uniformly .hence the structure encourages the motion isolation and reduces the effect of movement on the mattress.

Off-gassing is the mattress is due to the material used in the making of it. This is made of natural material like the use of castor seed oil in it. Allowing it to minimize the release of gases from it.

These mattresses have the best edge support due to their structure. The integration of coils in Zinus Deluxe Spring provide the ultimate edge support. Hence delivering a comfortable experience to the person sitting on the side of it.

The noise of this mattress is due to the spring used in it. The springs make a slight sound when pressure is applied to it. But still, the sound is more as compared to the other mattresses.

As the material used in   Zinus Deluxe Spring are natural so they minimize the off-gassing. Since the smell in the mattresses is due to off-gassing. This leads to the fact Zinus Deluxe Spring does not release the odor.

The structure of Zinus Deluxe Spring allows the air to pass through it. As a result of this RV, mattress temperature remains less and the person sleeping on it will not feel hot.


  • Edge support of this product is excellent.
  • Healthwise great mattress for back support.


  • A bit expensive

8. Zinus 8 Inch Spring RV/Camper/Trailer/Truck Mattress, Short Queen


  • Perfect or a bunk bed mattress
  • Very pocket-friendly
  • 2 layers of accredited quality foam
  • Polybase

This mattress consists of a fiber quilted cover, latex foam with coil springs. The mattress is constructed with innerspring coils with padding of latex foam. The latex foam is used for the comfort layer also. The multiple layer design of this mattress provides comfort and extra support to relieve the pressure on the body. The hybrid structure of Zinus Hybrid Spring helps the user in getting the ideal sleep.

It is firmly supported and contains fiber quoted cover. The firmness of Zinus Hybrid Spring Mattress is best for the people suffering from back pain .in addition to this the multiple layer structure helps in giving the right alignment to the body.

Considering Zinus Hybrid Spring is a mixture of both innerspring and Latex. The warranty of 10 years is decent because of the life of an innerspring mattress is around 6 years and 12 years for a latex mattress. So the life of this mattress is in between both of them.

The structure of this mattress absorbs the movement of the movement pretty well. Its motion isolation is better than the traditional mattress. Providing asleep to its user with minimum disturbance.

The material used in Zinus Hybrid Spring is natural such as latex. So off-gassing is not an issue in this. Similarly, it is infused with natural things like green tea .which help in reducing the off-gassing.

As it is a mixture of latex and innerspring mattress both of these provide good edge support. Similarly, this Mattress provides good edge support because of its firm structure. So the person sitting at the edge of this mattress will not slip.

It is bouncy due to which it makes noise. Secondly, it consists of springs they also make noise while the movement. Overall it makes noise less than some other mattress during the movements.

Since Zinus Hybrid Spring is infused with green tea and natural material this eliminates the odor that most mattresses release gases. As off-gassing is not an issue in this mattress the smell factor is not present in it.

Two things make this mattress helps in providing the cooling effect to the user. Firstly the gel layer at the top of it provides a cooling effect. Secondly the structure Zinus Hybrid Spring is such that it allows the air to pass through it and lowers the temperate.

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  • It has an easily removable cover
  • Less motion transfer


  • Shipping is available in U.S.A only

Things That Need To Be Considered When Buying A Mattress?

What suits you best – The first thing you must consider is your comfort. Because the Mattress is the place where sleep. Buying a Mattress that is not suitable for you is a bad decision. The different mattress is recommended to different people according to their sleeping position and sleeping pattern.

Likewise, if you are suffering from back pain you must consider an RV memory foam or RV innerspring mattress. The same goes for the firmness of the mattress it’s on your personal preference either you prefer firm or soft.

Buy Online – Purchasing it online will save your time and money as some websites give discounts. Moreover buying online will eliminate the salesman from the transaction. As the pressure of a salesperson always affects your decision. So buying online will be more convenient and you can choose from a wide range.

Size of the Mattresses – The size is an important thing to notice. The size of the RV  is usually 6 inches less than the traditional mattress. And the place for a mattress in an RV varies for every vehicle.

It is good to check the size to achieve the ultimate fitting. The size will also matter when you have to cross the mattress through the door of the RV.

The material used in the mattress – RV  today are made of different materials such as latex, foam, etc. You must consider it while buying since the material used affects the temperature. As some mattresses are constructed in such a manner that they allow air to pass through it.

Check the weight – The Weight of the mattress matters. As if it weighs too much the impact will be on the user as well as on the vehicle. Choose a mattress with a weight that is easy to carry. Buying a mattress with too much weight will result in difficulty to handle it.

How much it will last – Usually the duration of the mattress is less as compared to a traditional mattress. As the mattress bears more wear and tear than the normal mattress. Look for the RV mattress with a maximum warranty. The more durable your mattress the more beneficial it is for you.

Go for a Good brand – Today there are so many brands in the industry. So it is difficult to select one from it. But go for the brand name that is most reputable in the market. Moreover, every brand is famous for its specific features.

Then choose the brands which feature matches your preference. Likewise, consider the brand that gives a return policy and guarantee. The brand that offers these services is often trusted the most.

Check your budget – Nor spend too little neither too much. Pick the mattress which is the most cost-effective. That offers good quality with minimum price.

The general mistake made by the people is that they think the more price they pay the more quality they will get. However, this is not the case in every situation. Search the market thoroughly and select the most cost-effective RV mattress.

Gain information about Product  – The information about the best mattress will be given to you in this article. That will help you in making a better decision. As we analyzed the various mattress based on their attributes like size, construction Etc. It will give you a good idea and lead to a better product selection.

Construction – It is built differently from one another. Some involve springs and some consist of foam. Such as the innerspring mattress consists of springs placed with a specific gap with padding that covers the springs.

Whereas latex mattress is made of a material that is elasticity and flexible. Due to this, The latex mattress pushes the body to return to its form. Another type is memory foam it is made of foam. These mattresses take the shape of the body whose pressure is applied.

Firmness – The firmness of the mattress tells us about how hard or soft it is. Different type of people prefers different firmness.

This usually depends on their sleeping position and pattern. Some type of firmness is medium-soft for the people who change position during sleep. Moreover soft for the people who sleep at the side. People suffering from back pain should go for a firm mattress.

Durability – Each type of RV mattress has its own durability. All types differ in durability due to the material used in it and its construction. The latex RV  is the most durable with a life of around 12 years. Next comes the RV water bed foam they last around 10 years.

While RV memory foam has a life of around 8 years. The life of an RV innerspring mattress lies between 5-8 years. Hence latex RV  is referred to as most durable and innerspring is refer to as least durable.

Motion Isolation –  If your sleeping partner moves during sleep this is a feature you must look into. The mattress having good motion isolation try to minimize the impact of a movement to its source.

For example, if your partner gets out of the bed in general mattress this will cause a lot of disturbance. But RV mattress with good motion isolation will minimize the effect of movement by isolating the movement to its source.

Off-Gassing – Sometimes you experience a weird kind of smell from your mattress after opening it. This is because some mattresses release gases that cause the smell. Memory foam releases the most gases based on the material used in their production. Good quality memory foam releases fewer gasses.

Latex RV is made of natural rubber they release the least gases. Innerspring also releases gases due to the material used in the padding of springs. It is impossible to completely eliminate off-gassing but it can be minimized.

Edge Support – Usually while buying a mattress we don’t focus on the edge support. We only check if the support is good in the middle or not. But when we sit at the side of the mattress and it starts sliding us down.

This tells the story that the RV mattress you bought has poor edge support. Generally, the RV innerspring mattress has the best edge support due to its structure. Mattress with good support is liked by my children who usually sit on the Side of the mattress.

Smell – Some mattresses have a specific smell this is due to their off-gassing. The more off-gassing the more smell it will have.

The RV memory foam smells the most. The smells usually last for 15-20 days in RV memory foam. Similarly innerspring also smell since its padding material releases gases. Latex RV  contains the least smell as it is made from natural rubber.

Temperature – Temperature varies due to their different construction. The RV mattresses that allow air to pass through it are cooler than others like RV Innerspring mattress. If you sleep hot and you sleep on an RV  that increases the body your temperature. This will result in you waking up sweating.

Always consider a mattress that will lower your body temperature. According to the research RV latex mattress are the coolest and memory foam is the hottest in terms of temperature.

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Types Of RV Mattresses

1. RV Innerspring Mattress

The RV innerspring mattress is made of spring arranged in a specific order with padding on it. This mattress allows the air to pass through it due to its structure. That lets the temperature of the person sleeping below its actual body temperature.

The innerspring mattress has the best edge support this is the reason why it is liked by children. The drawback of buying innerspring RV innerspring mattress it is not that durable. The life of this mattress is about 5-6 years.

2. Rv Foam Mattress

It is a traditional mattress made up of foam. This foam mattress is suitable for the person who was suffering from back pain. The drawback of this mattress is that it increases the body temperature during the sleep.

This is due to its construction. The foam mattress is very durable sightless less than the latex foam but better than others

3. RV Memory Foam Mattresses

This mattress is made of foam.  The quality of the foam mattress depends on the quality of the material used in it. The benefit of a foam mattress is the support it gives to the body.

It takes the shape of the body to which pressure is applied. Usually, the drawback of a memory foam mattress is off-gassing due to which it releases a specific odor.

4. RV Latex Foam Mattress

This type of mattress is made from a material that is natural. The best quality about latex mattresses is that they are the most durable. The latex mattress usually lasts more than 15 years and is very flexible. A wide range of variety is available in latex mattresses.

These mattresses are healthier because off-gassing is not in the present latex mattress. Hence it results in less smell making it a good choice to buy.

5. RV Polypropylene Foam Mattress

Polypropylene is the type of mattress that is least expensive. The downside to this is that they are also not much durable. Polypropylene is made of a special type of form.

The quality of this mattress depends on the density of the material used in the making of the mattress. The more the density of the material the more the mattress will last.

6. RV Gel Foam Mattresses

The gel foam mattress is made of foam with a layer of gel on it. The gel on this mattress provides the body with ideal support to the body. The gel foam mattress is a kind of memory foam.

It is very durable and has good material used in it. The plus side of a gel foam mattress is it provides the body pressure releasing support which is different from another mattress.

7. Rv Air Bed Mattresses

The air bed is considered to be the most suitable for camping and usually liked by the children. As going on RV you might stop by and have a plan of camping. Then this RV  is the best choice. So just have to blow an air bed mattress with air.

The main advantage of buying this mattress is weight. The weight of the air bed mattress is less so it is easy to carry.

8. RV Bunk Mattress

These mattresses are specifically for bunk beds. The size of this mattress varies from traditional mattresses but is often said to be the same as the size of twin xl.

This mattress is suitable for one person as the bunk bed has two mattresses so it can cater to two people. Mostly the bunk beds are popular among kids.

Best RV Mattresses - Conclusion

Hence there are many things you have to consider while buying an RV. Firstly you must know why there is a specialized mattress for RV bed because of the difference in sizing and fitting. Moreover consider things like brand, weight, size material before buying. Also, take important steps like research and testing of the product before the purchase.

To find the ultimate fit for yourself. In addition to this, they are multiples features that must be taken under attention like firmness, gassing, smell, durability, and construction, etc. while selecting the RV mattress. A further mattress like Zinus Deluxe Spring, Dynasty Mattress, Plush Beds and Serenia Sleep is considered the best.

There are reasons for it. Zinus Deluxe offers good firm support and a good warranty at a reasonable price of $169.Moreover, Dynasty Mattress Cool Breeze is a multiple layer mattress with cool sleep technology and 30 years warranty at a decent price of $ 279.

In addition to these Serenia Sleep is also a good option as it a temperature-sensitive mattress with an open structure on which weight is spread evenly and its price is just $279. Plush Beds are also a good option if you have a good budget as they are a bit expensive than others. But it offers the best quality and features like pressure relief, no odor, and good construction that justify its price of $879.

And other brands compete with each other on the basis of features like construction, firmness, and durability, etc. There are various types of mattresses differentiated because of the variations in their features and sizes. Therefore you must look into all the factors above before buying.

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