Voila Mattress Review

voila mattress review 2020

Voila Mattress

  • Voila produces a hybrid mattress which is a combination of gel memory foam, Talalay latex and pocketed coils, a way different from most of the mattresses.
  • Voila mattress offers you three different types of firmness availability which will be comfortable for all the consumers whatever the position of sleeping they have.
  • With multi-gauge pocket coils, it is easy to support your body properly while sleeping.
  • The best thing about the voila hybrid mattress is, they are offering less than average price with 10 years warranty and free shipping in the contiguous USA.

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Detailed Voila Mattress Review

This Voila Mattress Review is designed to describe the high-quality mattresses offered by Voila Company. This company was formed in 2016 and is providing the best service for mattresses ever since. They offer mattresses in their online stores and do not possess any brick and mortar stores.

The company has more than 20 years of experience and after much research, voila designed a mattress with the coiled zone which provides the support to your body where it necessarily the most. The simplest design, premium quality of the mattress, soft and users friendly service by the voila hybrid mattress earned its reputation and good ratings.

In this small time, this company has a good reputation in the mattress industry and has a good brand name in the market. This is the dream mattress that everyone wants and has all the exceptional qualities present in it. A fully detailed review of this mattress is described here.

The voila hybrid mattress is the best choice for most people from average to lightweight sleepers. Firmness options let you choose the mattress according to your requirements no matter what your firmness is or sleeping position preference is.

What makes this mattress the best option?

  • It is a combination of memory foam, latex, and pocketed coils and you cannot find this combination in any other mattress in the market.
  • It is an excellent mattress in terms of presser relief and the noticeable thing is you can enjoy it without being stuck into it.
  • It has different firmness options so; you can choose whatever you like according to your preferences.
  • The introduction of the coil system in this mattress can support your body more correctly especially under the heavier parts.

What kind of Voila Mattress Is?

Voila is a luxury mattress that offers mattresses with hybrid qualities. I am not fond of luxury mattresses because they charge a lot and have less to offer in return. However, the performance of this mattress has changed my point of view. The optimal comfort level of this mattress can be attained at a reasonable price as compared to the other mattresses available at this price.

Voila, the mattress is the right option if you are looking for a hybrid or if you want to buy a mattress with a smooth top but still wish for a bit more of spring and bouncing effect. In the mattress industry, it is the one and the only brand that gives you the best quality of fabric which is very good for breathability and latex offers you a bouncing feel.

Furthermore, voila has a five-zone pocket coil, a modern innovative technology that is good for your body weight and helps you to align your spine in the correct position.

This is ultimately the best type of mattress with multiple innovative qualities. This will be the perfect mattress to have a good sleep at night because it delivers value and excellent support to your body.

Each company is trying to provide its customers with the best piece of art, the same with the voila mattress. The company has become partnered with other international suppliers of the best quality mattress situated in Shanghai.

This is the ultimate family operated and widely accepted mattress in the world of the mattress. It matches with the highest standards and has a very long list of worldwide customers. Engineers of the voila know very well that precise attention to the details of the mattress is compulsory.

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

As this is a hybrid mattress, it is offered in three different levels of firmness. The customer can choose between the firm, medium, and plush mattresses. I was shocked by the number of layers present in this mattress and each of them has a different purpose.

There is a total of 12 layers that make it a perfect hybrid mattress for good night sleep. Normal mattresses such as Dreamcloud, Alexaderhybrid, WinkBed, Casper hybrid with this price offer about 4 to 5 layers while this creates an exception by efficiently combining 12 layers for the comfort of customers.


The outer cover is comfortable for giving a sleek feel. It increases the breathability of the mattress as it is thin. The feeling of a comfortable mattress does not fade away because the cover is made with stretch polyester knit which does not affect it. To control the regulation of temperature, the outer side of the mattress comprising of edges is made of mesh.

This improves the flow of air and the functioning of other layers remains uninterrupted. Overall, the cover is made of thin polyester that is easily stretchable. It is simple to zip off the cover and clean it anytime.

Fire sock – This is the first later present under the cover for protection from fire. This helps in flattening out the flames if any event occurs. The material in this layer starts to melt.

voila hybrid mattress reviews


  • Gel memory foam – Next is the memory foam which is two and a half inches thick. This is specially designed to offer fine contouring. The relief against pressure is obtained by this layer. It is also helpful in maintaining the cooling and great feel of the mattress.
  • Latex foam – Latex foam is present in the mattress to give a bouncing effect. It has great potential to give a response and increases the level of comfort for the sleeper. The bounce is transferred in this layer by the help of pocketed coils present behind this foam. This layer is present for improving the comfort level.
  • Edge support foam – This layer has a thickness of more than 2 inches. This comes from the interior area of the overall foam. This foam is present here for providing support on the edge areas. This is the best thing for people sleeping on the edges of bed because they will not have the fear of falling off from it.
  • Fiber insulator pad – Fiber insulation is especially present to provide airflow. The air flows regularly with the help of this insulation layer. The pocketed coil is present underneath his layer and it helps that coil to reposition itself at the right place.
  • Pocketed Coils – The coil is present to give extra support to the mattress. It increases the responsiveness and feel of bounce. This layer is more than 6 inches thick and increases the support of the edges area. Another great benefit it has is the alignment of the spinal area with the help of zones present in it.
  • Edge support foam – On the last area, there is another one-inch thick foam for edge support that is present to maintain edges even on the lower side. This increases the flow of air on the downside of the mattress.
  • Fiber insulator pad – This layer is present here to protect the coils. The coils can be repositioned, and their foundation can be strengthened.
  • Support Foam – A layer of one-inch thickness is present in the base area. This is foam with high density for improving the foundation and firmness at the end of the mattress.
  • Base Foam – Base foam is at the end of the mattress for firmness. This is a thick layer and has multiple benefits in maintaining the overall feel of the mattress.
  • Base cover – The cover on the lower side of the mattress is the base cover. The cover in this area is completely made of mesh material for increasing the breathability of the mattress. The mesh allows the air to pass through easily and strengthen the foundation for a long period.

Firmness /Feel /Bounce & Edges support

voila mattress reviewsFirmness:

Voila comes in three firmness levels. Firmness depends on the customer's choice that which type of mattress he likes for sleeping. The quantity of materials used in these mattresses varies in every type.

The firmness levels vary from 10 inches, 11 inches, and 12 inches. All three categories of the plush, medium, and firm mattresses prove to be good on the firmness scale. Among all, the mattress that has high demand in the market is of medium firmness.


The feel is what a person experiences while lying on the top of the mattress. The feel is gentle because of the softcover present on the top of it. Even the multiple layers present underneath contributes a lot to maintain a good feel overall.

The layers of coil, Talalay, and latex respond in a great way for a good feeling of bouncing. The response rate is quick.


When any hard or push effect is given on the top of the mattress, the way it responds is known as bounce. The feeling of bounce is quick in response. This is all because of the layers present underneath comprising latex material and support of coils.

The feeling of bounce also depends on the level of firmness a person chooses to have. With a plush mattress, the level of bounce will be more because it is soft and show reflex action as compared to other levels.

Edge Support:

Voila has taken good care of edge support. This is a feature that is most needed in the cases where the entire surface of the mattress is needed, or the person is a side sleeper. With good edge support, an equal level of firmness and bounce is present on the entire surface of the bed. For support on the edges, two different layers are present so that better support can be maintained.

voila hybrid mattress

Both the layers are present along the sides of latex foam and pocketed coils as well. The center also provides great support towards the sides of the bed. Even when the person is sitting on the side with legs hanging down, the support is also good there. Overall, both the edge support later provides an amazing experience for the sleeper.

Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

voila 11 hybrid mattressMotion Transfer:

Bed-sharing is difficult for some people because whenever the partner moves, this may cause some movement for the other one also and sleep is disturbed.

Voila company has efficiently solved this problem. As this is memory foam in which coils are also integrated, those coils are perfectly wrapped in the lower sides so that the vibration can be absorbed. No disturbance will occur, and the person can get in or out of the bed without any difficulty.
Motion isolation is considered by most of people while making a purchase. This also depends on the bounce offered by the mattress but Voila maintains a good motion transfer. This can be tested easily.

The person resting on the other side of the mattress experiences motion barely. This is the best solution for partners who get disturbed easily during sleep. This keeps in mind comfort for the partner and both people can enjoy sleep without any commotion.

Sleeping Position Suitability:

The sleeping experience is great. The feedback is amazing. The comfort of a sleeper is taken into consideration by keeping the spinal cord on the right angle.

This sport for the spinal area is important for the comfort level. the product comes with a guide for all types of sleepers including stomach, side, back, and combination.

Smell/ Off-Gassing/ Sleeping Hot

Smell – As there are multiple materials used in the production of the mattress and most of them are natural to do people often complain about smell issues. However, this is not the case with Voila's mattress.

The materials such as latex, Talalay, and other extractions from trees used in memory foam are properly processed to get away from all the smells. This helps in keeping the mattress smell free. For people who are sensitive to smell and do not like experiencing it while sleeping, this is the best choice.

Off-gassing – Voila, the mattress is made in a way to avoid the effects of off-gassing so that people who are not comfortable with any kind of smell can have rest easily. This mattress shows a little off-gassing problem when it is taken out of the box while unpacking. However, that is minimal and does not take a long time to vanish.

All the odors that can prove to be unpleasant are removed from the materials during the process of manufacturing. This problem does not persist for more than a small amount of time and then the person can rest assured. Special measures are taken to remove this issue such as mesh in the outer cover and the presence of fiber insulator pad helps a lot in this regard.

Sleeping Hot – There is memory foam present right after the outer soft covering which reduces the hotness and maintains a perfect temperature level. This can help the person to sleep soundly in a cool environment.

All the heat infused in the mattress is absorbed and never comes back again to the body. Even for people who have the problem of getting warm during sleep, this can reduce the issue and help them to remain cool for a long period. Special measures like the mesh in cover and latex foam are induced in this mattress for improving the comfort level.

Warrenty & Other Information

A mattress is a huge investment and it is expected of this to work for a long time. Any kind of issue occurring in the early years of purchase is a headache and to encounter this issue, voila offers the warranty period of 10 years.

This is a great deal of time that is taken by the mattress to wear off. The warranty period of 10 years increases the confidence level of customers that the company will withstand any problem coming into the mattress over the coming 10 years.


The mattress preferences vary for every person and this may seem a great mattress considering all the high-quality features; however, the true experience of sleeping can only determine that whether it is up to the mark or not. So, to provide complete satisfaction to the customer, the trial period of 100 nights is offered to the customer.

This is a lot of time to see whether this mattress delivers what is promised. If it does not perform up to the mark, the customer can return it easy to the company back. After the day it is purchased, the first 100 nights are considered a trial period and after those 100 nights, it is not possible to return it to the company.


If during the trial period, the customer is not satisfied with the performance of the mattress, they can return it to the company. However, it is necessary to sleep on this mattress for 30 nights before returning it to the company.

If these 30 nights period is completed, the customer can return the mattress to the company and they will not be charged for any handling and shipping charges.

All charges will be paid by the company. The customer just must follow the Instructions Company has sent them to follow before returning and the partners of the company will pick the mattress from the doorstep. The refund of payments takes place within 30 days of return.


The shipping cost of Voila is completely free for the customer. The mattress is delivered to the doorstep without any problem. The company does not have brick and mortar stores for selling, all the orders are taken online.

Delivery is made with the help of partners working with the company. Once the online order is made, the mattress is delivered to the doorstep within three to five working days.

The tracking number is provided to the customer so that they can track down the order processing and shipment whenever they need it.


Why Should You Have To Buying Voila Mattress?

voila mattress reviewI have told earlier that sleeping preferences are different for different people so having a mattress considered depends totally on what a person demand. However, here are a few of the positive things that a person must consider before buying a Voila Mattress. These are the competitive points that help this mattress to work best with a person.

The foremost consideration for most of the people is the price. The price is affordable considering the unexceptional and larger number of features presented by this.

This is an amazing mattress with hybrid construction. The coils, as well as the gel foam present in it, make it enjoyable by delivering hybrid features. This mattress has the greatest number of layers all serving a different purpose and contributing to the overall firmness and support of the mattress.

The pressure relief of this mattress is amazing which helps the person to sleep in any position with the partner. It will not have any effect on the partner. The coil present in this has tolerance for every weight level so there is no need to worry if the person has more weight.

There are multiple options available for firmness from which the person can make a choice. For people who like extra soft mattress can choose the plush version which people like me who are fond of firm mattresses can also try a firmer version. A medium level of firmness level is also available.

The edge support provided by this mattress is great because of the multiple layers of edge supports on different levels. Especially when the delivery is made online, it is not easy to maintain good edge support for the company, however, voila is an exception in this regard because they have the best type of edges.

The transfer of motion in this mattress is close to none. There is no problem in sleeping with anyone because the sleep would not be affected by movement. The overall feel of mattress makes it easy to move on this and get out of the bed easily.

Any person having issues with sleeping hot can consider this mattress because of the exceptional cooling effect offered by this. The coils in this are temperature friendly and make the person enjoy his sleep.

The edge support is great considering this is memory foam. Many companies offer memory foam, but their edge support is not so great. This mattress has the best type of edge support because of the multiple support layers in it.

Company Information

Voila has been in business since 2016.

Online email form | 1-844-864-5200 (1-800-VOILA-00)VoilaBox.com

Voila Mattress Review - Conclusion

voila mattress coupon codeVoila, the mattress is the best quality hybrid mattress available on the market. This has an innovative design that is built keeping in view all the requirements of the customers. The cooling, motion transfer, edge support, and all the other features are of high quality. This is a perfect fit for all the modern-day needs of sleeping.

This will take an exceptional sleeping experience that the person has never had before. The innovative structure is integrated with high-quality material to deliver the best. This does not only offer high quality but also comes at a reasonable price for everyone. The coil mattresses have springs inside that also integrate with the memory foam well.

This is the best option for every type of sleeper. The comfortable design is built to satisfy all the needs and bring comfort to sleep. There are no problems with off-gassing and smell so that the comprehensive experience can deliver the best. Edges are made firm for the side sleepers to give relief. Overall, this is the perfect mattress with the best quality material used in its production.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

The medium-soft, in terms of firmness, gives you 12 inches profile and close body adaptive that is appropriate for people who weigh less than 130 pounds, specifically side sleepers. As side sleepers need the extra soft and cushioning effect to experience better sleep and improve your spinal alignment during sleep.

If you want to know about the dimensions of the voila mattress, it is available in three different settings in terms of firmness. Each one of them has different features and corresponding profiles. the plush option is medium soft, and it measures around 12 inches in thickness. The medium option of voila has a medium soft setting and measures about 11 inches thickness.

  • Twin: 38.5″ x 74.5″ & 76lbs
  • Twin XL: 38.5″ x 79.5″ & 88lbs
  • Full / Double: 53.5″ x 74.5″ & 112lbs
  • Queen: 59.5″ x 79.5″ & 130lbs
  • King: 75.5″ x 79.5″ & 164lbs
  • Cal King: 71.5″ x 83.5″ & 164lbs

Your ordered mattress will be delivered in compressed form and rolled inside a box. But this all depends upon the ordered mattress type such as twin, full size, queen, king, or Cal king option.

  • Twin: 15” x 16” x 45”
  • Twin XL: 15” x 16” x 45”
  • Full / Double: 15” x 16” x 60”
  • Queen: 15” x 16” x 67”
  • King: 15” x 16” x 82”
  • Cal King: 15” x 16” x 82”

(Dimensions are listed: W x H x L)

Voila, a hybrid mattress will be ready to sleep on as soon as you unbox it and remove its packaging. It takes approximately 2 to 4 hours to get into the original shape so, do not worry, you can try this mattress out by bedtime probably.

The engineers of the voila company have worked very hard on this point so this process would be unnoticeable.


The company has more than 20 years of experience, and after tons of research to give the best final product. It takes a long time and a lot of care to offer this innovative mattress. Voila is very specific about the quality of the materials used in the construction of this mattress. The company focus on long-lasting, perfect design and better product quality.

Most companies in the mattress industry offer foam mattress but voila is giving you the ultimate structure and the support for your body where it needed the most by the introduction of the pocket coil system.

It is a denser and more durable mattress with a lot of other interesting features. Voila has given a lot of attention to the details of the mattress. The fabric used in this mattress is of high quality that is very good for the breathability of the mattress.

Voila is the only mattress that stands out in the mattress industry due to its innovative quality and it is hard to find something like this in the stores.


As there are no store dealings with the voila mattress, we have cut the middleman service, or you can say shopkeeper service. It is coming from the constructor directly. The company does not have any truck service to deliver products to your home. Voila, use national home delivery companies for shipping the product.

For the safety purpose, it is generally suggested by the company that at least two people make it move from one place to another one. There is no need to disassemble any component of the mattress as it is a one-piece product so, do not try to do that.

The quality of materials used in this mattress is the best so do not try to put any kind of stain guard chemical on it because it may become yellow and look very bad.

As all the mattresses are subjected to test by the strictest US flammability standards, it has given you proper relief and ensure the durability of the mattress.

Voila is very specific and serious about the quality of the material used in it. It also performs a spot audit test the materials used in the mattress and on the final product.

All the mattresses are made in shanghai and the company does their best to provide you the best quality to sleep well at night.

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