Aviya Mattress Review

aviya mattress reviews

The Bottom Line

  • Aviya is available in six popular traditional sizes like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King with three firmness options.
  • Aviya provides its customers with three different firmness versions and levels which are plush/soft, firm, and luxury firm.
  • Aviya offers its purchaser 10 years non-prorated warranty meaning free replacement or repair of the mattress.
  • If a Person wants to buy a good mattress but has a budget limitation. Then this is an ideal choice for them due to the luxury which it offers at such a reasonable price which none of its competitors offer.

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Detailed Aviya Mattress Review

Aviya Mattress ReviewAviya Mattress manufacturers commonly known as White Dove Mattress are not new to the business of mattress making as since 1922 they are producing high-quality mattresses.

In 2015 after years of research and market study, the team of White Dove Mattress launched another high-quality mattress from the name of Aviya brand in the market.

This mattress got overwhelming reviews from the customers due to its hybrid mattress characteristics meaning having a combination of foam and coil in its formation and chemical-free nature.

 What Is Aviya Mattress?

Aviya entry in the market is only two years old which is not enough time to analyze the product performance or company ability to respond to customers' queries. So the majority of Aviya mattress reviews mentioned in this document are based on the basis of its specs and feedback from customers.

The best part of  Mattress is that it’s Hybrid Mattress meaning combination of foam and innerspring coil.

If a customer wants to buy a good mattress but has a budget limitation. Then this is an ideal choice for them due to the luxury which it offers at such a reasonable price which none of its competitors offer.

aviya mattress reviewsThe three firmness levels like plush, luxury firm, and firm models which Aviya offers almost caters to all sleeping positions.

If someone is sensitive to motion transfer and sleep or shares the bed with a partner then this is not a bad choice as it has very minimal motion transfer.

Another interesting feature is that due to the presence of innerspring in its building, air continuously flows between the springs therefore throughout the night it regulates the body temperature during sleep.

Due to the top and coil layer, Aviya has a good amount of bounce. So the People who prefer bounce in their mattress won’t be disappointed.

The 3″ high-density polyfoam which encases the entire mattress gives Aviya excellent support. Therefore those people who like sleeping or sitting on edge won’t be disappointed by this mattress.

It is eco-friendly and Certi-PUR certified because of this it doesn’t produce any harmful gas.

Where Are A
viya Mattresses  Manufactured?

If you are living in the USA and love flaunting the products of your country then you will be really happy to hear that Aviya is handcrafted in Ohio by using locally sourced materials.

Aviya Mattress Size & Price

Aviya is available in six popular traditional sizes like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King with three firmness options. The overall weight of the mattresses differs according to the mattress model and size.

During the process of size selection, the team of experts always proposes the customers that for your comfort you should always purchase the largest mattress which your room allows, or if they are sharing the room with a partner then you must go for a queen size or king size mattress.

The prices of Aviya vary according to different sizes. However, if you compare its price with its competitors, you will find that with a unique blend of materials and quality which you get, it’s quite reasonable as its price fall under $1,000 whereas most top brands price fall right around $1,000.

Kindly below find the prices for each Aviya size and foundation.

Twin39W” x 74L”12″ Check Price
Twin (XL)39W” x 80L”12″ Check Price
Full52W” x 74L”12″ Check Price
Queen60W” x 80L”12″ Check Price
King76W” x 80L”12″ Check Price
California King72W” x 84L”12″ Check Price

Aviya Construction ( Cover & Layers )

Mattress ConstructionFor the customers to feel the best of both worlds, the manufacturers of Aviya have made it a hybrid mattress meaning combination of both foam and coil.

So if you get the chance to examine the construction of this mattress, you will see that it has not only one but three layers of sag-free high-density polyurethane foam cushioning with an individually wrapped coil innerspring core system resulting in making it true upholstery grade foam.

Similarly, Aviya according to customer sleeping preferences suggests three firmness options like ‘Plush’, ‘Luxury Firm’, and ‘Firm’. From these three options, customers have to choose the perfect combination of comfort and support according to their sleep demand.


Unfortunately, It doesn’t offer separate or removable cover. The top and bottom layers are made up of organic cotton and quilted with 1 inch of high-density polyfoam also play the role of its cover.


The topmost layer of Aviya mattress commonly known as the cooling comfort layer is formed by a quilting layer of 1-inch high-density breathable comfort foam having 1.8 lb density and 20 ILD with the cover. The utmost function of this layer is that it provides the mattress initial cushion and some sinkage for pressure relief.

The second layer known as the no-sag comfort foam layer is also formed from 1-inch high-density foam having 1.8 lb density and 20 ILD. The advantage of adding this layer in the Aviary mattress is that it provides stability to the top layer and resists sag or sinking feeling.

Now come the turn of the third layer also called a support layer is again formed from 1-inch high-density foam having 1.8 lb density and 20 ILD.  The role of this layer is that it enhances lumbar support and also supports other pressure points of the body.

The fourth layer comprises of 800 individually wrapped (in the individual wrapped system every single-coil is encased in its particular dedicated fabric pocket) innerspring coil (the number of innerspring coils varies in Aviary mattress according to size) each made up of 15-gauge steel with an average height of 8 inches.

Further, the middle of this layer possesses an additional strip of more solid springs which not only give additional strength or support to the middle of the mattress but are also a good source of temperature regulation.

The fifth layer which has acquired a 1-inch thick layer of high-density polyfoam with a 1.8 PCF and 50 ILD is commonly recognized as a stability layer or base layer. It besides giving support to the coil system also acts as a foundation of the mattress.

One of the interesting features of Aviary mattress which very limited number of mattresses in the market offer is the presence of 3″ high-density poly-foam with a 1.8 PCF density and 50 ILD edging which encases the entire mattress. This edging plays an essential role in saving the edges from collapsing and maintains the shape of the Aviya.


Aviya makes a perfect pairing with a solid surface, platform bed, foundation, or adjustable base.

However, if any customer is having box spring or an old bed for more than five years and they don’t want to replace them then they can take the advantage of buying the foundation offered by Aviya.

The foundation is made up of good quality wood and available for all standard sizes (twin, twin extra-long, full, split queen, and split king/Calking) and can fit well into any standard-sized bed frame.

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Aviya Firmness/Feel/Bounce & Edges Support


Aviya provides its customers with three different firmness versions and levels which are plush/soft, firm, and luxury firm. So while selecting firmness levels, customers need to be very careful as for everyone the feel of firmness will be different due to the variations in body type and weight.

In the next paragraph you can find the details of three different firmness versions with different points on the scale of firmness:

Plush/soft Mattress is made for those customers who prefer plush and sinking feeling of the mattress and are pure side sleepers. On 10 point firmness scale, this mattress falls into the category of first 3 options.

Firm Mattress is an ideal mattress for those who have a likeness for mid-range softness. Similarly, it’s best for those who are suffering from back pain. If we check it on the scale of firmness then it will range from 4 through 7.

Luxury Firm Mattress is a medium-firm mattress meaning not too hard and soft feel and is proposed to all kinds of sleepers. This mattress on the scale of the firmness option limits itself to number 8.

So the result-driven from the firmness scale of three different firmness levels is that 80% of customers’ preference is Luxury firm Mattress due to its characteristics of comfort and support.


Although Aviya contains foam layers it still posses traditional innerspring feel. I am saying this because if you lay down on it, the initial feeling which you get is of the soft quilted cover and the comfort layers but if you apply further pressure or weight to the mattress.

You will feel the springiness of the coil and base of the mattress. Therefore if you are buying Aviya must consider that too heavy or lightweight person the mattress firmness will feel different.


It has a very minimum cradling effect therefore rather than sinking in the mattress feel. You will get more lying on the top of the mattress feeling due to this adjusting position on Aviya is easy for the sleeper.

Edges Support:

The edge support is great because of the presence of 3″ thick foam edge encasement around the entire mattress which not only enriches the support provided to the body but also means increasing the surface area of the product.

Aviya Edges Support
Also if someone who prefers to sleep or sit near the edge will observe no compression while lying down but will find negligent compression while sitting on the edge.

Aviya Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

Aviya Motion TransferMotion Transfer:

The use of individually-wrapped innerspring coils and high-density foam minimizes the motion transfer. Therefore if you are someone who is sharing the mattress with your partner purchasing it will be a benefit for you.

However, the people who are extremely conscious of the motion transfer shouldn’t purchase Aviya and consider purchasing a mattress with greater contouring properties.

Sleeping Suitability: 

The three different firmness versions which it offers due to their combination of support and pressure relief almost cater to all sleeping positions.

Like Plush/soft Mattress can be a preferred mattress for a side sleeper as they can sink deeper into the mattress, the light & heavyweight back sleeper and stomach sleeper can pick up Firm Mattress, last but not the least the Luxury firm Mattress because of its medium firmness range can appeal to a wider array of sleepers.

Aviya Mattress Sleeping Hot? From countless mattresses available in the market selecting an al heat-free mattress is very tiresome. In this regard due to the presence of a unique blend of foam and innerspring core in its construction Aviya never disappoints its customers at all.

This nice blend not only allows airflow through the center and keeping you cool the whole night but also saves you from hot spots while shifting sleep position during the night.

Some Factors You Should Note While Buying Aviya!

aviya mattress reviewsThe key characteristics of Aviya Mattress which can compel any customer to finalize it are listed below:

To give customer hotel feel, the developers sell each consumer the same model which they provide to hotels

Aviya consists of five layers. These five layers are the combinations of high-density polyurethane foam cushioning with an individually wrapped coil innerspring core system

Aviya top is a luxuriously quilted layer with a stretch-knit cover. The major advantage of this quilted layer is that it provides the mattress some initial cushion and pressure relief.

However, this cover is not removable therefore if you are cleanliness freak then it can be a problem for you our customers need to be extra careful while using it

From three different firmness levels like ‘Plush’, ‘Luxury Firm’, and ‘Firm’. Customers have the choice of choosing firmness to suit their need but the majority of the consumers find Luxury firm a better option

Aviya has the presence of high-density polyurethane foam in its construction but still expert advice the purchaser that if you are a foam person then doesn’t purchase this mattress as in general its innerspring mattress

The price range of Aviya is impressively reasonable as no other companies produce a high-quality mattress at this price.

Besides this, the other delight feature of this mattress is that Aviya has the option of financing with easy terms and conditions.

After submitting the application in a few seconds you can get a decision from Bread ( Aviya official partner of financing )

Aviya offers free shipping and has three delivery options which are Threshold Delivery, White Glove Delivery, and White Glove Delivery + Removal.

The first option Threshold Delivery is free of cost whereas the rest of the two has some charges. However, in case of return and exchange of mattress, Aviya will minus the white glove delivery fee

The trial period is 100-night protected by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Aviya Warrenty & Other Information

Aviya offers its customers a trial period consisting of 100-night sleep. The pleasing thing regarding the purchase is that it doesn’t need any break-in period.

Therefore if customers don’t get satisfied with it then they can return or exchange it at any time during the trial period consisting of 100-night sleep.

In case of consumer dissatisfaction from Aviya Mattress, they can initiate the return at any time during a 100-night sleep trial period but the company suggests that before returning try Aviya for two to three weeks. Also Aviya issue the buyer 100% full return with no shipping return charges.

viya offers its purchaser 10 years non-prorated warranty meaning free replacement or repair of the mattress. The warranty period coverage starts from the moment it’s being delivered at shopper doorstep.

Similarly, the warranty not only caters to mechanical defects and body impressions of 1” or greater but also foundation (stability base).

Aviya through a professional service shipped solely to the United States. The shipment period consists of 5-10 business days and doesn’t charge the customer any fee.

While shipping it neither compressed nor vacuum-sealed and is shipped to the customers in a box with proper plastic wrapping.

Aviya threshold Delivery (meaning your mattress will be placed at the entrance of home) is free of any expense.

However, if patron opts for White Glove delivery service then they will be charged a fee of $99 per mattress as it includes in-home assembly and packaging disposal. For an additional upgrade to $159, White Glove delivery personnel can also remove the customers’ decrepit mattress.

Aviya Company Information

Company History: Aviya was launched in 2015.

Physical Stores: Aviya does not operate any brick-and-mortar showrooms.

Phone Number: 844-327-7421

Contact Email: Online form

Company Website: http://www.aviyamattress.com

Aviya Mattress Review - Conclusion 

the aviya mattress reviewAlthough Aviya has high-density foam in its construction it still feels more like a spring mattress and getting an innerspring mattress at an affordable price for nowadays is not easy.

Another benefit of purchasing Aviya Mattress is that the great side edge support which it offers enables the customer to utilize the entire mattress for sleeping.  Similarly, its motion transfer and sleep cool option is another hit of this mattress. Also, its three firmness options make it suitable for all sleep positions.

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