Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

brooklyn bedding best mattress ever

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress 

  • B Bedding Mattresses is an old mattress company that features a mattress which is literally called “The Best Mattress Ever”.
  • The mattress features a patented TitanFlex Technology which is what makes the mattress the best!
  • The cover is a soft blend of cotton and polyester. The mattress has foam quilted into the cover that gives it a softer feel and makes it comfortable to lie it on the top.
  • The mattress comes with a full 10-year warranty covering a lot of aspects and ensuring your experience with the product is pleasant throughout the period.

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Detailed Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

brooklyn bedding mattress reviewWho does not want the best out of life? The best job, the best house, the best car, and maybe even the best mattress. I, too, am among those perfectionists who want everything to be picture perfect with both regards, aesthetics, and functionality. So, when it came to discarding my old sagging mattress, I quickly started on a journey to find the best mattress out there!

The journey started by furiously comparing the different properties of the many types of mattresses out there. I judged all the mattresses on the basis of the comfort and support they provide to the sleeper.

After searching for many brands, I saw most of them had reviews specifying the many false specifications that lured the users into buying these cheap products for a very expensive price. I usually consider myself a smart purchaser, so, I continued my search until I was fully satisfied. I quickly discovered the #BestMattressEver.

B Bedding Mattresses is an old mattress company that features a mattress that is literally called “The Best Mattress Ever”. Kind of a bold and arrogant move if you ask me. So, I decided to see if B Bedding’s confidence in their product was rightly placed or if they were too overconfident.

Being a leading pioneer in the mattress industry for years, Brooklyn Bedding was initially formed in 1995 by two brothers with a vision to make a mark in the mattress industry. The mattresses were initially sold through a single retail store until 2008 when the founder decided to listen to his wife and made his business go online.

Online customers tended to get confused between the 12 different types of mattresses, B Bedding sold, however, soon they decided to focus their business on only one mattress model. They decided to take the “one-fit-for-all” to a new level and decided to make a mattress that was the best mattress ever and suited everyone.

Well, I decided to test out their claims and I must say I was left satisfied and quenched!

When I was out in my search for the best mattress, I came across “BB” and saw their Best Mattress Ever with its amazing features and the most affordable price.

I quickly placed an order for their Medium comfort mattress for my King-sized bed. The ordering process was quick and easy. I was glad to see there were small guides all over the site that helped me decide which size and comfort level was supposed to be the best for me and my needs.

I was disappointed to see that the company did not offer any white glove delivery services. When complaining about this to their local contact person, they assured me that the mattresses are shipped compressed in a box that is small and easy to handle. Hearing this, I confirmed my order and received my confirmation email within minutes.

The FedEx movers were at my house within a week of the order. I was glad to note how fast their service was. The other companies I had researched usually required 15 days or more to ship their products to their destination. I was surprised to see the box they had allegedly brought the product in. At first, I was confused and thought they had brought the wrong package. However, when I took it up to my room and opened the package, the mattress quickly decompressed to its original size.

I soon had it up on my bed in no time! The mattress initially felt soft and I sunk into it, however, it soon hardened up and gave the exact amount of support I needed. During the night, I felt no moisture or feelings of ‘heating up’. The mattress reduced a lot of pressure on my body by evenly distributing the weight throughout the surface of the mattress.

I was glad to see the good change the mattress brought into my life. My old mattress had made my spine stiffen and somehow, I never even associated the condition with the mattress. The Brooklyn Bedding really does have the Best Mattress Ever!

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

brooklyn bedding latex mattressMost other mattresses boast of a lot of layers that perform different functions. However, most of these layers are just for show and are the main reason why most mattresses don’t last long. Think about it: the more different components a product has, the more chances the product has of exhausting. The mattress. The company only owns one factory where each mattress is individually crafted to ensure the customers get factory fresh mattresses.

The mattress is constructed in a blend of three layers which help the mattress achieve its many properties. Why buy 7 layered expensive products, when you are getting the same specifications in three layers. This makes the mattress durable and strong. It ensures the mattress lasts much longer than its warranty period.

The mattress features a patented TitanFlex Technology which is what makes the mattress the best!

The mattress features two different layers of TitanFlex one for comfort and the other for support. TitanFlex technology integrates immediate response technology that quickly adjusts to your body’s movement imparting a bounciness to the mattress.

The Brooklyn Bedding features 3 different layers of foams that make this mattress greater than the sum of its parts. The three layers total at a height of 10 inches and give the mattress a latex mattress-type feel.

Cover – 

The cover is a soft blend of cotton and polyester. The mattress has foam quilted into the cover that gives it a softer feel and makes it comfortable to lie it on the top. This imparts a pillow top feel to the mattress. The cover is breathable as well and wicks away any moisture in the night.

Layers – 

  • Top Layer – The layer of the mattress is made of 2 inches of patented Titan Flex Comfort foam which has an 18 ILD.The mattress is soft and provides a lot of comfort to the user. The foam is a hyper-elastic foam with a latex-like feel. It features an immediate response technology that contours itself to the person’s body just like memory foam. The layer also features a Titan Gel Technology which is what provides the layer with its cooling effects and breathability.
  • Middle Layer – The layer is a 2-inch Titan Flex Support foam. This layer is a bit denser and firmer with a 28 ILD. The layer is a pressure relief layer that evenly distributes the weight all along the surface of the body. The foam regulates body temperature and gives it a bouncy feel. It acts as a transition layer from the top soft layer to the lower firmer layer.
  • Bottom Layer – The bottom layer is a dense layer and is made of poly base foam with firmness of 36 ILD. It supports all the other layers above it. The polyfoam base provides the mattress with its durability and gives it its shape.

Firmness & Edge Support

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress edge support

Firmness –

The B Bedding comes with three comfort levels; Soft, Medium, and Firm. The soft and firm mattresses are a little different in their construction. The differences are:

  • Soft Version – The soft version cradles and hugs your body to provide it with the ultimate comfort. Most soft versions are too soft and engulf you in like quicksand. The soft version is great for side sleepers and does not dig into the shoulders or hips. It eliminates limbs from falling asleep. It is great for back sleepers as well.
  • 2” TitanFlex Comfort Layer- Soft 13ILD
  • 2” TitanFlex Transitional Layer – Medium 18ILD
  • 6” 1.8lb 36ILD HD Base Foam
  • Medium Version – The Medium Version is great for all those users who want a luxury hotel kind of comfort in their mattress. It provides the user with a plush comfortable feel while providing firm support for the support. This version is great for all kinds of sleepers whether they are the stomach, back, or side sleepers. The mattress is great for couples who have different firmness preferences. If you cannot decide whether you would like a softer or firmer mattress, then this mattress version is for you.
  • Firm Version – The firm version is perfect for those users who hate the feeling of sinking into the mattress. The mattress is supportive, however, that does not mean it is uncomfortable. On the contrary, the mattress is comfortable and allows a little depression not enough for you to even notice. This version is best for back sleepers or stomach sleepers. I, being a stomach sleeper myself, have faced a lot of problems with mattresses that put a lot of pressure on my stomach and internal organs. This version effectively eliminates this problem. The mattress is great for you if you require a flatter surface to sleep on.
  • 4” TitanFlex Comfort Layer – Firm 28ILD
  • 6” 1.8lb 36ILD HD Base Foam

Edge Support –

When sharing a mattress, you get to deal with all kinds of problems in the night while sleeping. Your partner might hog up most of the mattress and you might be left hanging off the edge. This is why edge support is necessary to look at when shopping for mattresses.

I share my bed with my husband who tends to take up all the place and I often find myself on the floor. This is because my old mattress sagged at the edges and a huge compression was evident when sitting on the sides.

The B Bedding mattress provides excellent edge support which makes it easy to sleep at the edge. While lying on the very edge, the mattress shows almost no compression, while when sitting, the compression is very minimal. This makes it easy to lie down at the edge or sit at the edge.

Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

Brooklyn-Bedding motion transfer

Motion Transfer –

Once again, sharing your bed results in many problems that can cause you repeated discomfort and discontinuity in your sleep. My husband tends to toss and turn a lot in his sleep, because of this, I ended up waking up at any slight movement. My mattress did absolutely nothing to eliminate this problem and transferred any movement very easily. I always woke up groggy and angry because I could not have a full night’s sleep.

However, with the Brooklyn Bedding, I was happy to note, the mattress effectively eliminated any motion transfer and had me sleeping throughout the day peacefully and undisturbed. The mattress performed just like any other latex mattress.

The mattress is great for all those who sleep with a partner or are a sensitive sleeper. It has had me waking up happier and fresher.

Sleeping Position Suitability – 

Following the essence of ‘one mattress fits all, the B Bedding Mattress is suitable for all types of sleeping positions, be it the stomach, back, or side sleepers. The three different comfort levels are great for different types of positions.

  • The Soft version is great for side sleepers or back sleepers as it is soft enough not to dig into your shoulders or hips.
  • The Firm version is for stomach sleepers or back sleepers that require additional support and do not want to feel pressure on their stomach or inner organs.
  • The Medium is truly the best of both worlds. It is for all kinds of sleeping positions and provides the advantages of both the Soft and Firm Versions.

Modifications in its Design

The mattress company has been operational for more than 21 years. The B Bedding started off by selling mattresses of other companies with defects or damages at discounts. Soon, they started piling up excessive material and started making their own mattresses.

The biggest change in the company came in 2017 when the Research and Development Team visited a chemical plant in the US and learned about the different chemicals. Working with their chemists, they developed a new kind of foam called the Titan Flex which had improved, comfort, breathability, support, and durability.

Brooklyn Bedding Size and Price

When it comes to online retail stores, even if they are a named brand in the mattress industry, availability of sizes becomes a huge problem. Just when you start liking a mattress, you quickly find out that the size you wanted is out or unavailable. It is definitely frustrating to search for hours on a product that you can willingly splurge your money on, quickly to find out that it is not available in the size you want.

However, with the Brooklyn Bedding, this is not the case. I was lost for words when I saw that the B Bedding offered 9 sizes! Most other retail stores, as well as online stores, feature a mere six sizes. B Bedding definitely surprised me with that!

However, that is not the only thing that surprised me. The prices of the B Bedding were so low,I had to rub eyes to see if I was seeing correctly. The mattresses start with a price of $425! If you were to compare with other mattresses, you will see that they usually start around $700.

1.Twin39 x 75 x 10 inches
2.Twin XL39 x 80 x 10 inches
3.Full54 x 75 x 10 inches
4.Full XL54 x 80 x 10 inches
5.Queen60 x 80 x 10 inches
6.Queen Short60 x 74 x 10 inches
7.King76 x 80 x 10 inches
8.California King72 x 84 x 10 inches
9.Split California King36 x 84 x 10 inches

Warrenty & Other Information

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress provides its users with a warranty of 10 years. This ensures you have a stable investment in your mattress and can rest assured knowing any problems will be tackled appropriately.

The company will replace or repair any damage or defect that happens in the mattress within the warranty term.

This ensures great customer service which is to be expected from an experienced company.

The terms of the warranty are as under

  • The warranty covers any defects or deterioration in the cell structure of the latex or polyfoam.
  • The warranty covers defects resulting in splitting or cracking of the material, with normal usage and proper handling.
  • It covers body indentations of 1″ or greater impression
  • It covers any sagging.
  • It does not cover a normal increase of softness exhibited in the mattress material (breaking in the process).
  • It does not cover the normal decrease of recovery aspects of latex (breaking in the process).
  • The warranty does not cover any stains, normal wear, and tear in the mattress fabric (stains, normal wear & tear, etc.).

The mattress offers 120 nights trial for those who are afraid to try out new products. If you fear you would end up hating the product, then no worries, the trial period offers you with a chance to test out the mattress. New mattresses can take a lot of adjusting to.

Therefore, it is necessary that you take out some time to adjust to the mattress before you judge it to be bad. If you end up hating the product, which beliefs me id hard to, you can easily return the mattress for a full refund. The company will charge you no extra restocking fees.

The company, however, does require you to at least keep your new mattress and sleep on it for 30 nights before making a decision. Any returns can only be made once throughout the year and no exchanges are allowed.

I was ecstatic when I found out about the free shipping that the company offers to its customers. Most other companies charge up to $100 just for shipping. The shipping is free inside the US and is done through FedEx which has been in the delivery game for years. They ship to your doorstep in a matter of 3-5 business days.

If you wish to ship to Alaska or Hawaii, they do so with a minimal fee of $250 while shipping to Canada is done via UPS and takes up to $270. They will provide you with a tracking number which will be activated within a day or two so you can easily know when exactly your package will arrive.

The company does not offer white glove delivery services because the mattresses are shipped compressed in a box and are easy to take up to the bedroom. The volume is greatly reduced, so they are small and can be easily carried.

Company Information

Brooklyn Bedding, LLC was founded in 2009; its parent company, R&S Mattress, first launched in 1995. The company’s latest product line launched in 2018.

Why Should You Have To Buy Brooklyn Bedding?

brooklyn bedding queen mattressWhy should you buy it? Well, the major factor is the price. The value for money you get when you invest in these mattresses is quite incredible. Normally, I would be a little skeptical about such cheap prices, however, after trying the mattress personally, I could not help thinking what a steal it was.

The mattress has a huge variety of sizes so you will be sure to find the right size for yourself. The nine sizes include Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Queen Short, King, California King, Split California King. The mattress also features three different firmness levels specifically designed to provide the customers with the ultimate comfort and support they desire.

The soft version caters to those who like sleeping ‘in’ their mattress, while the former version is for those individuals who like sleeping ‘on their mattress’. The medium version is the most popular one and provides a luxurious comfort feel with firm support.

The company offers a 120-day trial as well. This is great for anyone who is afraid of trying out new products because they fear they might not like it and would have spent all that money for nothing. If you do not like it after 120 days, the company will return the mattress for a full refund.

The mattress comes with a full 10-year warranty covering a lot of aspects and ensuring your experience with the product is pleasant throughout the period.

The mattress has a lot of different layers that contribute to breath-ability, durability, comfort, support. They also offer free shipping all across the US.

After reading all that, I bet anyone who was not even looking for a new mattress, would be dying to buy the Brooklyn Bedding Best Mattress Ever!

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