Naturepedic Mattress Reviews

naturepedic mattress reviews

Naturepedic Mattress

  • Naturepedic Company provides mattresses to the customers that are made of completely natural material. They produce mattresses with fully organic material for both children and adults.
  • The top priority of this company is to provide healthy sleep to customers by using completely natural products. This is helpful in keeping the environment clean.
  • Their mattresses deliver true value for money no matter what type is purchased by the customer. There are no chemicals used in its production which means that they are perfectly safe for every type of person.
  • Recommended for any type of sleeper.

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Detailed Naturepedic Mattress Reviews

Naturepedic Company provides mattresses to the customers that are made of completely natural material. They produce mattresses with fully organic material for both children and adults.

The company is doing well in this business because they are working on doing proper research from the customers. They only focus on the fact that really matter which is the comfort of the customer. Their main goal is to provide mattresses that are healthier and safer.

A complete sleeping environment with all the comfort is their goal objective and they do every effort to succeed. They take all the manufacturing items from nature because they believe that for a comfortable sleep all the items can be extracted from natural products.

There is no need to add any risky material during manufacturing because it will ultimately have a negative effect on health.

This company is fully experienced because they are working in this industry for 30 years. Their products are liked by all because they are not only natural but also satisfy customers from every perspective.

This company has a large network including multiple retail outlets.

They are selling mattresses all over the country and even in the international market. There is a great range of products and models that are available in the product range of this company.

They provide mattresses of high quality that are completely non-toxic for kids. There is also a great collection of baby products that include toddlers, cribs, protectors and mattress pads.

These mattresses are not only comfortable but can also be customized according to the needs of customers. They try their best to meet the customer needs in the best possible way from the economic and environmental point of view.

The company was basically formed because the owner felt this gap in the market where the mattresses were made with chemical and toxic materials. These products can be really dangerous for children especially so he made this new venture to provide a safe product.

Best Model Of Naturepedic?

As there are many models offered by this company, in order to cater to the needs of the customer all of them have different specifications. They range from high-quality expensive mattresses to an affordable range. However, all the mattresses are of high quality. The material used in every type is organic that does no harm to the person.

There are no chemical emissions and issue of off-gassing. There is slight differentiation in terms of some qualities including firmness and motion isolation. These things can be chosen by the customer as this mattress is completely customizable. Here are some of the things in which these top eight types of Naturepedic mattresses differ.

2.EssentialsExtra firm to plushHigh
3.EOS ClassicExtra firm to plushVery Good
4.EOS TriluxFour firmness levelsVery Good
5.EOS PillowtopMedium firmVery Good
6.QuartetExtra firmHighly
7.ConcertoSoft Medium firmHighly
8.SymphonySoft Medium firmHighly

1. Chorus Organic Mattress

Chorus Organic Mattress


  • Totally reliable only US-grown cotton is used for filling
  • It helps in regulating the temperature
  • Available in 6 sizes

In Chorus mattress, totally reliable only US grown cotton is used for filling. This is not only pure but also provides a high level of support. The wool material used in this product is also completely organic and provides protection against fire.

It helps in regulating the temperature. This gives a really soft and bouncy feel that is not possible with the artificial material. For adding comfort, a layer of PLA is added which is a comfortable and plant-based material.

It removes the issue of off-gassing because there are no harmful materials left in this after proper processing. For covering the overall body, micro coils of high quality are added that keep it lightweight as well as durable. It is also helpful in increasing the breathability and reducing hot feeling.

The coil support in this mattress is of 8 inches height that increases support and aligns the posture. The design is made in an innovative way to ensure that it can be protective against fire while keeping it away from all the chemical procedures.

All kinds of polyurethane foams are kept away from this product by using completely natural material. It is made sure that this product reached customers after proper workmanship that is why the employees taking part in manufacturing are fully trained.

This ensures its durability and longevity that is not available anywhere else in the market. This product is available in 6 sizes that are commonly available in the market ranging from twin to California king.

2. Essentials Organic Mattress


  • Designed with organic wool and latex to make it ultra-comfortable.
  • Available in different firmness options.
  • helpful in taking away the moisture level.

Essentials Organic is specially designed with organic wool and latex to make it ultra-comfortable. Its profile is 12 inches while the support layer has a width of 8 inches. In order to get a healthy sleep at night, this mattress is made in a way that it adjust to the needs of customers.

The feel of Essentials Organic is great. This is available in different firmness options and the person can make a choice to have a mattress that varies from extra firmness to plush.

It can be customized according to customer requirements. This is essentially important for those people who want to have a mattress according to their own preferences.

For extra comfort, there is a PLA layer added which increases the comfort level of the person sleeping on it. This layer is present directly under the wool. This is a special PLA layer that is made with potatoes.

It is helpful in taking away the moisture level and there are no signs of off-gassing because no harmful chemicals are used. This special type of non-GMO PLA is normally used in medical applications and food packaging. This is the certification that this mattress is complete without any problem of harming nature.

Essentials Organic is tested for any type of chemical emissions. This is not like other latex and memory foams in which additives are used. The quality of air indoors is improved because of this as it promotes a clean and chemical-free sleeping experience.

The organic material used during its production is certified. The workers preparing these are experienced and always offer a high-quality product. Special detailing is focused so that the durability of the product is ensured for a long period of time.

There is no FR barrier or flame-retardant chemicals present in this mattress. The design of this mattress is completely natural and smart that eliminates the use of any type of petrochemicals from the mattress.

3. Serenade Organic Mattress

3 Naturepedic Serenade Organic Mattress


  • Really amazing at providing the comfort of contouring
  • Two firmness options are available.
  • Breathability added to this mattress is because of the heat-dissipating qualities that are best in comparison to other types of foams

The competitive advantage of Serenade is that this mattress is really amazing at providing the comfort of contouring. The person sleeping on it has a healthy sleep that leaves him relaxed and refreshed in the morning.

The building of this mattress is of high quality that contains encased coils that are supportive. An organic latex layer is also included. There is no issue in setting this mattress up because of its roll packed and compressed packing.

The firmness options available in this mattress are two which make it easier for the person to choose what type of mattress he needs. The wool used in its production takes away all the moisture and this makes it naturally protected from fire.

The temperature regulation feature of this mattress is amazing that helps sleeper in remaining cool in summer and hot in winter. Organic cotton is a really healthy alternative to synthetic foam because it does not include any type of chemicals.

The latex material used in it is completely natural and there is a 2-inch layer that has relieving qualities on the pressure points which focus on providing more comfort to the user. Underneath this protective layer, there is a breathable layer of coil support. This layer is packed in a polyester fabric that has the ability of contour.

The breathability added to this mattress is because of the heat-dissipating qualities that are best in comparison to other types of foams. Every detail is paid attention to during its manufacturing. The certifications and special standards are followed during its manufacturing.

The fire protection is taken special care of during the construction. All the flammability standards of state and federal level are considered. This is all because of the superior design of products and the usage of high-quality natural material.

4. EOS Classic Mattress


  • Made in a modern luxury design.

  • Firmness level range is available from extra firm to plush

  • Luxurious mattress.

EOS classic is made in a modern luxury design that is of exceptional quality. As the needs of a person change with time, this mattress has the ability to adjust flexibly with them. This luxurious design is really soft and comfortable to be used by anyone.

The firmness level in this mattress range is available from extra firm to plush that offers a great range to the customer to choose from. Different levels of comfort can be obtained from this huge range. This mattress is not only excellent by looks but also in the feel.

The surface is made from organic cotton which can easily be stretched and offers a soft touch. The support of this mattress is provided by the coils that offer a great level of comfort in contouring.

This has an amazing ability to isolate the movement. There is no need to worry if your partner moves at night; this will not disturb the other person because it has motion control ability.

The support is provided at a balanced level to properly align the posture. The construction of this mattress is exceptional as it offers high quality without the use of an adhesive or glue. There is a PLA layer of comfort that improves the moisture wicking to make it comfortable.

It is free from every type of chemical that can involve in generating flames. The natural and smart design eliminates every type of harmful chemicals so that the customer will rest assured that this will overcome the flames in every situation. This may charge some extra cost but the results are amazing.

A person gets what he pays for and having an EOS classic is a decision that no one can regret. This has all the qualities of luxurious bedding from looks to functioning. The heat is controlled by it so that the person does not feel the temperature rising. Even the edge support is great that is best for every type of customer.

5. EOS Trilux Latex Mattress


  • The comfortable product that is inspired by European designs.
  • The support presented by this mattress is amazing.
  • The firm version of this mattress is best for people who prefer to sleep on their backs or stomach

EOS Trilux Latex is a comfortable product that is inspired by European designs. This is known as Trilux because it has three layers of the mattress. The latex material used in its production is helpful in making the temperature neutral. This is the same as the EOS in terms of the type of cotton used.

However, the difference only lies where the coils are replaced by two latex layers. When anyone places a customized order, the can make a decision about the type of firmness that can vary in four different levels.

The support presented by this mattress is amazing. Even if the mattress is extra soft, the firmness at the lower level of the mattress is exceptional. With soft layers on the top area is best for people who sleep on the side. However, this totally depends on the personal choice of the person that what type of mattress he needs.

This mattress is available in the thickness level of 10 inches which is great. The two organic layers are 3 inches wide. The layers of PLA material, as well as batting cotton, are present to make it a high-quality product. Both the sides of the bed are made available for customization for the comfort of customers.

The firm version of this mattress is best for people who prefer to sleep on their backs or stomach. The softness level in the firm version is less and this is specially made for people who prefer a hard surface to sleep. This can also be taken by people who are advised by doctors to sleep on a hard surface because this is completely natural and best for people who prefer chemical free mattresses without any toxins.

EOS Trilux Latex is great for repositioning back to the original position. The pressure relief and motion isolation of this mattress is also amazing.

6. EOS Pillowtop Organic Mattress


  • The Comfort level of this mattress is amazing.
  • The cover is removable.
  • Best choice For every type of sleeper

This is a multilayered mattress that can be customized and the customer can swap out and insert new layers. There is a comfort layer at the top that is made of latex material and a pocketed coil layer for support. Both layers of latex can be customized by the customer in terms of firmness rating. This is specially made for customers that need an extra soft mattress to sleep.

The comfort level of this mattress is amazing. The repositioning is not so great but the motion isolation and pressure relief are really great. There is an innerspring that makes it extra comfortable for the user. The material is all-natural and organic.

The cover is removable which means that its cleaning can be done easily. The material used in its production is highly sustainable.

The internal filling is done by wool that is of high quality. This is custom made according to the requirements of the customer. This is helpful in delivering dual comfort for the customer. It is made by a hybrid design that is crafted by hands.

The thickness of this mattress is 12 inches which are more than the other two mattresses in this series. The surface type of this mattress is the pillow top. The comfort level is really soft that is attractive to most people. A support core is made of innerspring.

This is even without any chemicals that can cause allergies. This is recommended for every type of customer whether they are side, back, or stomach sleepers. It has three compartments that are made of completely organic material.

The comfort layer is 3 inches and the support layer at the bottom is 8 inches. This is customizable according to the needs of the customers which makes it the best choice for everyone.

7. Quartet Organic Luxury Mattress


  • The filling of this mattress is of cotton and organic material.
  • The overall frame of this mattress is also supporting which holds it in the right posture.
  • Provide cold sleep in summer and hot in winters

All the best materials are combined to make Quartet Organic. It has different comfort levels that are best for the support of the customer. The material used in its production is organic cotton and wool.

The core support varies according to the choice of the customer. The surface is of pillow top quality which makes it really comfortable and soft. This is from the luxury collection that has everything to be the best.

The filling of this mattress is of cotton and the organic material used in its production is certified. The comfort level can be adjusted according to preference and customization is available. This can be accessed from the factory directly and all the processing is done through handcrafting.

The building of this mattress does not involve flipping and the base is easily adjustable. The thickness of this mattress is 10 inches.

The customer review indicated that this mattress provides relief from back pain which means that it is best for people who are recommended by the doctor to sleep on a soft surface. The durability of this mattress is high.

The temperature is regulated because of the high-quality surface. It maintains a perfect balance of temperature. The mattress surface remains cold in summer and hot in winters according to the body requirement. Even there is no complaint about off-gassing because of the completely organic material used in its production.

The overall frame of this mattress is also supporting which holds it in the right posture. According to customer reviews, it is analyzed that it delivers the right value for money. The warranty offered by this mattress is of 20 years which makes it best and ensures the user about its durability.

8. Concerto Organic Mattress


  • Provide organic cotton Cover.
  • Extra plush mattress.
  • Provide 10 Year warranty.

Concerto Organic offers a combination of organic cotton with the plush surface along with comfort coils that are encased. This encasing is done with hand assembly that is unmatchable in its quality. This has the ability to contour according to the shape and size of the body.

There is an amazing combination of high-quality materials in this mattress. Some people consider it really deep because of the 14 inches depth in its profile. This is best for people who like extra plush mattress and want to have a good night sleep with increased comfort.

The pressure point is relieved as well as the coil is isolated. This is the top option for people who like to have the comfort of latex in their bedding. There are no chemicals in it that will result in a fire. This mattress goes through complete certifications.

The warranty of this mattress is of 10 years. There are additional shipping charges that should be paid by the customer. This is entirely on the customer that what type of layers he wants. The options in layers include two mini-coils or two latex layers. This material can be swapped by the purchaser.

The firmness level in these layers is easily customized. People mostly like dual firmness if they are going for a king or queen size mattresses. The cover of this mattress is made out of a blend of different materials. These materials include cashmere, organic wool, and alpaca hair.

Concerto Organic is slightly high on the price level but the company offers a complete guarantee that they will deliver high quality with all the stated specifications. So, every penny will be repaid by the company in terms of the comfort and satisfaction level of the customer.

9. Symphony Organic Mattress


  • Best luxury mattress.
  • Provide an amazing feel.
  • Best forr any kind of sleeper.

Symphony Organic Is the Best luxury mattress that is specially designed to provide extra comfort to the customers. The wool blend used in its production is of high quality that delivers the best performance in terms of offering luxurious sleep. All the harmful chemicals are eliminated from the material while production.

The support coil is 5 inches that breathable material so that the issue of off-gassing will not occur. This is ensured by offering assembly at unmatched quality. The base is really supportive and the customer can customize it according to his choice. The design offers a high level of flexibility and uniqueness on its surface.

The overlay of the mattress can be changed to have a different feel. This has a versatile design that integrates the base of the mattress with the pillow top of 4 inches. We have tried all the mattresses and this is the best so far in the high-end mattresses. If there is no budget constraint, this is the best choice to make.

The feel is of firm quality like a cushion that is really amazing for sleeping. This is the mattress that is designed especially for customer satisfaction.

It has the ability to overcome the fire and the temperature is regulated because of the top layer. This is tested with the chemical emission so that the person does not live in an environment with chemicals.

All the certifications are incorporated well into this mattress that shows the high quality of workmanship used in it. The design of this product is smart. Special focus is on the surface and designed to offer a high-quality luxury product to the customer.

What Type Of Naturepedic Mattresses Are?

There are multiple types available in the product category. The main theme of this company is to provide a healthy sleeping place for the customers. The craftsmanship of this mattress is great that also involves assembly with a hand at multiple levels. They take good care of customer needs that is why their system is completely flexible.

They even offer a variety of options for people who are allergic to latex material. The quality of work can be accessed by an excellent worker who does endless efforts to make it a perfect product for the comfort of customers.

Special attention is given at every step so that the end product can last long with good durability. This is a family-owned business that operates in the USA but they provide products in every region of the world.

There is no noise produced because of movement on this mattress. It has the qualities of the best mattress with high-quality material and excellent craftsmanship. There is a great range of options available for the customers to choose from and they can also change anything in specifications if they do not like it.

The size range of this mattress varies from twin to California king comprising a total of 6 size options. Customers are highly satisfied with the performance delivered by the products. According to ratings they come in A plus because of satisfying all customer needs. Most of all, they make products from all-natural products that are good for both customers and the environment as it is free from any type of chemicals.

What Type of Sleeper Are Best Suited for?

The top priority of this company is to provide healthy sleep to customers by using completely natural products. This is helpful in keeping the environment clean. The design, as well as manufacturing, is done in a way that is exceptional. They have a collection of high-quality mattresses for both adults and children.

People who have already used the products of this company are satisfied with its products and according to standards; this company is providing the best solution. This is the best product for sleepers who are really sensitive to their sleeping patterns. Especially the ones who have allergies to chemicals and unnatural products are part of its audience.

People who are sensitive to their environment and are easily suffered from any chemical reactions are in the right place to buy this product. However, now as the world progress, people are moving towards organic products because they are environmentally friendly. So people who promote green products are the best audience for these company products.

Some people promote healthy products and only use the ones that are not harmful to the environment. This is without any doubt the best solution for environmental issues and pollution. The products used in this product are completely natural and the processes are shaped in a way that they are not harmful to the environment and the user.

We have conducted extensive market research and this company really delivers what they promise. There is a harmful and chemical reaction that happens because of using this product. Another market niche targeted by this company is children. This is the best-suited product for children because they are sensitive.

Children get affected by any harmful chemicals easily. This was also the reason for which this company was made. The founder of this company was worried that his children and grandchildren sleep on the mattress that is so unhealthy for them.

This can have serious consequences on health. As for the different models of the mattress, the customer can decide about the mattress type by selecting the best according to his specific requirements.

Warranty & Other Details

The warranty policy starts from the purchase date of the mattress. Warranty policy is entertained if the client experience indentation visibly. The warranty time period varies for different types of mattresses. Such as the essential and chorus category cover the warranty of 10 years.

However, the mattresses in the category of luxury and EOS series have the warranty period of 20 years. The mattresses that are sold in demos are not entitled to any warranty.

The sleep trials are only available to customers who make a purchase directly from the company. The cases in which purchase is made from other sources are not eligible to get the sleep trial. The mattresses are not replaced in those cases and no refund is made.

The sleep trial of chorus mattress is 30 nights. The customer can sleep on this mattress for the first 30 nights for free and no additional charges will be charged from the side of the company. As for the EOS serious mattresses, the free sleep trial is offered for 90 nights.

The luxury series have a free sleep trial of 90 nights however they have the exception of 60 night period of a break-in that makes the total trial period of 120 nights.

The break-in period means that the client must hold the mattress for 60 nights and then they can even make an exchange by changing the firmness level of layers.

As for the return policy, all the shipping costs along with handling cost is paid by the customer. If the cline t does not like the mattress and decide to return it back to the company, he must pay for all the charges of about $400.

The return policy only works within the trial period. This means that the customers of chorus mattress must make the return in the 30 day trial period.

EOS series customers can return within the 90 night trial period while paying all the cost of shipping and handling. The buyers of the luxury series can also make a return within their trial period.

This return policy only works for the clients who purchase from the company directly. Also, the exception can be made for the customers making a purchase from authorized retailers and they can get the facility of comfort exchange. This policy time period varies for the kid and baby product range.

Why Should You Have To Buy Naturepedic Mattresses?

Buy Naturepedic MattressHarmful chemicals are now avoided by everyone because they make a huge difference. It is good to have organic products because they keep the health status good and the body does not interact with any harmful element. Similarly, having an organic mattress for home is the best choice for everyone.

Kids should especially have an organic place to sleep because they are sensitive and it is not good for them to sleep in an environment that s so unhealthy. These mattresses keep special care of this fact and make completely organic mattresses to take care of the health status of children. Here are some of the reasons for which people should buy these mattresses.

The first and foremost reason is that this is an organic mattress. An organic mattress is always the best because it is safe. There is no harsh chemical involved in its production.

The fabric used in organic mattresses is breathable and this makes it easy for the heat to get out of it. The person does not feel sweaty and hot. This means that the person sleeping on it has no contact with toxins.

This mattress is customizable. The customer can make changes to the mattress according to his choice. This gives a lot of autonomy to the customer because the complete construction of a mattress can be done by them. Everything is under customer control. This is best for people who like to have some special changes in the mattresses usually available in the market.

There are multiple firmness options for the user to choose from. Also, the collection of hybrid and latex mattresses is huge from which the user can make the best choice.

People having the issue of sleeping hot should definitely buy a Naturepedic mattress. It is specially made in a way that the person sleeping on it does not feel hot. The heat does not trap under the surface.

The cover of this mattress along with the overall construction is made in a way that is suitable for heavy sleepers. The surface remains cool and because of the natural material used inside the layers.

Another important reason to buy this mattress is for people who promote green products; all-natural ways are used in its production. The cotton used is organic that contains no pesticides and less amount of water that is best for the environment. Unlike other organic mattress companies, this company delivers what they claim.

This mattress is up to the mark of safety standards. In other mattresses, flammable chemicals are used in production techniques that leave space for taking fire. However, the fillings of cotton do not contain any flammable substances and there is no fire hazard.

Complete stuff is manmade which increases the quality of workmanship. It meets all the standards of flammability and there are zero problems of getting fire.

Naturepedic Mattress Reviews – Conclusion

The company does not compromise on the organic material. They not only claim all natural products but also deliver high quality, completely natural products.

Their mattresses deliver true value for money no matter what type is purchased by the customer. There are no chemicals used in its production which means that they are perfectly safe for every type of person.

All the chemical emissions are restricted by using organic material in its production. This is safe, well made, and durable. However, the cost is worth every bit because of the comfort provided by these mattresses. The finest material is used in it that offers healthy sleep.

  • The mattress that is best for side sleepers is the cushion firm version of EOS Classic. This is best because of its modern design and extra soft surface. Side sleepers normally like the soft surface because there are no springs to make the body feel uncomfortable. The customer can customize it by adding a latex layer instead of springs.
  • The mattress best for providing back pain relief is Concerto. This is recommended because it is from the luxury range and contains all the necessary qualities necessary for the best organic mattress. The doctor recommends a firm surface for people having back pain and the customer can select the firm version of the concerto mattress to get rid of the pain. It is because of two layers of the mini coil or organic latex depending on the choice of the customer.
  • The mattress that is best for all types of sleepers is Symphony. According to the firmness level, the customer can make a choice to have organic latex and organic cotton. No matter what type of sleeper the person is, he can have the best sleep on this mattress because of its exceptional luxury design.

The fire retardant used in this mattress does not include any chemicals or pesticides. The comfort of an individual plays a great role in the satisfaction level so this company offers a great range of products to cater to the needs of every type of customer.

The best thing is that the person of any age, size, weight, and physical condition can take the best choice out of the huge variety offered by them. The sleeping position is also encountered while designing these mattresses as they are suitable for the side, back, and stomach sleepers.

All bedding solutions are offered not only for adult beds but they have a huge collection of cribs for children. In all respects, These are the perfect mattress for every type of customer considering varying needs.

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