How To Fix ” iMessage Not Delivered ” Problem?


iMessage is an incredible application of apple users, it takes a lot of slackening to its customers. For instance whenever there would be some merits of one specific application peoples often finds some demerits as well.

These delinquents can be in response to voluminous things for example; due to unawareness of particular app, mobile error or may be due to a system interruption, people more often concern about what if iMessage not delivered?

This is the most happening thing which is faced by iPhone users continuously, individuals usually find difficulty in order to find its solution as it is not so common.

People come in panic soon as they find their device is not responding correctly they think that their money goes into a vein, but as every single problem comes with its solution, there is no need for worry. Here is the solution to the general public problem.

As the aim of apple is to satisfy its customer by introducing an advanced iOS system which facilitates the consumer with high technology without using cellular data and totally using Wi-Fi.

When iMessage not delivered the message would appear indicating that iMessage is not delivered by not sending the message “delivered”. In this condition before going to customer care, catch the root of unruly as there may be few reasons for it.

What Does iMessage Not Deliver Means?

iMessage does not deliver simply indicates that a person’s message has not been sent. This message is for the sake of the information of an individual that your information or whatever is still in your own pocket.

Basically what happens when a person sends iMessage and confirmation message of “delivered” is not appeared this means that message is not delivered? There are a lot of reasons behind it, due to which is the message is not delivered.

One of the common reasons is a network connection, before anything check that is Wi-Fi is working properly or not. Either you disturb your apple setting, message option becomes interrupted, or most important either the person who is going to receive the message has not the internet connection.

Another interesting thing is that either an individual forget that he or she blocked someone and sending a message, in this case, a message will not be delivered as well, either a message is delivered or not this notification will appear beneath your message,

How To Know That iMessage Is Delivered Or Not?

Whenever the message will not be delivered it will be mention by the system that the message has not been delivered as state above in the picture.

As the picture clearly indicates that a message which was not delivered mention as “not delivered” in red color while as soon as the message becomes delivered a delivery confirmation will appear on a person’s screen which would be not in red color but in gray color as clearly mentioned in an above image “delivered”

Another thing is that sometimes a person was unknown about that he has been blocked by a person to whom he is messaging, this situation is not only a little awkward but also the other person feels irritated that the message is not delivered what is the basic problem actually?

In this situation, no need to be worry just check the last status of your message as mention in above picture that message has been delivered or not if last message not been sent then it might be due to several other problems but then again if the last message is delivered and your current message is not delivering go and sent a text message on that person phone if that message has been sent then this issue relate to your personal problem.

Apple using system iOS latest update but instead of it, it is not necessary that it will mention notification of sending then convey the message of delivered. So instead of being in panic just check the root cause of the problem and sort out it accordingly.

Solutions To Fix: Imessage Not Delivered

No matter how advanced the system Apple has, such as iOS 9 or further progressive schemes there would be always room for improvement which will always make devices fast and smart.

In recent most common problem is iMessage not delivered which means there is some gap in this device as well which is not a bad thing for any device until or unless it is improving.

Most of the time it was not only the device or system problem but some other problems as well which are those not considered by a person normally, as article proceed you may come to know various problems or issues related to the problem and understand what are other problem instead of system upgradation.

iMessage would not be delivered due to multiple reasons which include internet error, software error, transitory bug, mobile error, or due to some other reasons as well.

But then again as problems come to solve here are very basic, quick, and interesting keys are present which will make a person comfortable while using its mobile.

Before going into further detail let’s discuss the problem and its conceivable solutions which could be accessed by anyone.

1. Check Apple System Status

Apple is always a step up look forward to providing an information amenity, iCloud in addition to a startling store with real-time status, all of these together keep check and balance on problems.

For this you have to check system update, to know, that either system has been upgraded or not, as well as it is not a big deal even a person can do it very easily by following a few easy steps which are as follow,

  •  First of all, Go to the URL
  •  As soon as a person opens up the browser this screen will appear,

  •  Go to iMessage resolve issue. a person can find another bar just like that when opening up iMessage resolve issue,

  •  The previous window showed the solution of not only one particular problem but mention various others as well.
  •  If still, a person did not find the issue related to his problem then contact support which is shown in the above image.

2. Turn On Send as SMS

Every now and then what happens, that a person sits in an area that has low or no access to the internet which creates a difficult situation for the iMessage user.

In this critical condition, a person can do two things either switch its own position from where he is sitting or has to switch from iMessage to normal texting in order to make a connection, the second idea is quite comfortable as well as this is very unpretentious have a look,

  •  First, go to the setting where the option of a message is present

  •  Go to the message option present top of the option, when you open that option you would see another screen just like that,

  •  Turn it off for the further process by swapping right to left and make sure its color turns into gray from green.
  •  Now stay on that screen and scroll down where you would be able to see an option of sending as SMS swipe it to right and turn it on to the green,

By just taping a few options your difficulty turns into ease, in addition to a person can without problems send a text from anywhere anytime.

3. Reset iMessage

Hold on for a minute here as it will describe as this article will process to turn off and on the message setting after doing that a person has to look here an important thing which cannot be ignored and necessary in order to fix the problem.

  •  Instantly go to the setting option on your phone
  •  Enter into the message icon
  •  Go for the option of “send and receive”
  •  Here is different options are present which are for the different purpose you have to click on “start new conversation”
  •  Click on your phone number in order to activate the IMessage with your customized number.

  •  Now check the internet connection either it is operational currently or not
  •  If the system is upgraded then check the network as well for the validation of your own sake,
  •  Go to the setting as previously
  •  Move to the general option present in the setting box
  • Press Reset from here

  • A person can easily take help by these images also by following few steps which can make the life of the iPhone user stress-free.
  •  If a person is still facing a problem then he must contact to support system swiftly.

4. Reset Network Settings & Hard Reset iPhone

Whenever a person feels that the network stop working it is necessary to do something for it by doing a reset network setting. It might be possible that a person can get rids of the problem without doing much more thing, just click on a few tabs and the network setting easily will reset within no time. These steps are,

  • Go to the setting from where go to the general as shown in the picture below,

  •  From here press general after that another tab will open which will point out to this screen, as this picture clearly mention each and every option from here a person can go to reset,

  •  Now press reset and open another screen,

  •  Now go to the reset network setting, as well as straightforwardly reset the iPhone setting whenever a person wants.

5. Update Carrier Settings & Check with Your Carrier

It is a file which helps in updating carrier setting in order to keep data or system update, it includes various apps such as network, messaging, chats and other like that. In order to keep them alive or you can say in functioning condition, it is very essential to retain them efficiently.
It will also not taking too much time as you experience previously,

  •  Go to the setting starting menu from the home screen
  •  Search general option and move toward it
  •  Scroll down to the reset option as you see it

  •  Enter the password of your own choice which can be easily memorized by clicking on reset the network
  • The second image will pop up which will give you a two option and ask about the “reset of network” or ” cancel” from here you can select the option of your own choice which is reset of network

  •  Go back to the menu screen
  •  Go to the setting again
  •  Move toward general
  •  And finally to check system update go to about and confirm the setting or system update.

6. Swap Your SIM Card

This is an additional technique in order to fix the problem without roughcast plentiful delinquents, by doing this most of the problems can be sorted out easily. These steps include,

  •  Just check it out where is sim-tray, as it is your phone you know it about very well
  •  Eject the sim tray, by using a pin or anything else, but make sure it will not damage while you are going to open it.
  •  As soon as you eject your tray put out the sim and keep it back into the tray
  •  In different iPhone sim tray is present in a different location

7. Delete Messages

If you want to delete the unwanted message you can do it within no time. To delete the message is a very easy task on any phone either you use an Android or iPhone. Follow these steps and rapidly delete the messages you simply don’t want.

  •  Go to the menu first
  •  Open up the conversation you want to delete
  •  Press and hold on to that particular message which you don’t want to see anymore.

  •  If you want that no one will see your conversation and make you guilty by any means or you don’t want to share anything personal so delete it before someone sees it. This will also help in keeping your device in balance if your message is not delivered properly.
  •  Go to the menu again
  •  Select the chat
  •  Delete the conversation
  •  A sign of trash you will see appear on the screen as mention below

8. Apple ID: Sign Out & In

  •  Signout the message in the message setting and tap send and receive

  • By clicking on it, another screen will appear, off apple id where a person can, with no trouble do signout

  •  By following the same procedure sign in again and enjoy the messaging with friends and family.

9. Update iOS

Another important thing a person can do is to recheck for an iOS apprise. for this,

  • Move toward setting
  •  From where click on general
  •  Move ahead toward simple software updates.
  • This will make a person feasible to know that either system is updated or not,

10. Send As Text Message Instead Of iMessage

It is virtuous to be acquainted with that you have access to countless choices but then again for the use of these options or to know how to use or when to use it is very important to gain the information about it which will save a person from a number of technical hitches.

Send us a text message instead of iMessage is not a huge task that requires more software or anything extra, all these are just a game of few clicks as previous mention for other, step for the sending of text messages instead of IMessage are,

  •  Go to the message box
  •  Press and hold the message you want to send as a text
  •  From there, select an option to suggest to send us a text.

11. Check Internet Access

In order to cope up with the problem of not delivering iMessages, it is necessary to check the internet connection.

  •  Go to the menu
  •  Enter into setting
  •  Move toward wifi
  •  And come to know either from here your internet connection is ok or not.

12. Put your Device In Airplane Mode

One can easily with that idea to put the device on airplane mode in order to fix one particular problem without any problem. This would not only suit its users but not harm the device itself.

13. Turn iMessage Off & Then On

  • This is a very simple and most frequent used technique which will never disappoint its user, go to the setting> message and turn it off by swipe to left

  •  Once it turns off to go back and come again on the same screen and turns that bar again green by swap the bar right it will definitely help you out

  •  This one is just a little trick to make a person tense free a person must check it out.
  •  Now check either the set up of iMessage is working properly or not for this again go to the setting> message as shown in the image below,

Fix The Problem With iMyFone D-Back iOS Data Recovery

It happens most recurrently with the utmost of the people that their cell phones turn out to be locked by failing to recall codeword or impaired by any other means, in the result a person lost his precious data which could be very necessary.
A device with advanced technology such as Apple has benefits like with its updated software and advance application updates a person can easily find out the solution of any difficulty.

In Android phones, the iPhone D-Block iOS data recovery system is not present, which would be very helpful in finding or recovering missing files, but instead of it, they contain some other backup plans.

So in order to recover all precious data files through the iPhone D-Block iOS data recovery system, here are few steps by following them a person can retrieve his or her documents or file information within no time.

How To Fix The Problem Using iMyFone D-Back

Step one: Always be smart while searching and choose wisely a particular application for the recovery of anything.

  • Go to the smart recovery mode,
  • Download iMyfone D-Back,
  • Open it as soon as it becomes downloaded, through smart recovery tab
  • Now you can click start

Step Two: Tell How The Files Become Corrupt Or Loss

  •  Now a person has to select how he or she lost their data for the batter recovery and scanning process.

Step three: it’s time to recover and scan the file which has been lost

  •  No need to do anything by yourself as apple device is sufficient itself for recovering digital or ordinal data, it will do through by using the smart iOS system but here is an interesting fact which is necessary to understand in order to run and scan a data smoothly you can easily retrieve data from the iOS system as well.

iMessage Not Delivered – Conclusion

In this article, an individual, who is using the iPhone in addition to facing a problem of no delivery of messages can treasure trove a possible way out, as well as can devoid of exertion fix the problem.

In advance using or following these stages a person can go more or less basic skills as well, such as, check out the router that either it is attached or not, check it data cable or cord in case of using cable net, can go for inspection a mobile data either it is functioning or not.

Some other problem takes account of device problem as discussed above that either sim is inserted in the approved manner or have room for more or less adjustment or not. Go for a mobile shop in order to check that either there is a problem with a mobile mechanic or operating system or a bit of something else.

If there was no dispute in physical appearance plus all software functioning as it should be, then go for directly above mentioned procedure which would, without doubt, will help out a person itself instead of going further somewhere else and finding a solution for a basic problem.

By adopting these procedures a person can fix the solution himself in the future as well not only this but becomes able to helps another person in resolving a particular issue.

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