iMessage Waiting For Activation

As long as your iMessage is not activated it will not work. For the smooth working of iMessage, it should be activated. Without the activation, the error will occur these errors can be due to multiple reasons for date setting to the problem of your network setting. All these will be covered in this article so will can try multiple methods to activate your iMessage.

As if you don't know the problem due to which your iMessage is not activated. So you have to try multiple methods and one of it might be successful in activating your iMessage.

One thing you have to make sure that you have to have Apple id and connection for the use of iMessage without it. You cannot even start the message so before going into the next step whether your iMessage is activated or not. First, clear these things. After that, if the activation is not successful then you have to consider other methods. And the methods mentioned in this article below will prove to be very helpful for you.

Why Is This Error iMessage Waiting For Activation Cause?

This error can occur due to many reasons like you have the wrong date or time set on your iPhone. Sometimes an error may occur if you have set to a specific setting that is not allowing the activation of iMessage. So the activation cause occurs due to some reasons also like.

Activation was unsuccessful so this message is shown on your iPhone when your activation is unsuccessful. Another message will be shown as an error occurred during activation. This error can be due to multiple reasons so it’s very difficult to analyze what specific error lead to this. You have to run multiple methods until you reach successful activation of iMessage on your iPhone.

Another reason due to which the error of activation occurs is that you were not able to sign in either you have entered the wrong information of your account or you have entered the wrong password due to this also an error is shown on your screen.

Another reason could be the network connection that is not allowing you to activate your iMessage. So as mentioned earlier you also have to look into these things as well. Because of this, you might get the error message as well.

Methods To Fix iMessage Waiting For Activation Error?

The activation error might seem to be like a big problem but it can be solved with a few steps. The waiting for activation error is a bit different when compared to other errors. The error might be occurring because of a problem in your cellular company or it might be a software bug that is interrupting the process. There is a very easy method that can help you to fix the activation error.

This method might seem to be stupid but it is the most popular method.

  • The first step is to open the settings on your iPhone.

  • Then you open messages and turn off the iMessage.

  • Then go back to setting and turn on the airplane mode.

  • Then go back to settings and turn on WIFI.

  • Then again go back to settings and turn on iMessage.

  • Then turn off the airplane mode.
  • You will then receive a pop-up saying that SMS charges may apply. Click OK.
  • The last step is to simply wait and iMessages will be activated in some time.

There is another method to fix the activation error. For it you will have to follow these steps:

  • Open the settings on your iPhone

  • Select General
  • You will find Reset at the bottom of the screen. Click on it

  • Then select Reset Network Settings and enter your password.

This method will erase any kind of WIFI passwords but will not reset anything else on your phone. This method is also very effective and helps to solve the waiting for activation error.

If Still, your problem will not be solved so kindly check all these options below

1.  Look At Your Time And Date Settings

First, go the setting of your iPhone

Then go to the general tab and tap on the date and time to check the information.

Make corrections in this menu of date or time in case the date and time are incorrect. You can set it automatically by taping on set automatically when the phone will update the date and time using the internet.

After this goes the message in the main settings.

Then tap on the iMessage first turn off the iMessage wait for 1-2 minutes then turn on the iMessage again.

After following these steps your iMessage will be activated hopefully

2.  Turn iMessage Off And Back On

This is one of the easiest methods in this you simply just have to turn off and on your iMessage.

First, go to the main setting of your iPhone.

Then tap on the message.

Then tap on the iMessage to turn off. After turning off wait for a few minutes and then turn on the iMessage by turning it on.

Hopefully, after following this simple method, your iMessage will be activated if not follow the other methods.

3.  Try Airplane Mode

First, go to the settings

Then tap on messages and turn off iMessage.

Then again go back to the settings and turn on the airplane mode. By turning on the airplane mode the wifi will be turned off automatically.

So then you have to turn on the Wi-Fi in the settings.

Again go to the messages setting and turn on the iMessage.

After this go back to the setting and turn off the airplane mode.

By following these steps a message will appear on your screen that your carrier may charge for SMS click on ok.

After some time the iMessage should activate.

4.  Restart Your Device

First, go to the settings and then select messages.

Then turn off the iMessage on the menu.

After that restart your phone. You can restart your phone by pressing the lock button on your iPhone. When the option of switching the phone off comes then slide right to power off the phone.

Then turn on your phone by pressing the lock button. When you turn on the phone go the settings again and tap on the messages.

In Messages turn the iMessage on.

After some time you will see the iMessage is activated successfully on your iPhone.

5.  Verify Your Phone Number(s)

Firstly go to the main setting of your iPhone.

Then tap on the phone to open the phone menu.

In the phone menu at the top verify that at the top check on the My number and verify that your number is entered correctly or not.

After checking it restart your phone by going back to the setting then tap on general in that menu tap on the shutdown option.

Then turn on your iPhone by pressing the lock button

After this hopefully, your iMessage will be activated.

6.  Sign Out Of Your Apple ID In iMessage

Go to the setting and tap oh the messages then.

Then open send and Receive option by tapping on it.

After that click on the Apple Id at the top of the new window and after that pop up option appears the tap on sign out.

Go the messages again and turn off iMessage.

Now go to the Wi-Fi setting and turn and off your current connection by taping Wi-Fi off and on.

After some time turn on the Imessage in the message settings and again click on send & Receive option to reenter details.

In the new menu tap on the use of your Apple Id for iMessage. In this enter information of your Apple ID.

After this tap on the sign-in option.

Wait for some time it will activate your message hopefully.

7.  Check For Any Restrictions

For this method go to the main setting of your phone.

After going to the setting tap on the screen time option.

In the new menu select the Content Restrictions option.

Then in the new menu select the account changes option. This method might vary in IOS 11. So check your IOS before it.

In the case of IOS 11 follow this path first go to the setting then tap on the general. After that in the new menu click on the restrictions then on the accounts. After the process is the same for both the ways as we enter in the account settings in the end.

After entering into the account setting from one of the two ways you have to make sure that you have selected the allowed changes option. Because without selecting this option your iMessage might not work it.

After following these steps hopefully, your iMessage will be activated but if it is unsuccessful follow the other methods mentioned in the article.

8.  Reset Your Network Settings Save

Go to the settings on your iPhone.

Then touch on the general.

Then drop down to this menu and select the reset option.

After this tap on the reset network settings and enter your password to continue.

What this method does is that it erases the Wi-Fi information from your iPhone

So after this again connecting to the Wi-Fi you have to reenter your password.

After following these steps your iMessage will be activated.

9.  Reset All Settings Save

Start this method by going into the main settings of the phone.

Then after that tap on the general setting to further move forward in this method.

After that going into the general setting tap on the reset option and when the new menu appears to click on the Reset all settings. What this will do to your phone is that all the personalized settings you have chosen will be changed and your iPhone will be in the default factory setting.

This resets changed everything from brightness to notifications to clock setting to wake up alarm everything is changed in this.

This resetting also changes your personalized features of your iPhone like wallpapers and accessibility settings. So all this is reverted back to the factory setting.

However your data is safe in the process of resetting the settings, for example, your data like photos, videos, other files are safe.

As with this setting, the phone will have a new setting so you have to reconfigure to your old settings.

With these steps, you will be able to activate your iMessage and can use it easily.

10. Reset iPhone to Factory Settings

First, go to the setting of your iPhone and tap on the messages.

In this menu turn off the iMessage as the method will not be completed without it.

For this method, you have to back up the data of your iPhone. So go the main settings of your phone then click on the iCloud. After that in the iCloud menu click on the backup. Then in the backup menu tap on the backup now option than agree to the condition. After that, your data will be backed up.

Then go to the main settings again and tap on general. In the menu that appears afterward tap on the reset and select the option of erasing all content.

With this method, your whole data is deleted but don’t worry you have backed up earlier so your data is secured.

After that you when the IOS setup assistant starts then you have to select the option of setting up a new iPhone.

Then sign in with your Apple id and make sure you restore the data to your device is back then.

For restoring the data to the settings and then in the menu select the apps & data after taping on it a menu will appear and select restore from iCloud backup. After this, your data will be restored.

In the end, go to the setting again in the message turn on the iMessage.

Following all these steps will lead to the successful activation of your iMessage.

11. Check For An iOS Update

First, in this method go to the settings.

Then in the setting tap to the general in the main settings menu.

Then in the new menu tap on the software update option to move forward in this method.

In this menu and check see any update is available for your phone or not.

If an update is available the tap on the download and installs option on this menu.

In most cases the updates changes or updates the address. So due to these various problems ours. To tackle this you have to timely check the software update on your iPhone.

So by checking your iPhone timely, you might be able to activate your iMessage very easily.

By following these steps we hope your iMessage is activated.

Contact Apple Support If Problem Not Solved

If the activation error is not solved with the help of the methods provided above, you should then contact Apple support. To contact Apple support you will have to open the official Apple website. On the website, you will find the option of Contact Apple Support on the bottom of your screen. There are easy steps that can be followed to get help directly from Apple. Here are the steps:

Step 1: The first step is to click on the get started.

Step 2: Then you will be asked to enter the serial number of your device and you will also have to select which device you have.

Step 3: Once you enter the serial number of your device, you will get the option to ‘Get Support’. By selecting this option you can call the Apple customer service department. A representative will then guide you to solve the problem or will try to solve the problem.

To contact Apple for support is a very easy method and it is a secure option to solve the activation error problem.

iMessage Waiting For Activation – Conclusion

The waiting for activation error can occur due to minor problems or changes in the settings such as date and time or the WIFI problem.

If you experience the error you should try the easier steps first, for example, resetting the date, resetting the network setting, or updating your IOS. If these small steps don’t help then the longer methods should be used.

But if nothing is working efficiently and the error continues, the best option is to contact Apple support as it is the most reliable resource to get your problem solved.

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