Leesa Mattress Review

leesa mattress review 2020

The Bottom Line

  • The Leesa Mattress is a close-conforming, all-foam mattress that alleviates pressure points and relieves pain.

  • With Medium level firmness, the Leesa offers balanced support for most sleepers.

  • The Leesa is silent and absorbs motion well, minimizing sleep disruptions and making it a great choice for couples or sensitive sleepers.

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Detailed Leesa Mattress Review

leesa hybrid mattress reviewWhenever you go to the market and look for some sleeping products then you will see a vast variety of companies and their offers.

Leesa is one of the big names in the market for sleep products. They offer a variety of sleep products like pillow, mattress, sheets, blankets, and foundations.

It is one of those good names who is selling in the online market. It offers to ship to consumers from a very early time. End-buyers can find Leesa mattress at their direct company store, online chain-Stores, to the retailers, and many other big markets. It has promised many qualitative methods.

They offer trial periods for the satisfaction of the buyer. Lessa mattress was established to provide complete comfort for sleep. Its establishment is based on the trouble sleeping of its founders.

As per my experience, The Mattress is fully comfortable from the middle to edge. It is good at bouncing, it is even very good in shrinkage and the best part is the edge comfort.

As with another mattress in the market, it is good and comfortable from the mid area. But if you need to share your bed with your partner then it is very good from the edge support. I have tested it all the way. I was lying on my back at the side of the mattress.

I felt it fully supportive and comfortable. Within the 100 days trial, I never feel any pain in the back. It is soft and easily feels up the spaces in your bones.

While lying on the back, it will feel up space at the bottom of your back. So you will feel comfortable and no more back problems. It performs a very good job in the distribution of pressure. It has the specialty of Avena foam. Avena foam help to bounce well and you can adjust to your sleeping position easily.

My best-experienced features are listed below for your easy review.

  • Best for back and stomach sleepers and it helps to awake without back pain.
  • You can change positions anytime as it offers you the quick adjustment through bouncing features.
  • It is made of latex-foam and breathable through holes in the upper Avena foam layer. So if you feel much hot while sleeping, it will give you comfort for breathability.

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Leesa Mattress Size & Price

Leesa is made with standard construction policies and has some special features which differentiate it from others. It has a standard for adult sizes. Each size varies for its pricing and weight.

It is covered by a unique designed four stripe cover. It changes its prices according to the design development every year. The price method is not different than others even it comes in very competitive value and has many ranges to suit the buyer’s needs.

It has very attractively managed for sizes so everyone can memorize its sizing with names. Its sizes are named as California king, king, Queen, Full, Twin XL, and Twin. These sizes are measured by the below chart.

Sr Size Measurement (inches)
1.California king72in x 84in x 10in
2.King76in x 80in x 10in
3.Queen60in x 80in x 10in
4.Full54in x 75in x 10in
5.Twin XL39in x 80in x 10in
6.Twin39in x 75in x 10in

So basically, Leesa has maintained very well to manage cost as well and tried to fulfill sleeping needs. These sizes start weighing from 92 pounds to 45 pounds. All sizes come in 10” height so the buyer of any size can enjoy equal comfort. So that’s why I feel it comfortable and competitive.

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

buy leesaLeesa is fully constructed with all foam layers. It has 10 inches of height for all sizes. It has attractive design four stripe cover. Three layers of different foams paying all needs of comfort.

It has been developed for all types of sleepers. Its layers offer all functions as cooling, bouncing, pressure relief, balancing, and adjustment in any posture.

Cover –  The top cover is made of a very soft fabric polyester-blend. It gives a soft and cozy feel to the sleeper. It is breathable and offers airflow into the mattress. It is not a thin or light cover that would get rid-off after the trial.

It is a thick and strong piece of fabric than any other mattress in the market. The cover has a very attractive design of four stripes which make it unique in all covers.

As described above in the fabric section, the cover is made of polyester blend fabric. It has a thick membrane and a soft touch. It is breathable and that offers airflow for cooling features.

It is strong to protect the inner layers of the mattress. It is an attractive and stylish cover which itself can perform the role of a bedsheet. So if your bed is without sheet then the cover would maintain the beautiful texture.

First Layer – First, the Avena foam layer which is called the comfort layer. It has only two inches in height.

The mattress responds quickly to the pressure. Its design helps to maintain balance with pressure. Avena foam itself certified for its amazing features.

It provides some bounce to the mattress and its designs do not let it slip from the place.

It is a great help for cooling features. The Comfort layer has holes on the upside and convoluted like eggshells from the bottom. You will never find such a beautiful construction in any other mattress foams.

This single layer of 2 inches height offers cooling, pressure resistance, bouncing, and comfort to the sleeper.

Second Layer –
 Second, the memory foam layer provides contour comfort. It is also two inches in height. Memory foam is basically subjected to provide vital comfort and contour as a whole.  The memory foam contours the body but it gets help from top Avena foam to cooling temperature.

Through the combination of memory foam and Avena foam, It has offered the best support to the sleeper with safeguard from overheating and getting stuck into the mattress.

Third Layer – Third, the polyester foam layer called a base layer. It is the high-density poly-foam with a height of 6 inches. As per its name, it is fully strong.

It is a hybrid mattress. Its combination of foams makes it unbeatable for the comfort level. It is the combination of latex foam and polyester foam.

Leesa foams are low-density foams and only base layer offers the density. The other mattress offers the higher density foams which tend the sleeper to sleep longer. Whereas it's combination offers cooling feature and regulates to the necessary sleep and fresh up the sleeper’s body.

Higher-density foams may lose their density within some time period. However, it has already been constructed with balanced density and will remain long-lasting.

Firmness & Edges support

Mattress FirmnessFirmness: 

It has a single and medium level of firmness. That is between five to six levels in a scale of one to ten. The mattress is especially a foam made a mattress. Its basic functionality is to provide complete comfort with contour.

It performs its job to the body in any sleeping position. So it is softer than another firm mattress. Its low scale in firmness is designed to provide maximum comfort to change positions in an easy way. Every individual gets settled comfortably and does not seek any difficulty in a transition position.

It has accepted to keep the low level of firmness because it promises a universal adaptive feel to sleepers. But it may give some difficulty in firmness to the heavier body individuals. It is best for standard weight persons as fit bodies. It may best firm for lighter weight bodies.

When pressing it from the top, The mattress response with a quick bounce. Within my experience, I felt that while pressing it we feel some air flow coming out of cover holes. It means that Leesa mattress proves that it is breathable and provides cooling comfort.

In the section of firmness, we cannot specify it best for everyone. The firmness level would be different for different weights of people. So it comforts as per the body weight and pressure. As in my testing, when I pushed more into the mattress, I felt that my hand touching the memory layer. It started contouring my hand. By giving you more testing results I will try to give you more sense of its comfort level according to a different weight.

The firmness may hedge in its quality level. It comes at a middle level as per statics to other firm mattresses. The firmness of a mattress should be able to deliver the good feeling to most sleepers. It should be comfortable in those sleepers that love to change rapid positions.

Mostly youngsters or standard body person likes to move around the whole bed. The Leesa has suited for most people and those come in the standard body section. So in this way, it has caught the best in firmness as well while having a low scale in levels.

Edges Support:

The upper layer is of Avena foam. Whenever you need to share your bed with the second sleeper, you need to get closer to edges. If the edges are not supportive, then you cannot get sleep and lay for a long period.

The Avena foam which is called comfort foam is designed in eggshells. These shells help the mattress to stay in place and do not slip in any way. Then the high-density base layer offers much strong support to stay straight and strong from the edges as well.

So basically, the edge support is the essential part that you need to look at. Most traditional mattresses have inner springs to maintain their height and bounce. So they need more jobs to do with edge support struggles. But I will explain to you closely for the feeling of laying at the side edge.

When you got to lay on the side edges you will feel supportive and safe and sound from all way. But yes a slight common thing pressing will happen to you as well while hanging on the side. That is because it has the foam layer; it can keep the support while you are lying on the side but it will be must press and lay down when you will hang on the edge.

Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

Motion Transfer:

Motion transfer is best to isolate when you need to share your bed with the second sleeper. It is the best part to be analyzed while anyone gets into or out of bed. We can analyze it while tossing or turning at night. It is the same function as firmness. It varies with the weight of bodies and pressure that the body gives into or out to the mattress.

As per my experience, it is good for most sleepers. It has passed in many testing reviews. It has got good points from the lower weight body to the standard body positions.

But with heavier body weight, it may stimulate a little. Just as an example it may simulate a pet to bounce over. But in overall results, it does not stimulate human bodies.

Sleeping Position Suitability

Sleeping position suitability in any mattress can be judged by the pressure results. Firmness is the main feature that offers suitability for sleeping positions.

As explained already in the firmness section, the sleeper can be adjusting easily to any sleeping position if the mattress gives a fine firmness. Leesa is offering a medium level of firmness. It is soft and quickly fill-up space occurred in your bones while having a specific sleeping position.

Whenever you would be lying on your back, it will fill the space at the bottom of your back instantly. So you will feel contour on your back and it will relax your body eventually.

While changing the positions, we feel that the Avena foam produces the little bounce and that helps you to adjust to any position quickly.

At the side-lying position, we feel that it has the same pressure on the entire body. At the side posture, the body gets more weight pressure because of the side of the body. But still, we notice that the pressure is the same as the entire body. It is the most impressive part of this mattress. As per the shoulder and hips are important areas to get maintained pressure flow for the side sleepers.

The third position that needs importance in motion transfer is lying on the stomach. Here it also performs best, It keeps the hips up and does not get dip into the mattress. In this way, Sleeper gets adjust in a good position for back relaxation. The stomach sleeper needs more firmness in the mattress, But Leesa fulfills the needs accurately for all position sleepers.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side & stomach sleepers.

Leesa Queen, King, and Twin Mattress

A mattress comes in different sizes and varies in widths and lengths. Any two sizes would have the same length but different width. So it a difficult task to select the right size according to your sleeping needs. You may have to share your bed with your partner, with siblings, kids, or pets.

So you need to be well aware of the sizes and needs of your home sleep. Also, here is another important factor that if you are an active sleeper then you need to have a wide bed. An active sleeper may have a habit to keep moving around the bed. Finally, I have given you very few examples of questions that you need to think about while selecting a size.

There are a variety of sizes within the range of Queen, King, and twin mattresses. These are the just three top ranges of sizes that further are differentiated in various sizes. Let’s go through these ranges one by one and we will give you the idea of differences between these sizes.

leesa sleepQueen – Queen size mattress is from 60 inches width to 80 inches length measurements. It the best size for single or short family couples. It is the most famous in America's current days. It has a very suited size for a single person, a couple, or if you like to have any baby or pet with you. It is the standard size. If you want to best fit with queen size mattress then you need the latest a 10 foot by 10-foot bedroom. Also, the important specification to be noted that a 6-foot large person would have 8 inches of extra space on the mattress. So it the best fit size for maximum large persons and standard family.

King – Kingsize mattress is from 76 inches to 80 inches in width and length. It is the best size mattress for a family. A couple can fit on it with maximum space for baby and pet as well. So basically it is the family mattress. We recommend you to have at least 12 feet by 12-foot large wide bedroom.

Twin – Twin size mattress is typically from 38 inches to 75 inches wide and long. It is the smaller size mattress. It is best suitable for only kids and pets. Typically, it is best for guest rooms, kids, or daybeds.

Warrenty & Other Information

Leesa has tried to give all to the users. As per their aim of comfort they have provided best in all services. it has a warranty of 10 years just as some other big names in sleep products. With other all advance and unique features, and has maintained the level of their customer services.

It offers full replacements within the warranty period. But while replacement processes the customer has to pay for shipping. Here, I have mentioned the defects types which can be handled within the warranty period.

Corrosions that may occur one inch of indentation. Indention cannot occur due to the wrong base support of the bed. The manufacturer and customers support team well understand these issues and offer the full replacement of this defect.

Any damage to the physical body of the matter until the memory layer can be subject to replacement. But it should not relate to the improper set-up of the bed. Also normal or eventually tearing up will not subject to replacement because it wills not the company manufacturing flaw.

Any physical damage seems of the cover will be subject to replacement of cover other than eventual tearing up. Also at the time of replacement, it may subject to change in the cover style or designs. It would be according to the stock or design available in the market. It keeps making developments in the style or designs for revolutions.

  • Offering a 100-night trial sleep. If the consumer feels less comfortable during this trial period then they can get replacement totally for free. If the consumer is within the area of Alaska or Hawaii then it is totally free. If the consumer is outside then these areas then they will charge a 100 dollar fee for return shipping. Here are some conditions to apply for return according to Leesa policies.
  • Offers a return to all buyers within 100 days trial period. However, if an individual has purchased from Amazon stores then they have to apply return through Amazon channel. They will begin the process as per the Amazon channel and it would provide the replacement.
  • It provides the best services on this subject as well. As it comes in a box packaging, so it cannot fit again in that box once opened and trial. But do not worry about this; As the team will come to your residence to pick up the returned mattress.
  • The warranty and return policy are for original purchases. If you changed your country of purchase before trial then you lose your warrantees.
  • It promised their users that consumers will love the product. But in any condition, if any consumer wants to return then at the time of purchase, Leesa has provided you a UPS label. You can easily return back the mattress using that UPS label and the return would be free of cost for the consumer. This is how it serves their buyers.

Leesa delivers to a maximum of 50 states. There shipping is free of cost and managed by their partner-courier UPS. You just need to order it and they will deliver it to your door-step.

You will have park the UPS vehicle at your door after 4-5 days of your purchase. It is available to more than 50 states of the United States, United Kingdome, Germany, and Canada.

Do not worry about the damage while the transport period. The mattress is strongly packed in various plastic sheets and then in a box. It can stay fit in the box for almost 30 days.

Company Information

Leesa was founded in 2014.

[email protected] | 1-844-335-3372 (1-844-33LEESA) | Leesa.com

Why Should You Have To Buy Leesa Mattress?

leesa mattress review 2020

We found many categories for a mattress on the market. But due to some attractive features, we choose Leesa mattress. Then, after a 100-day trial, we found it a completely suitable package.

It is best to buy because it does not offer you any loss or risk. It has a wide trial period with any warranties.

So why hesitate about testing a brand product? It offers a 100 day trial period, return policies, a 10-year warranty, and very good customer support. It has given a complete advance review for its construction. So you will be well aware of its materials and construction while purchasing your product. That’s the reason for my choice to go to Leesa.

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