Loom and Leaf Mattress Review

loom and leaf mattress review

Loom and Leaf Mattress

  • The company came into being after the success of the innerspring mattress, the original Saatva Classic.
  • The company’s motive was to introduce quality and luxury along with an affordable price tag.
  • Originally, the company was mid-sized but due to its quality and price, it grew to become the largest online luxury mattress brand.
  • Now having over 145 fulfillment centers around the United States.
  • The company uses premium quality, eco-friendly materials in the production and the mattress is hand-delivered and set directly in the customer’s home.

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Detailed loom & leaf Mattress Review

leaf and loom mattressThe company started production in 2015. The sole purpose of this excursion by Saatva was to provide customers with luxury branded memory foam mattresses at an affordable price. The main aim of the brand was to provide luxury, quality, and value of money at the same time. That is the reason the mattress comes with a minimal price tag. Moreover, they do not believe in stuffing the mattress in a box, as luxury is also an aim. That is the reason they provide in-hand delivery and the team sets up the mattress themselves. 

Loom and Leaf Mattresses are manufactured in the USA. The company has 145 fulfillment centers to take care of all customer needs. It has 19 manufacturing partners who are spread all around the U.S. They aim to provide factory fresh mattresses to all its customers without any additional taxes on the retail store. 

Unlike other brands, Loom and Leaf do not have any fancy retail outlets. This is to cut the additional costs that lead to a higher price tag of the product. They believe in e-commerce, in order to cut costs like extra employees, rents of fancy outlets, promotions, marketing, etc. the company believes their success to be based on customer satisfaction and customer recommendations. 

The employees of the company work as a team and their main focus is to satisfy the customers. As the company believes that customer satisfaction should be above all. Any middle man is not involved in the sale of the mattress and this to ensure that customers are not overcharged and are satisfied. This is also a reason the company sells its mattress online. 

All the mattresses are carefully handcrafted by certified professionals. The quality assurance department checks each mattress for any defects. Then and only then, are the mattresses approved for shipping.

All foams and gel layers are sourced within the U.S. they use only eco-friendly and luxury materials in the manufacturing of the mattress. The quilted covering is there to provide a comfortable feel and keep the surface cool. The Cooling spinal gel layer is infused with cooling gel to keep the temperature under control. These two layers work along with the eco-friendly, 5lb premium layer and the multilayer breathable support to provide the ultimate comfort experience to the sleepers. These layers work hand in hand to provide a luxurious sleep experience. 

It does not matter if you live in the hustle-bustle of the city or in the remotest of locations, Loom & Leaf will deliver at your doorstep. The company provides doorstep delivery in all 50 states. They do not only provide doorstep delivery but also set up the mattress to make things comfortable for the customers. 

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Construction ( Cover & Layers )

loom and leaf mattress reviewsThere are no different types of mattresses, however, they come in two different firmness levels. It features two different firmness levels, i.e. the Relaxed Firm and the Firm. Both variants are only available in one height that is 12 inches. They are both available in all six sizes. The mattress features four different layers to provide maximum comfort to the sleepers.

The organic covering is extremely breathable while the gel layer provides the ‘sleep cool’ feature that most memory foam mattresses usually lack. The memory foam and the breathable foam ensure a cool night’s sleep.

The Queen-sized version of both comfort varieties is available with an adjustable base, which is available through Saatva as well. The Adjustable Base provides more comfort and support to your body by contorting it in the healthiest and relaxed way possible.


The cover is made with organic cotton and this means that individuals with allergies can easily rest without any reactions.

This means no itching or scratching due to the tough nylon covers.  The cover is soft and breathable, which is a huge plus for anyone who wants to avoid heating up figuring sleeping.

The cover is two inches in thickness and the memory foam layer used in the cover uses the ‘get swirl’ technology which helps to evenly distribute the weight on the mattress. The overall look of the cover is great as well!

loom and leaf firm mattress reviews


The four layers of the Loom & Leaf mattresses are expertly crafted and ensures maximum satisfaction of the customers. All the layers work in collaboration to provide the sleepers with the most luxurious and comfortable feel. The four layers are:

  • Cooling Spinal Gel – The patented gel-on-gel design makes it easier for the customers to sleep easy and cool. The technology is laminated on the top of the foam and is strategically placed in such a position that ensures proper support to the spine is provided. This layer is placed in a way that targets those areas of the body that retain heat.
  • Eco-friendly, 5lb premium foam – The 5lb of Visco elastic memory foam is the heart of the mattress. This layer is 2.5 inches in thickness. It perfectly contours and shapes your body to provide you with maximum support. This feature has helps sleepers with numerous spinal ailments as it fills in any gaps and spaces and lifts your body upward. Moreover, this layer is naturally cool and there is no off-gassing, this means that no smell in the first few days of use.
  • Multi-Layer Breathable Support – The 5.5-inch support base provides the necessary support to all the above layers and is highly dense. On top of the support, the base sits a transition loft which is two inches in thickness and provides a suitable connection between the base and the viscoelastic memory foam.

Firmness /Feel /Bounce & Edges support

The main problem with most memory foam mattresses is that the firmness needs to be just right. Too soft and you end up being trapped in quicksand, too firm and you will end up feeling like lying on top of a table. The two comfort levels, Loom and Leaf provide, are a perfect balance of both and aim to target the requirements of every customer. 

The Relaxed Firm comfort level is the flagship comfort level and lies in the middle of their comfort scale. It is not too soft neither too hard and lies in the ‘just right’ range. This option is great for those who are back and side sleepers as it contours the body to provide the right support.

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The firm mattresses are a little too hard and maybe preferred by those with a larger frame or whom the doctors recommend it due to some health issues. This mattress is also good for stomach sleepers, as it does not provide that much contour and helps to support the spine. 


Relaxed Firm






5/8″ foam quilted into organic cotton

5/8″ foam quilted into organic cotton

Comfort Layer

• Center third lumber gel pane
• 2″ convoluted gel memory foam (4 lbs./ft. density)
• 2.5″ memory foam (5 lbs./ft. density)

• Center third lumber gel panel
• 2″ convoluted gel memory foam (4 lbs./ft. density)
• 2.5″ memory foam (5 lbs./ft. density)


• 2″ transition foam (estimated 1.8 lbs./ft. density)5.5″
• Base foam (estimated 1.6 lbs./ft. density)

• 2″ transition foam (estimated 1.8 lbs./ft. density)
• 5.5″ base foam (estimated 1.6 lbs./ft. density)

Edge Support – The edge support of the loom and leaf mattress is quite good. While sitting on the edge of the mattress with the knees on the side, the mattress won’t sink a lot.

It provides quite a good level of support as compared to other memory foam mattresses such as Tempur-Pedic and Zenhaven.

However, when sitting on the exact edge of the mattress, there is some extra sink. But, considering all the facts, this mattress provides better edge support than the competitors. 

Motion Transfer & Design Changes

loom and leaf memory foam mattressAnother problem you might face when sharing a bed is motion transfer. The other’s tossing and turning in the middle of the night will surely wake you from your deep slumber or vice versa. Loom and Leaf effectively eliminate this problem and ensures no motion transfer happens. So, you can toss and turn all you want, your partner won’t even notice.

As the mattress is a memory foam option, it is great at motion isolation. Moreover, excellent quality materials have been used in the production of the mattress and this leads to minimizing motion transfer. As compared to other memory foam options like Simba, Eve, Endy, and Casper, the motion isolation of Loom and Leaf is quite impressive. 

For all those who share a bed, elimination of motion transfer is a great feature that ensures a night of deep sleep without disturbances.

Design Changes – Loom & Leaf started merely two years ago and has expanded country-wide and has been able to establish a great brand image. Since then it has had little time to change its design. However, in 2016, a change did take place on the cover of the mattress. The new quilting pattern was redone in a tighter manner that was close together at the center.
This design change proved not to be merely an aesthetic one, but a functional one as well. It created more support for your mid-section and helped users create better spinal alignment with the bed. The design change also helped the cooling spinal gel to target those areas of the body that produced the most heat. This has been very effective in heat elimination.

Loom And Leaf Availability Size & Price

Since it is the sister company of the Saatva, it too, like Saatva is available across all 50 states of the U.S. It has 19 factories spread out through the country. The company also runs 147 fulfillment centers to ensure all your needs are taken care of. Ordering online has made purchasing a mattress extremely easy. Loading and Unloading a mattress especially, if you live in a far-off place, can be hectic.

Returning it can be such a hassle as well, as you must ship it back to the retail store. With the Loom and Leaf, ordering online mattresses has become easier. The Loom $ Leaf will answer your call and serve you at your doorstep. No matter if it is the original delivery or a return and replacement, you can sit back and relax and let the experts take charge.

This mattress is available in six sizes: King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, Full and California King. This mattress comes in two comfort levels i.e. Firm and the Relax Firm and in one size i.e. 12 inches.

Even when living in a remote area, you can easily get your hands on this mattress. The mattress is delivered to the doorstep of the customers, no matter in what region or area they are living.

1.Twin38″ x 75″
2.Twin XL38″ x 80″
3.Full Size54″ x 75″
4.Queen60″ x 80″
5.King76″ x 80″
6.California King72″ x 84″

Warrenty & Other Information

Unlike other mattress companies that provide merely 10 years of warranty, Loom and Leaf provide its customers with 15 years of warranty as customer satisfaction is their top priority. The Loom & Leaf mattresses are built to last up to 15 years! This is amazing when compared to other brands. 

The 15 years if the warranty makes it a great investment when you compare that to the price. Individuals should buy one because of such customer-friendly warranty policies. 

They Offer The Following Terms

  •  For the first two years, Saatva is willing to replace your mattress with a brand-new mattress free of cost. The only charges included will be the transportation cost of bringing in your new mattress and sending back the old one.

  • They provide a Fairness Replacement Option as well which allows you to keep your mattress after repairing or allows you to buy a new one at a percentage of the original price. The percentage ranges from.
    30% from 3-5 years
    50% from 6-10 years
    75% from 11-15 years
  • The warranty cannot be claimed if the bedding has burned or damaged.

  • It will be void if there is more than 1 in of body impressions.

Since the company operates under Saatva, the Return Policy is the same as well. If you found that the mattress was not right for you, Loom and Leaf are willing to return the mattress for a full refund, only the transportation costs will have to be paid by you.

I know what you are thinking, so they repackage it and sell it to someone else? Could mine be a repackaged one? No, Loom & Leaf ensures no mattress refunded is sold again. They instead, choose to serve our larger community and donate the mattress to those in need.

The Return Policy is very customer-friendly as well and ensures that you are left fully satisfied. If you find that the mattress does not suit your need or has been damaged during delivery, Saatva allows you to refund it for the full price within 120 days.

The trial period for the mattress is 120 days! This is extremely helpful as it helps you evaluate whether you find the mattress to be the right one for you.

The terms are once again the same as the Saatva company. The shipping requires you to choose your own day of delivery as is convenient for you. The company provides a four-hour window to the time you have stated and ensures that the mattress is delivered within that window. The delivery people wait for 20 minutes if you are not home, and return the mattress to the factory while giving you a full refund except for the $99 for transportation costs. Or, you can choose to simply reschedule it later.

In the case of damage to the mattress, they offer a full refund and exchange. If it does not fit through the stair or narrow pathways or maybe you ordered the wrong mattress for yourself, Loom and Leaf gladly allow you to refund or exchange.

Company Information

Saatva was launched in 2011 and the Loom & Leaf mattress was introduced in 2015.

What Should You have to Buy Loom & Leaf?

loom & leaf mattress reviewsNormally, the experiences with the brand are quite well. 

The gel reduces any heating issues and ensures the user sleeps ‘cool’. The memory foam, very carefully contours around your body and ensures no gap or spaces are left. This provides the ultimate support to the body. The prevention of motion transfer and edge support are the most intriguing features as they ensure you get a comfortable night’s sleep.

The thing that sets the deal is the price. Memory foam mattresses cost a lot, up to $4000. However, the Loom and Leaf give this effective competition by having all sizes under $2000.

So, if you are extremely budget conscious and still require the full benefits of a memory foam mattress like spinal health, support, conformity, and cooling, then Loom & Leaf is the best option for you.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Loom and Leaf is quite a good mattress option. It is a luxurious, branded mattress that comes with a relatively low price tag. The mattress provides quality and value at the same time. Moreover, it also has all the features of a good mattress. Not only this, but the brand also provides white glove delivery and keeps customer satisfaction as its top priority. 

The Loom and Leaf mattress comes in two different firmness levels and six different sizes, however, the thickness for each mattress remains the same. The mattress is 12 inches in thickness.

The Loom and Leaf mattress is made by Saatva, who has been selling mattresses online for quite a long period of time.

There are not many differences between them both. However, Saatva provides three different firmness levels while Loom and Leaf only provide two.

It is basically amongst the individual's personal choices. Both the mattresses are quite good. However, if you want a very soft mattress then Saatva is a better option as Loom and Leaf only provide two firmness levels. 

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