7 Best Sleep Innovations Mattress Reviews

sleep innovations reviews

sleep innovations review

Sleep Innovations has the best mattresses in the online market. These mattresses offer value for money as they are very nominally priced for ergonomically designed mattresses.

They are mainly distributed on Amazon and their own website. In this review we will be reviewing their different types of mattresses they are offering on the market in the Sleep Innovations Mattress range.

Information about 

It also just happens to be a trusted brand which has been around for two decades. Its customer services are better than most brands however the claims don’t quite match the reality of their products when tested.

Fortunately today there are many more options for reasonably priced and good quality mattresses than there were just five years ago. Sleep Innovation Mattresses are one of the fairly priced good brands, however, durability is average.

The  Company offers memory foam pillows, mattress toppers, mattresses, bedding products, and foam-based fabricated components to retailers, original equipment manufacturers, and individual customers.

They operate in the State of New Jersey. It was founded by Michael Fux in 1996. It is a registered trademark of Innocor Inc.

Their Mattresses are vacuum and safety sealed, compressed, folded, and shipped in a box. Before opening and unwrapping the mattress must be placed on the bed frame or bed spring. It will inflate to size in 24 – 48 hours. Opening the mattress on the floor is not recommended as ventilation and off-gassing issues may result.

Amazon provides very good after sales service and will replace the mattress if the customer provides sufficient proof of the mattress defected

7 Sleep Innovations Mattress Reviews With Price

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1. Alden 14-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Alden 14-inch Memory FoamAlden Mattress claims to offer soft cushioning for the body yet while providing adequate support. Alden Mattress is a medium soft mattress offering pressure point relief.

Alden supposed to give a cradling feeling of a memory foam in the top layer. Alden Mattress promises long-term durability. It has an air channel foam for circulation to maintain an even temperature.

It has a luxury quilted cotton cover which is quilted. Its online price is $429.99 along with a 20-year warranty.

Alden is a hard mattress and may need a topper if one is very uncomfortable. Sleep Alden is great for people who get relief from sleeping on hard surfaces such as back pain sufferers or people who have had an injury to their neck or spine.

However one may get numbness or stiffness in the joints,  in especially the shoulders after sleeping on one side on this mattress for too long. Alden Mattress is more suited to who weigh on the heavy side.

It gives support but the pressure point relief claim is not justified. You do not feel your partner moving around when you sleep next to them on the mattress.

It had a faint not unpleasant odor after opening but the next day it was gone. The edge of Alden Mattress is softer than most and tends to sag slightly

Sleep Alden Mattress has a memory foam which warms up for the sleepers and helps the body sink in. However, it’s cooling capacity of the foam is just average. It sleeps warmly in some spots from the sleeper’s body heat.

2. Skylar 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Skylar 12-inch Gel Memory FoamSkylar is ideal for balance for athletic people or those who come back exhausted from the office it’s very comfortable. It has a ventilating foam and opens woven mattress cover which keeps the mattress fresh and cool.

The mattress offers a soft plush surface to sleep on and medium to firm support. It is more suited for back and side sleepers . The mattress gives the best hold for the average to heavy built users.

It has a unique gel memory foam combination which molds to body curves yet keeps the bed cool unlike the memory foams available in the market. Sleep innovations offer a 20 Year warranty at $492.99. The middle layer is an air ventilating foam. It is supposed to offer a lot of firm support.

Skylar comes it is medium firm and gives good support. There are both medium and hard options available for the customer and different thickness options as well so it is very flexible and designed according to the requirements of different sleepers.

The more the weight of the sleeper the firmer the mattress should be selected. This mattress may some time to rise when unpacked however 6 -24 hours is enough. Especially for heavily built sleepers who don’t like to “sink in “ their mattress and usually have trouble turning over on conventional mattresses.

It’s an excellent solution for people with some back pain providing good support wherever needed. Its firmness gets broken into in a few weeks of sleeping on it. Thin people may feel it a little too hard while overweight sleepers may experience more ” giving in” of the memory foam after some years.

Skylar is not really recommended for underweight people due to its firmness which may cause discomfort. However, it is a perfect deal for the price compared to other brands with these features in the market.

Because the mattress molding and cradling capability it leaves a tiny bit of body impression or indentation which takes a bit of effort when you wish to turn over. It’s very bulky to move and maneuver because of its size and thickness. This problem could be improved with some handles. The hard variety of mattress (which is under the initial memory foam layer) may cause pressure points or slight numbness for underweight sleepers.

Skylar has good motion isolation as you cannot feel a person next to you moving on it or letting up. This is great especially for children who like to jump on mattresses because they won’t lose balance or get hurt. It is the perfect balance between a plush and firm mattress. This mattress is pretty firm all over even at the edges. It may be a tad bit hard for some.

The mattress offers firm edge support which will suit the sleeper who moves around a lot while sleeping. It also has a slight “give” to it around the edges. The mattress cushions and molds to the body shape. In case there is any kind of depression after 24 hours of unpacking the foam it can be replaced easily as well.

It does not have the typical unpleasant foam smell just a slight clean initial odor which disappears soon enough. It also comes with a very pretty woven cover

Skylar has gel foam which is designed to keep it cool especially for side sleepers. There is no overheating problem with it because it has a lower foam which is specially designed to provide ventilation. This feature may be a slight drawback for people who live in very cold climates or sleepers who maintain a lower than average body temperature.

This is a wonderful mattress option for a gel/ memory foam combination for the low price offered in comparison to other brands in the market. The lower ventilated portion of the foam works wonderfully to maintain the cool temperature of the mattress.

3. Taylor 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Taylor 12-inch Gel Memory FoamTaylor is designed for the sleeper who has a problem of feeling hot during their sleep cycle. they tend to toss and turn on their stomach, back and side and in every direction because they cannot find a comfort zone on their usual mattress.

They need a mattress which has a cooling quality and at the same time and provides firm support. This provides proper body alignment and pressure point relief no matter which posture the sleeper’s body is in.

Taylor offers both cooling gel and memory foam inside it as well as an air channel foam to keep it cool with a ventilation function. Underneath both of these is a firm supportive 8-inch layer. It has a well designed quilted luxury cover. Its price starts at $385 and the company offers a 20-year warranty along with it.

The Taylor is a medium firm mattress which promises to provide coolness for people who feel hot while sleeping Taylor mattress has a cradling supportive foam which aligns with the body’s contours. It is more suited for side sleepers by habit.

It promises a 20-year warranty return for the product. the price is $399.99 on the website. It was built to support sleepers from average weight to sleepers more on the heavy side. The mattress also offers pressure point relief and adjusts to one’s comfort zone without tossing or turning.

It is good for large and people of the tall build. It quiet heavy and bulky for a person lifting or fitting it alone. Taylor may be too firm for some. It is firm and hard not medium firm as claimed. Yet  Taylor mattress is very comfortable to sleep on.

Yet Sleep  Taylor mattress seems to mold and sink itself according to my shape. The Taylor gives in at the right places yet provides support where it is needed. It is a stable and supportive mattress. It comes in two varieties of medium and firm feel foam quality.

The mattress is according to medium bodied sleepers who should select the medium foam for some level of giving yet who also want that firm support from their mattress. Customers who have extra weight should select the firm variety.

It is a very good deal in the long term for its low price especially for a mattress that has an overall durable feel to it. It seems like it will last.

The Taylor is 12 inches tall and weighs a lot. Moving it around is a problem even to change the sheets. After several weeks Sleep, Innovations Taylor mattress did soften a bit which raises questions about its durability in the long run. It does leave body indents as time goes by.

4. Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Shiloh 12-inch Memory FoamThe Shiloh is an environmentally friendly made foam. It is a microbe and bacterial resistant. it is resistant to fire and has a fire retardant foam. It retains a cool temperature and provides adequate support for the entire body.

The Mattress claims to be a comfortable mid-level soft mattress. provides which provides full body alignment and support. The mattress is meant for big and heavy bodied sleepers. It has memory foam which provides comfort for people who have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep on.

Shiloh is a very heavy mattress especially to move. It does not have any handles for this purpose. It has a quilted soft cotton blend cover. It is priced at $359.99 along with a 20-year warranty.

The Mattress tends to stay firm while adjusting to the body’s curves. It gives good back neck and lumbar support. The Shiloh is very firm it is ideal for those who suffer from back pain. It is a dense, firm and thick mattress. It is good for spinal alignment. This feels like any high end expensively branded mattress.

Sleep Shiloh does not sag. it may have some indentation giving away at the sides. It is firm and long lasting with the comfort of memory foam. The top cover embroidery may slightly unravel with wear. There may be very body slight indentation as the years go by but not it is durable for the price. The memory foam tends to give it softness and the lower layer firm support

It provides a restful and balanced plane. It absorbs movements and will not bounce or shake on used even when a heavy person sits or lies on it. There is no motion transfer on bouncing on the bed it is excellent because the bed won’t shake much.

It has the plush and soft feel of memory foam yet may lack support at the edge and sinks in slightly when you sit on the edge yet bounces right back. The edge support is good

The mattress has a cooling quality and won’t heat up. The foam inside the Shiloh Mattress stays cool as it has the sure-temp feature in the memory foam. Shiloh will not heat up in summer.

5. Shea 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Shea 10-inch Memory FoamShea memory foam mattress is an averagely sized foam for people who sleep in different positions. the medium firm foam has some cushioning. It has a handcrafted quilted cover and comes with complementary memory foam pillows.

It is meant for side and back sleepers. It has a 3-inch memory foam top layer with a supportive bottom layer foam. It is priced at $ 301.00 and comes with a 20-year discount.

It is firm to lie on and then your body sinks and the foam mold around your body for cradling support. Sleep Shea level of firmness depends on the room temperature. In winter Shea Mattress is extra firm and in summer it is medium soft.

On testing the Mattress seems to suit heavy weighing sleepers more that light bodies sleepers who felt more aligned with mattress toppers to get the full benefits of sleeping on this foam. The Shea Mattress is quite firm when one lies on it but then the memory foam gives in to mold around the body shape.

The top cover embroidery is fragile and may thread off with wear. Although it is a pretty cover and unzips all the way through. It is not as long lasting as more expensive brands. after several years there may be sag, body indentations or loss of height at the side of the sleeper.

If you keep rotating or turning Shea Mattress over there should be no lumping in the long run and it may help the mattress last much longer.

The Shea Mattress has excellent motion isolation even when jumping on it the whole bed will not shake much to the extent that even a very light sleeper will not be awakened. One feels comfortable as soon as settling in it is perfect for stiffness and is very relaxing.

Yes, Shea does give off-gassing but after a day it dissipated. It does not have a very bad smell just a slight odor which goes away soon.

When I press my hand on top of  Mattress and press it feels soft but when I sit on the edge it is firm. Due to Mattress firmness, one’s body weight is distributed because of the support instead of sinking inside the edge.

The edges are sharply molded so the bed looks very neat when made. The pressure points of the body sink down through the memory foam in which the lower foam provides support and compresses the body weight t provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Mattress may get slightly hot on certain spots. It doesn’t seem to be any more different in cooling than a normal mattress in comparison.

7. Sage 8-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sage 8-inch Gel Memory FoamThe Sage is one of the best mattresses that  Sleep Innovations has to offer as there are almost little or no customer complaints online. It has the perfect combination with the top layer is plush and very comfortable and has a firm support on the inside.

It is a good mattress to help people who suffer from mild to moderate back pain. The Sage Mattress hugs and supports the body yet it does not have as much bounce as a spring bed but at the same time, it does provide adequate support.

The mattress will give you a good run for your money with its firm comfort coupled with its affordable price. The Sage is ideal for young people who are starting out in life and need to budget. Yet  Sage Mattress may be somewhat inadequate for those who are suffering from back nerve issues because this mattress is not as thick to meet their needs.

A specialized orthotic designed mattress would more suit them. The mattress is very easy to shift and maneuver than a queen-sized mattress especially for turning over and changing the covers.

The mattress does not have any motion transfer so you can get up without disturbing your partner. It very easy to change positions and get up from the mattress as there is very slight or almost no bounce or shaky movement.

While pressing top side of it feels very soft and squishy and both edges pop out slightly but the foam bounces right back when you let go.

If you are a side sleeper the Mattress may wear out at the edge but will rectify itself if you shift to the middle. In the middle, the compression pressure feels a lot less than it is at the sides of the foam. If that is an issue then a thicker make of mattress may be suited to your tastes.

There are no issues of heat as it is moderately sized when it comes to overall foam thickness. Its top layer of gel foam does its job of distributing heat evenly. the bed hugs the body but doesn’t get too hot.

This is probably the coolest bed you will ever sleep upon due to the combination if the breathable large gap weave cover, the thinness of the foam, the breathable quality of the lower foam and the cooling upper layer of gel yet thanks to the firm quality of the foam it will provide good support to the spine and neck.

What Type Of Sleep Innovations Mattresses Are?

sleep innovations shiloh review
#SleepInnovations use a memory foam and cooling gel foam combination which makes it the most affordable mattress brand in the market. Their Mattresses are specially formulated for people suffering from back pain, shoulder and neck pain. this mattress is ideal for them as they are in great need of  spinal alignment for their body structure

sleep innovations reviews 2019Fortunately today there are many more options for reasonably priced and
good quality
mattresses than there were just five years ago. Sleep innovation mattresses are one of the fairly priced good brands, however, durability is average.

Sleep Innovation mattresses are very pretty to look at with their pure white quilted cotton covers, yet very heavy to lift alone from the box. I would recommend taking it out of the box and then bring it on the bed or frame and then unwrapping it. It will swell up in a couple of days to its proper shape and size. These are medium range good quality mattresses.

If you want a decent mattress which fits your needs in a moderate price Sleep Innovations Mattress brand is for you. Your purchase will be satisfied with a fair guaranteed run for your money. These mattresses do hold up to most of their claims and they are priced way below their more expensive counterparts in the market.

For people looking for affordability and value for money, this is the ideal brand made in the United States Of America. yet there is a reason this is not priced as expensively as the rest of the top quality mattresses and it is a good product.

These mattresses may have bounce yet foam density is an issue and these will last as long as an average mattress, not the 20-year warranty as their website may have one belief. To get a good long lasting mattress you have to pay at least four thousand dollars in the marketplace.

What ranks Sleep Innovation On Top of the list?

sleep innovations reviews
It offers a variety of seven different to suit different body types in their mattress range to cater to heavy bodies to lightweight sleepers, to people who want to sleep cool and to alleviate body aches.
They offer a firm to medium-firm feel yet provide a surface softness and hold to the body’s contours.

sleep innovation memory foam mattressOther mattresses in the market with memory foam or cooling gel features cost thousands of dollars yet they provide all this at a fraction of the price. They have priced their product in the three digit range. Basically, Sleep Innovations is committed to providing you with a good night’s sleep all at a very affordable investment in your health.

It is a known fact that memory foam due to its chemical composition gives off a lot of heat and odorous gases.  They have developed and engineered a special kind of foam which possesses both combinations of features of a memory foam and a cooling gel foam.

The mattress has managed to do this yet eliminate off-gassing and odor through its mattress technology. Right under most of these mattresses is a special convoluted Air channel layer which helps circulate air beneath so the bed stays ventilated and cool.

The very last layer under all the foams in their line is a Support foam which starts from six inches and goes up to 9 inches depending on the mattress.

sleep innovation memory foam mattress reviewLong story short these Mattresses line range has different features according to the kind of mattress you select.

  • Firm support
  • Soft support
  • memory foam features
  • cooling gel features
  • fire retardant and fire resistant
  • environmentally friendly foam
  • microbe and bacterial resistant.

Also being manufacturing in the US gives these mattresses it an edge over inferior quality products coming from China. Its nonexistent motion transfer and stability, as well as it’s extremely low off-gassing and odor, making it a very attractive choice for mattress buyers.

For the average sleeper, I would suggest Sage 8-inch Gel Memory Foam and Marley as they have a good price range and medium firm.


sleep innovations incUpon researching the online market you will find Sleep Innovations Mattress to suit all your varying sleep needs. It claims to meet every individual’s different sleeping demands. It is not a one size fits all solution.

They believe that everybody is unique. Sleep Innovations Mattress promises to find your fit. They have many types of mattresses with all these interesting features like cradling, cooler; Firmer etc. They even had an online “Find Your Fit ” tool.

This tool takes into consideration you and your partners sleeping style and preferences e.g : sleeping on stomach back, side, mattress mass like soft or hard, temperature preferences like sleeping on a hot or cool mattress. 

For people looking for affordability and value for money, this is the ideal brand made in the United States Of America. Yet there is a reason this is not priced as expensively as the rest of the top quality mattresses and it is an okay product it’s not too bad and not amazing it’s just okay.

sleepinnovationsThese mattresses may have bounce yet foam density is an issue and these will last as long as an average mattress not as the 20-year warranty as their website may have one thinking.

I would recommend Sleep Innovation Alden Because it is firm but upon further testing, it has a soft give to it. Its firmness is in the middle ground it was not too hard or not too soft, just a medium firm mattress.

Sleep Innovation Alden has a memory foam feature which also was a cooling gel at the same time. Sleep Innovation Alden is supposed to be adaptable to both big and small bodies and weight and mostly for back sleepers.

Along with this, I would recommend Sleep Innovation Shiloh the perfect combination with the top layer is plush and very comfortable and has a firm support on the inside. Sleep Innovation Shiloh is ideal for individuals with a smaller body frame. It’s best for Side Sleepers.

Sleep Innovations Company Information

Corporate Address:
200 Schulz Drive, 2nd Floor
Red Bank, NJ 07701
Phone Number: 1-888-999-0499 (Available Monday through Friday from 930am to 6pm EST)
Contact Email: [email protected]
Company Website: http://www.sleepinnovations.com/


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