Eve Mattress Review

eve hybrid mattress review

Eve Mattress

  • Eve has an additional anti-slip layer which is super comfy for all kinds of sleepers.
  • It has been designed with a mixture of polyfoam and memory foam which makes it so easy to use, cool and comfortable.
  • Eve cover of polyester is thirty times more breathable than all other mattresses available in the market.
  • It is good for backache and joints pain as many people suffer from it and it is very difficult for them to change position and get up again and again during the night.

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Eve The Original Mattress Review

To get a better sleep time, you must have a comfy sleeping place, and usually, people prefer a mattress over a bed or on the floor to get a good sleep.

Eve the original mattress does a good job of providing a relax and comfortable sleeping area. Although the company has launched hybrid, premium, and premium hybrid mattresses as well, it is Eve the original mattress which stands out from all of them and continues to break the selling records as a bed-in-a-box mattresses market.

After such popularity, it is necessary to give to you some authentic reviews about Eve the original mattress and I am sure after reading this it will compel you to make it a part of your bedroom.

Image result for eve the original mattress

To get a better sleep time, you must have a comfy sleeping place, and usually, people prefer a mattress over a bed or on the floor to get a good sleep.

Eve the original mattress does a good job of providing a relax and comfortable sleeping area. Although the company has launched hybrid, premium, and premium hybrid mattresses as well, it is Eve the original mattress which stands out from all of them and continues to break the selling records as a bed-in-a-box mattresses market.

After such popularity, it is necessary to give to you some authentic reviews about Eve the original mattress and I am sure after reading this it will compel you to make it a part of your bedroom.

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

With the total depth of 250mm, it can be packed on any bed base or if you want to make floor bedding, you can place it directly on the floor. It provides the same level of comfort whether on the bed or the floor.

Let’s have a look at the base or foundation layer that provides compression support 4 cm. This construction theme lets you have a comfortable sleep enjoying the effect of memory foam and the polyfoam.

The layers have been made in accordance to provide the maximum comfort level, and the measurements of each layer are carefully fixed which makes it the most durable thing in the mattress world. It is constructed to give you an equal level of serenity if it is placed on the floor or the bed.
Related imageCover – Let us talk about the covering of eve. The makers know the likeness of customers, and they have made the cover in such a color combination which can let you place the mattress without covering it with the sheet. I like the color which is white on the top while on the sides is a yellow covering.

The top white cover is made up of breathable polyester fiber which allows you to stay cool throughout your sleep in hot weather.

And looking at the side panels of bright yellow is also made up of the material which is also breathable to give you all time cool effect and is robust so moving a mattress is supported by the sides.

If your room is not going by the eve’s color, you can have fitted sheets to make it according to your room décor.

Layers The layering system is introduced to make it more durable and to withstand the pressures.

Each layer has its versatile function and knowing the purpose of each layer you will wonder that yes; these functions are to be must in a mattress. Go through the details about four layers of Eve the original mattress.

Top Layer the eve comfort layer-The topmost layer as claimed by the manufacturers is the next generation memory foam layer and is about 30mm deep is made to provide extra comfort. The main purpose of this layer is to:

  • Keep your cool by preventing excessive heat trapped in the mattress by your body.
  • Relieves pressure as you get up or changes position without being feeling sunk in the mattress.
  • Give a bouncy feel but not that much like the spring mattress.

Middle Layer – the memory layer-The middle one is the supportive layer which is again 35mm deep. Have similar functions as the top layer. This layer works in conjunction with the top layer to maximize the comfort level.

This layer is made up of the fabric which is more breathable thereby preventing the heat up issues. And it also has enough supportive material which after the top layer further works as a pressure reliever and prevents the sinking in, while sleeping.

Base Layer the base layer- now, eve come up with the foundation layer which is made to be ultra-durable and stiff to provide extra support and protection.

This layer is about 160mm deep and makes up the foundation of the whole mattress, so they make it sturdy enough to fulfill the purpose of being a base factor.

Anti-slip layer – This layer is added recently to avoid slipperiness of the mattress which is very good. It keeps every layer of the mattress in the right place.

Firmness /Feel /Bounce & Edges support

Coming to the point of its firmness, it provides you appropriate firmness not too much soft like Casper, Leesa, and Emma. It is harder than these mentioned mattresses. 

If you want me to rate it on the level of firmness from 1 to 10, I’ll rate its firmness at seven and a half. So, its firmness level can accommodate most of the population no matter how they sleep whether on their back or their stomach. It is equally comfortable for both.Image result for eve the original mattress firmness

With this level of firmness, you won’t expect the sinking problem. And the bounce provided by this mattress at its firmness level is enough to let you get out of the bed easily. Eve hybrid is softer with 90mm springs in its base

The bounce is not comparable to the spring or latex mattresses. Many manufacturers offer the mattresses with variable levels of firmness, but Eve is confident in this regard that the firmness level they are providing is just right for the majority. Therefore, they do not intend to offer various firmness levels.

Eve mattress is a little warmer than the Eve hybrid. But you can have control over this aspect by buying suitable bedding for it. The company claims that it is thirty times more breathable than the other regular memory foams available in the market.

Eve Off-gassing:

Like most of the mattresses available in the market, Eve mattress is also emitted off-gassing ordure after unboxing it. It is more subtle and lasts for a longer time as compared to other mattresses offered by the Eves.

But it is generally observed that it is not very much bothering even on the first night's sleep. So, do not be afraid of this factor. It is common within the mattress industry.

Eve Edges Support: 

As already mentioned, the edges of the mattress are highly supportive. If you sit on the edge, you don’t sink in too much that it gets difficult for you to get up. However, the edges are not supportive enough to protect you from falling while sleeping.

So, if you are a corner sleeper, you might have to think about getting the larger size to prevent yourself from falling. In the edge support area, eve like other mattresses lacks behind. But this lack is compensated for by the other great features.

Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

Many of you are unable to understand the term motion transfer exactly. But it is the aspect most of the mattresses are lacking. Motion transfer means the movement done on one side of the mattress is transmitted to the other side through the mattress. People who share their beds with pets, partners, or children must investigate this aspect more than people who sleep alone.

Image result for eve the original mattress The mattress gently dampens the motion and prevents it to be transmitted to the other person sleeping beside you. It will allow your co-sleeper to sleep without any interruption throughout the whole night if you keep on changing your position frequently. It is also a good feature for restless sleepers.

Factors You Should Note While Buying It

You might be thinking that why you buy Eve the original mattress? Why not any other top-rated mattress which claims to be more comfortable? The answer is:

  • Other companies only claim you to provide comfort and better sleep while Eve the original mattress does this job in real and provides you the whole night comfort with it.
  • It provides a magical, relaxing sleep for the restless sleepers changing sleeping positions too often at such an amazingly affordable cost.
  • You can have the pleasure of memory foam without being affected by the cons of sleeping on memory foam.
  • For individuals who are prescribed by the doctors to use an ortho mattress due to aches and pains aggravated by lying on the regular mattress the whole night, Eve mattress is a good choice. It distributes your weight evenly, and you feel the pressure relieved.
  • If you are a restless sleeper and sleeping with your partner, your movement can disturb the sleep of your partner by transferring your movement through the mattress material.

But Eve's original mattress is built keeping in mind to provide the maximum comfort level to couples while sleeping. Whenever you change position or get up from the mattress, your partner does not feel your movement and enjoys uninterrupted sleep

Endy Mattress Size & Price

Eve mattress is the most expensive as compared to all the other mattresses which are available in the market. The price of Eve mattress starts from £349 for a single sized bed. And after that moving a bit slowly with price along with size which is £600 for a double-sized bed and king-sized bed it is £700. I know it is £100 more than an Eve hybrid for king size mattress.

Eve hybrid is a mixture of pocket springs and foam. As far as the price concerned it is £500 to £700 for the large size mattress. Eve light, which is another mattress made by the Eves, of course, shows by the name, is a form of two layers that have been offered with much less price £400 and £500 in the market.

Eve mattress is indeed a bit too costly as compare to Leesa and Casper, but I can assure Eve's original mattress is worth trying it for even this much price.

The prices and sizes are available in the USA for the individuals who are looking forward to buying the mattress in the US.

SrSizeMeasurement (inches)
1.Twin39 x 75
2.Twin XL39 x 80
3.Full54 x 75
4.Queen60 x 80
5.King76 x 80

Warrenty & Other Information

Before investing money in anything, every person is curious about the warranty and warranty claims. Many manufacturers provide a warranty on the things they are sure about their durability.

In the same way, while buying Eve the original mattress, you might think about its warranty. Yes, Eve, the original mattress does give warranty to its customers.

This warranty is for a much longer period than any other mattress or foam manufacturers. Eve the original mattress comes with a warranty of 10 years against any defect, damage or problem.

It is a replacement warranty, and you get a whole new mattress if your bought mattress has some problems. They have the confidence in their mattress that’s why they are offering such type of warranty which no other manufacturer can even think about.

They are not hesitant in claiming warranty you just must give them a call and their courier will pick up the mattress from your home and get back to you with the replacement or repaired mattress within few days.

Due to the lack of brick and mortar stores, the buyers don’t have the choice to check the mattress before buying so they offer a 100 days’ trial period so you can check the mattress in any way you want.

You can check its build quality, its features including the effect of memory foam, the effects of its layers.

If you are not satisfied, you can return the mattress within 100 days. This 100-day trial period and return policy are applicable if you get the mattress from the eve's site.

If you buy on Amazon, you will have only 30 days’ trial period. So, I recommend you to buy it from their site which will provide you more freedom for trying the mattress for 100 days.

Such a long trial period is provided because they have confidence and faith in their product that it is going to make a permanent place in the buyer’s house. According to an estimate, 95 percent of the customers are satisfied.

Once you have placed the order online, it will take about 5-7 working days to deliver the mattress on your doorstep.

The delivery or shipping is free of cost, and you must pay only the mattress cost. You might be wondering if you order the larger size that how it is going to be delivered.

The mattress is compressed and packed inside a vacuum covering and arrive at your location in a box.

This compact packing makes the delivery process hassle-free. Once you open the box and place the compressed mattress on the floor, it will regain its specified height and size almost within 5 to 6 hours. 

If you want to buy a mattress on the interest-free credit basis, then you must fill out an application form that will be approved after reviewing and then your delivery process will be started.

If you have any queries anytime regarding the delivery or the product you can get in touch with the customer service which is highly responsive.

I have tried their customer service online over the chat, and they replied to my query instantly without any delay and satisfied me. The customer relation officers are highly competent and respectful in their dealings with the customers.


Company Information

Eve was established in 2015.

Corporate Address:
169 11th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone Number: 1-800-383-3994 (available from 9am to 6pm PST)

Company Website: https://www.sleepeve.com/


Eve The Original Mattress - Conclusion

eve mattress reviewThe way it contours the body and the way it helps in relieving the pressure is impressive. I am sure it will be the best option for you.

You can sleep comfortably with your partner without being worried about disturbing their sleep while changing position or getting up from the bed.

I have no complaints about any ache or pain as I started to sleep on it. It has relieved my backache which I have developed using the typical traditional mattress before buying the eve mattress.

It provides you with a sound sleep throughout the whole night, and if you keep sleeping in a still position, it prevents heating up of the place where you are sleeping. It provides the same level of comfort and support in any sleeping position.

Overall it offers pretty good supportive features that are liked by most customers and at such an incredibly low amount of money with free shipping and trial periods.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

You will love to buy Eve if you are a stomach or back sleeper. It is a very supportive and comfortable mattress. It works very efficiently with sprung slatted bed frames. It has memory foam which conforms your body very accurately and gives you a soothing feel against your aches.

It is excellent in terms of motion isolation, bears heavyweight with zero percent sound. It offers a hassle-free return with free shipment. So, it is easy for you now to decide Eve the original mattress is the best option for you.


Even a mattress is best for stomach and back sleeper. it bears heavyweights. It has 250mm depth in total. If you want to rate it on a scale of soft to firmness, it is medium firm.

Keep in mind, all the mattresses available in the market will get softer after some time for sure. So, it also happens with Eve's original mattress, it will eventually get softer after a few months of sleeping on it.


If you are a patient of back pain or joints pain, Eve mattress is the right choice for you. It will provide you support for your joints during your sleep night and you will wake up in the morning, fresh and relaxed.

If you want to have an answer to this question in one line, then it is well priced and well-made mattress that gives you a high level of comfort and pain relief option.


The most suitable position for sleeping on Eve is stomach and back, but it does not mean that it is discomforting for the side sleepers. It is averagely good for side sleepers too with average weights.

It will give you the right amount of comfort and support while contouring around your body where necessary.

It is not a long process at all, but it indeed takes some time to regain its original size and shape after unboxing it. But as an honest reviewer, sometimes it may take a few hours to reach the intended size but, in some cases, 1 to 2 days are also observed. 

So, do not panic if it takes more than a few hours, it is just a process. It needs time.


Even is made of three layers and a cover, of course. All layers are designed to make you comfortable throughout your sleep time.

In its first layer, it featured an open cell memory foam layer which is good for airflow, prevent hot sleep factor and latex. The cover is made up of polyester fabric which removable and washable. It is thirty times more breathable than other mattresses available in the market.


Yes! It is a medium-firm mattress on the scale of soft to firmness, it scored 7.5 out of 10. With a top memory foam layer, you can enjoy sinking in after lying on the mattress right away.


It does not matter that you are using your Eve mattress on the floor or a bed frame. It does not change its comfort and support. But it is necessary for even a mattress to breath in time to time.

So, Eves recommend you to pop up your mattress after six or four months for a better experience.


It is another type of mattress offered by Eve, namely Eve rejuvenated mattress. It gives you 10 years of guarantee, made of three layers that are unique in their purpose. It is available in all sizes, single, double, and king size. It is well-reputed prototyping and optimization.

 It is also known as next-generation memory form which ultimately gives you comfortable and relaxed sleeping time.


No, so do not try it. The reason behind it is, it will only work on its intended sides. But what you can do is, you can rotate it by its sides after every thirty days to increase its life span and for a better sleeping experience.


Eve mattress is tested to check if there are any harmful chemicals used during its manufacturing which is hazardous in the human environment.

So, Eve, the original mattress, has been certified by the CentriPUR laboratory.

Yes! Eves company offers three types of shipments in the USA. Hardware orders have taken at 11 AM Pacific time, Monday to Friday. The orders will be delivered within working days to your doorstep.

Yes! It is removable and washable. The cover of Eve original is made up of polyester fabric which good for the breathing of the mattress. As a result, it will give you a cool and comfortable sleep night.


No, it is free if you are using mattress under 100 nights trial period. You just need to give a call to their office; they will send their courier service within a few days and they will pick it up.

As far as the return of Eve mattress concerned after 100 nights trial period in case of the problem of damage, it is also definitely free too. They will pick it up from your home and will provide you a brand new mattress within a few days.


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