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brentwood home mattress

The Bottom Line

  • Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress is prominent due to its rare enclosure of organic material. These materials are 100% biodegradable, anti-microbial, and sustainable to the environment.
  • The strong and sturdy structure of Brentwood Mattress helps to straight and reduces the pain in the backbone of the customer.
  • The coiling system makes it easier to transfer the air from one place of the mattress to another place.
  • The best thing about the Mattress is that it is to be 100% natural with an anti-microbial preservative layer on the uppermost layer of the mattress.

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Detailed Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress

To write a Review On Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress is the most exciting thing for me. Because it is a leading organization which is manufacturing 100% organic mattresses and selling the natural mattress throughout the world. Due to the incorporation of the natural latex layer, eliminates the dense pressure points, minimizes the effect of motion transfer, and originates the exceptional eco-friendly sleep.

Brentwood mattresses proved that natural mattresses can be affordable and comfortable. GOTS certified the organic layer of latex, organic cotton, and also the organic coconut husk which are major manufacturing material.

Ventilated latex increased the circulation of air which is produced in the layers of the mattress.

The best thing about the Mattress is that it is to be 100% natural with an anti-microbial preservative layer on the uppermost layer of the mattress. The secured edges are built to retain its firm structure.

Due to the firm structure, there’s no slippery or falling situation feeling when the customer is lying on the Mattress. There are many qualities that are briefly described in this article.

About The Company:

The Company is operating in the State of California (USA) for more than thirty years. The key responsibility of the Company`s success is to fulfill the needs of customers to sleep.

The core benefit delivered by the company to provide the latex mattress to its consumers which are called to be 100% eco-friendly mattress.

The company has its own production units to meet the global standards and to compete with the other brands.

The company has kept your comfort in mind and then designed, manufactured the mattress according to the customer`s wish. In the manufacturing process, the layer of natural latex with a pocket coil system is inserted which contains three comfort regions. However, the usage of this latex layer makes the mattress more comfortable than the traditional

What kind of Brentwood Home Cedar Is?

Brentwood Home Cedar contains the latex material which is to be the best material for the consumer point of view. It is a bed that has a mattress that utilizes natural materials to create an organic sleep environment. It is called to be the finest mattress for the people due to its 100% eco-friendly material are used.

The special layer called natural latex layer absorbed the hotness which is generated between the layers of the mattress and makes the mattress cooler for perfect sleep.

To avail, these mattresses increase the firmness and bounces which is supposed to be the best quality for the authentic mattress. This mattress reduced the motion transfer for your companions and also make more suitable for ideal sleep.

Traditional mattresses incorporated the low-quality layers in the mattress which makes the mattress heavier and too bouncy for sleep. The traditional mattress has high motion transfer and it distracts the sleep as well.

Due to the upturn in pressure points which are not making the sleep good. But the usage of the transitional coil system makes the mattress more calm and sound than the traditional mattresses.

Brentwood Home Size & Price

There are seven sizes. Every size has a distinctive dimension with respect to the standardized sizes, weights, and prominent heights. The prices of all the mattresses are reasonable and affordable for the people.

The sizes, dimensions, and prices of the mattress are given below:

1.Twin75″L X 39″W X 13″H 80 Lbs.
2.Twin XL80″L X 39″W X 13″H 90 Lbs.
3.Full75″L X 54″W X 13″H 115 Lbs.
4.Queen80″L X 60″W X 13″H 135 Lbs.
5.King80″L X 76″W X 13″H 170 Lbs.
6.California King84″L X 72″W X 13″H 170 Lbs.
7.Split King80″L X 39″W X 13″H (x2) 175 Lbs.

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

Brentwood Mattress coverThe mattress is made up of the mixture of the coil system and the natural latex layers which gives the firm support to the user. The construction of the Brentwood Home mattress which contains layers and covers are described by the company on its website which is mentioned below:

The Upper Cover is 100% Organic – To protect the layers inside the mattress they make a cover that is made of pure organic latex material and also has a soft feel.

It also reduces the effect of pesticides which are generally produced between the layers of the mattresses. There is no use of chemical pastes in the manufacturing process of the mattresses to make it more natural.

Usage of 2 Inches layer of Latex Form – Due to the insertion of 2 inches layer of latex form makes the mattress more cool and resilient to the hotness created in the mattress.

This layer gives enough support to the body and decreases the body pressure when customer sleeps on the mattress. Increase the circulation of the air to regulate the warm temperature and make the sleep more comfortable in all seasons.

Firm Support Delivered by the 2 Inches layer of Latex Form – This layer is considered to be the second layer and it also produced pure latex material with 2“ height in the mattress.

The major property of this layer is that it increases the bounces in the mattress and also reduces the body pain of the customer. This layer works as a Transitional layer between the upper layer and the base layer. The second layer also enhances the airflow system and makes the mattress cooler.

8 Inches Support layer – The main support layer is consists of 8 inches height along with the coils which are incorporated inside the mattress with the uniform arrangement.

This layer helps to remove the transfer motion and increase the firmness and the bounces among the layers of the mattress. Another benefit gave by this 8“ height to build the strong coil system which also demolishes the overheating inside the mattress.

The base layer – The base of the Mattress is consists of organic coconut husk at least 1 inches. The base layer provides the mattress firm support to the coil system and also builds to maintain the shape of the mattress.

Firmness & Edges support

The main qualities which are admired by the consumers are firmness, feel, and the bounces of the mattress. Brentwood briefly described all these qualities on its website to build the trust of customers. These qualities are mentioned in the following:


When the user sits on the mattress, he or she feels the firmness which is the vital quality in mattresses. The firmness of the mattress shrinks the pressure and stabilize the mattress on its position.

Firmness is basically inserted in the mattresses with the help of elastic material. Due to the usage of elastic material, the mattress comes back to its original position after applying the body pressure.


The above two layers which are made up of pure latex form with 2 “ height. These layers help in the bounces inside the mattress. The basic impact of bounces is that it reduces the pressure in the mattress.

This mattress also removed the body`s pains while sleeping. Due to the release of pressure, the customer can sleep smoothly with the bouncy effect.


When you touch the mattress, the soft and fluffy cover gives you more pleasing before sleeping. Another good thing the softness of the mattress is not reduced by the washing. The softeners which are applied on the surface of the cover is permeant and durable with the passage of time.

Edges Support:

The edges support system is the basic tool to measure how strong or firm is the mattress edges to provide the good sleep on. If the edges of the mattress are solid so the people who are sleeping or sitting on the mattress feels safe and protected. Users can change their sides while sleeping without any fear to fall down.

brentwood home oceanoThis edges support system is very prominent for those customers who have children so the firm support system also gives care to the children falling from the bed. Brentwood mattress provides the guarantees to the parents of the toddlers that their child takes to save and sound sleep on the Brentwood  Mattress.

The coil system which is inserted in the latex layers of the mattress makes it more support on the edges. Their queen mattress also tolerated the weight of three-person while sleeping. Its elasticity offers the firm support at the edges and also provides the even support at the center of the mattress.

Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

brentwood homesMotion Transfer:

Due to the system of coiling which is implanted inside the mattress that will help to reduce the motion makes the mattress more invulnerable than competitors. When the customer is willing to purchase a mattress for their homes, on that point this will consider the motion transfer in the mattresses.

The coiling system makes it easier to transfer the air from one place of the mattress to another place. However; the transfer of motion is reduced in the mattress, the customer can enjoy his or her sleep without any disruption.

The pure latex material which is incorporated between the layers of the mattress also plays an important role to eliminate the motion transformation. The quilting thin layer of the coil system, that arrangement absorbed the heat energy which is usually produced in the mattress.

That absorption system restricts the heat energy and provides the customer cooler and sound sleep with their companions.

Sleeping Suitability:

The strong and sturdy structure of Brentwood Mattress helps to straight and reduces the pain in the backbone of the customer. Many side-sleepers has an issue to sleep on firm mattresses because their shoulders are hurting for the mattress firmness.

To decrease the pain of side-sleepers, Brentwood Home Mattress introduced the coiling systems. This coiling system reduces the pressure relief from the mattress and makes it soft and firm at a time. Well-developed arrangements of layers are not only good for the backside but also provide supports for the side positions.

Mattress Sleeping Positions SuitabilityDue to the firm edges and well-founded support at the center of the mattress reduces the pain in the vertebral column which is the common problem spreads in our generation. The fixed structure of the base layer and third layer decreased the pain in that organ of the human body for example: (back-bone pain, neck pain, shoulder pain).

These mattresses are righteous and suitable for every age group in the world. The assembling of the layers in such a way to raise the provision of backbone and the shoulders. Furthermore, the mattress healing every organ in your body on sleeping the Brentwood Mattress.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for sidestomach sleepers.

Smell/ Off-Gassing/ Sleeping Hot

brentwood home cypress mattressBrentwood offered its customers to those qualities which are rarely available in the mattress. Customers would want these properties from day one that`s why the company provided these qualities to its customers. Below briefly describe the properties which are inside the mattress.


The sensing of smell is human nature. The user admired the good smell when he or she is sleeping on his or her bed. Brentwood Home inserted the soothing smell on its cover which is to be permeant.

There is also a smell of natural latex which is quite a fair effect on users. The customer can feel the gentle smell which is also pleasing and comforting on the mattress.


The usage of dangerous gases which causes off-gassing when you open the mattress box. The emission of harmful volatile liquids and gases increases the level of air-pollution while unwrapping the mattresses.

It is an organic producer of mattresses, so there is no use of harmful materials in the manufacturing process. This confirmation on its website quite admirable from those customers who are using eco-friendly products.

Sleeping Hot:

Due to the usage of a coil system in Brentwood Mattress reduces the warmness while sleeping. The structure of the mattress is built very systematically that`s why the hot air inside the mattress produced would be diminished because of the coiling attachment.

Moreover, the above two layers of latex also corporates with the coils to reduce the effect of sleeping hot.

Some Factors You Must Have to Note!

brentwood mattress reviewThere are many factors influenced when the customer wants to buy a mattress for their apartments. Some of the factors while buying the mattress are mentioned in the following points:

Offered Refreshing Sleep – The first thing which is admirable in the eyes of every customer is the refreshing and cooling sleep.

The basic construction consists of latex layers which generate the chilling effect and provide soothing sleep to its customers. The springs of the coil system also enhance the airflow which cools the mattress, the customer can not feel the warmness inside the mattress.

Usage of Organic Materials – 100% pure latex layers also attract the customers to purchase that mattress from the website or the outlets.

Another reason to procure the mattress from the official website is that organic mattress is rarely available throughout the global markets. That`s why the demand for the organic mattress is extraordinary in public and only a few brands are working on organic material just like the Brentwood Home Mattress.

Released the Pressure – Due to the amazing firm support system inside the mattress decrease the pressure which is produced inside the mattresses. However, releasing the pressure which is usually created in the mattress is another factor that is also admired by the customers. Because, when the pressure is discharged from the mattress then it makes the mattress more lightweight and easy for sleeping.

The ability of bounces –  The ability of bounces is also the main factor which may see the customer when they buy a mattress for their rooms. The insertion of two layers of latex foams follows a rapid reaction to the pressure which is the built inside the mattress.

The springs of the coil system are also has a main cause of bounces. The bounces can easily change the body position while sleeping.

Warrenty & Other Information

To keep the promise of 100% quality product to its consumers with long-lasting durability.

They also managed or fulfill the customer’s needs and wants through this warranty policy.

Consumers are pleased to know that Brentwood offered twenty-five years warranty on its mattresses. This means that the mattress is living with us for about 25 long years and gave the perfect and sound sleep.

Important policies which are the majorly inclined the users while purchasing the mattress from the company. These policies built additional trust on the mattresses. It also creates brand loyalty from customers. These policies are described in the following:

Trail Policy:

  • They gave the trial policy to its consumers for about 120 night’s sleep in their homes to improve the buyer likeness.
  • In 120 night’s period, a consumer can easily judge the mattress feel which makes it more valuable than other brands.
  • Due to the trial period, 95% of people are ready to buy the mattresses from Brentwood Mattress.

Return Policy:

  • When the mattress is purchased and received by the customer and if the customer is not satisfied with the mattress within 30 days.
  • That customer reported `his complaint on the website `of Brentwood Home Mattress.
  • Then the shipment staff pick a package of the mattress from the customer and will give full money back to the unsatisfied customer.

After the order is confirmed from both sides (company or user) then shipment occurs and it takes two weeks to deliver the mattress to the consumer. The company must ship and delivered the mattress on the customer's footsteps.

The packaging of the mattress is very saved and it protects the cover and layers inside the mattress.

Furthermore, the packaged material is also an organic compressed box that minimizes the pressure from the outside (when the mattress is in a ship or truck). Moreover, the wrapping material is lightweight so it is easy for the customer to take the mattress on any room of the house and also easily moveable through the upside aisle.


The availability of mattresses on its website all over the day. Due to the ease of customers, the confirmation email is generated from the Brentwood Home Company when the order is confirmed. All the perfect sizes of the mattress are available on their identical dimensions for the beds.

The accessibility of the mattresses is also on the Brentwood Home`s outlets. The web-portal system and their outlets produced for the help of customers when the user purchases the mattresses. Customers can choose the real mattress from the company`s outlet or the website.

Company Information

Brentwood Home was founded as a mattress retailer in 1987; the company began manufacturing mattresses in 2009. The current mattress line was launched beginning in 2016.

Brentwood Home Cedar Review - Finial Verdict

Brentwood Home Cedar ReviewBrentwood Home Cedar Mattress is prominent due to its rare enclosure of organic material. These materials are 100% biodegradable, anti-microbial, and sustainable to the environment.

Due to the awareness, the protection of the environment is the main issue to save the world. That`s why people are more inclined to the organic products and for the mattress selection consumer chose the Brentwood mattress for their rooms.

99% of the users approved the mattress to be the best mattress they ever used. Due to the insertion of the natural mattress, I and the other customers have an excellent experience to sleep on Brentwood Home mattresses.

Every people who have concerned about the protection of global warming must use the organic mattress.

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