Cocoon Mattress Review

Cocoon Mattress Review

The Bottom Line

  • Cocoon Mattress is designed by Sealy Company that is working for more than 100 years to deliver amazing products at the doorstep of customers.
  • It helps in maintaining a constant level of temperature which works in the same way even after the use of multiple years.
  • The most promising feature presented by this mattress is its Phase Change Material.
  • The memory foam present in this product gives an amazing in the mattress feel which is preferred by most of the people.

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Detailed Cocoon Mattress Review

cocoon mattress reviewThis Cocoon Review is designed to provide an honest opinion to the people considering Cocoon for purchase. The company manufacturing this brand is really established and offers a great range of high-quality mattresses.

Cocoon mattress is another try of this company to satisfy consumers having issues of getting heat up while sleeping. This mattress offers great features of cooling by regulating temperature through the top layer of the mattress.

As the company only sells online, there is a great way of direct communication between the customer and company because any problem can correspond right at the moment. The product is delivered at the doorstep within the week of making an order and the shipping is completely free.

Another important feature offered in different firmness levels. This foam comes in soft and firm levels where people with light and heavyweight can purchase it according to their choice. Firmness has a direct link with the weight because heavy people require a firm surface to sleep on so that they do not get a feel of sinking in too much in the mattress.

This mattress is designed by Sealy Company that is working for more than 100 years to deliver amazing products at the doorstep of customers. The technology used in the production is the latest and the phase change material makes it amazing for people who cannot sleep hot. This PCM absorbs all the heat from the body and gives a comfortable sleep at night.

It helps in maintaining a constant level of temperature which works in the same way even after the use of multiple years. This product is really amazing for its durability and lasts for a decade. Further details about this product are discussed in the following review. Carefully consider all the below mentioned features to land on a suitable purchase decision.

Cocoon Mattress Size & Price

There are a few options available in order to cater to the needs of every type of consumer. Few people like their mattress to be of large size while some demand it to be small and cozy.

Cocoon provides mattresses in 6 different sizes. All these 6 size ranges are available with the option to be in classic or chill version. You do not like sleeping hot, the chill is a great choice however it has some extra charges. Here is a detailed review of sizes, prices, and some other characteristics of these mattresses.

SizePrice of ClassicPrice of ChillWeight Range
Twin$ 399$ 54939.5 lbs
Twin XL$ 449$ 59942.1 lbs
Full size$ 649$ 79955.7 lbs
Queen size$ 799$ 94964.4 lbs
King size$ 999$ 1,14982.6 lbs
California King$ 999$ 1,14982.5 lbs

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

cocoon chill mattress reviewFor me, the overall structure and making of a mattress matter a lot because it defines the comfort level a mattress is going to offer. In the case of mattresses, the thing which inside matters the most and Cocoon meets all the expectations with the high quality of the material.

The most promising feature presented by this mattress is its Phase Change Material or PCM. This material helps a lot in sleeping on the cool material. This is present in the upper covering. Further details about this material and other layers are discussed below.

Outer covering 

The outer covering is made of soft and comfortable fabric. Overall, it is made of polyester fabric which is stretch knitted. In order to keep the heat away from the inside of the mattress, the outer cover is made breathable. In this way, the covering does not lock the heat in it and the temperature level is maintained.

Another important thing that I noted about this mattress is its readjust ability. While changing position at night, the cover keeps its position quickly. This is the classic version. In the chill version of this mattress, PSM is used which helps in keeping a constant temperature. The only difference in the classic and chill version lies in the covering; layers beneath this cover are the same.

A layer of memory foam

This is the layer that comes with the covering and it comprises two inches. High-quality memory foam is used in this mattress that can settle in with the shape, sleep, and size of the position a person is lying in. the movement of a person is also made easy for the person by keeping it thin. This is great for adding comfort to the mattress. It also provides relief from pressure so that body can move easily.

Third layer 

The third layer in this mattress is comfort. It is also of 2 inches and it helps in making the transition from the softness of memory foam to the hard effect of the base layer.

This can be firm depending on the requirement and weight of the person lying on it. the material used in this layer is polyfoam.

A great level of support is provided to the person sleeping on this mattress.

Final supporting layer

This is the last and base layer which is 6 inches high. Amazing support is provided for the overall mattress which not only increases the durability but helps in keeping the right shape.

The overall structure of the mattress is defined by this layer. The mattress does not sag early because of this layer because it acts as a protection. Because of the transitions coming from the above layers, this layer act as a support on the surface.

If a customer wants a firm mattress, this layer will be 8 inches to increase the sturdiness. The foundation of the mattress is made really string because of this thick layer.

Firmness & Edges support

cocoon mattress firmnessFirmness:

For me, firmness is the primary element because it determines the level of comfort I’ll get from lying on it. I was looking for a mattress for a long time with firm support.

Cocoon solved this problem by offering mattresses in both soft as well as firm options. Firmness is also highly dependent on weight, so people with lighter weight should prefer soft version. The amazing feature of this mattress is that they take care of the needs of all customers and offer firmness of different levels.

The memory foam present in this product gives an amazing in the mattress feel which is preferred by most of the people however it totally depends on the personal choice of an individual whether he wants to have a soft or firm version.

Edges Support:

Comfort and support are really important factors to consider while sleeping on the mattress. Edge support is provided to keep the mattress safe and prevent rollover while sleeping. This is commonly considered vital when the complete surface of the bed is used or the bed is being used by partners.

These new mattresses with multiple foam layers struggle hard to meet the standard of spring foams in edge support because edge support can be obtained better with a spring mattress.

the cocoon mattress reviewIn this Review, I want to make it clear that this mattress is good with edge support but not as good as other spring mattresses.

The reason behind this weak edge support is the memory and support foam present at the base for increasing the comfort level of the mattress. On the sides, the support is not amazing but it is good up to a satisfactory level.

Now it totally depends on the preference of the consumer, if someone is looking for a mattress particularly for edge support, then Cocoon may not be the right choice for them.

Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

cocoon mattress by sealyMotion Transfer:

Motion isolation is really good because of the memory foam present in it. When a person sleeps with a partner, the motion transfer feature should be considered because if motion transfer is really less, it will reduce the disturbance level caused by the movement of the partner.

This feature makes it a great option for couples who want a sound sleep with no disturbance. Motion transfer is less because of the base mattress which is firm and does not allow the movement to transfer from one part of the mattress to another. The base mattress detects the motion and then locks it without transferring.

Sleeping Position Suitability: 

Sleeping positions matter in mattresses because some people do not feel comfortable with every type of mattress. For people who sleep on their stomachs, the firm version is more suitable. However, for people who are lighter in weight should consider the soft version of this mattress.

This totally depends on the personal choice of the person. If a heavyweight individual will choose a softer version, he will have the issue of sinking in that will make an uncomfortable situation. So, according to the body and size of someone, the mattress should be chosen.

cocoon bedFor people who sleep on the edges, this mattress is not suitable because the edge support is not of high quality.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for sidestomach sleepers.

Cocoon Mattress Availability & Sizes

Cocoon can be obtained online only. This is a product that cannot be obtained from any retail store. This makes it easy for the customers and company both because they can have direct contact without any third party included in the process. Both official websites, as well as the website of Amazon, can use for placing an order.

The trial period, as well as return policy, may differ depending on the channel used for making a purchase. The online website of the company offers a larger trial period however customers can discount when making a purchase from Amazon.

Size is an important consideration while making a purchase decision about a mattress. Especially when the mattress is taken for more than one person to sleep on, their preferences matter a lot.

As for me, I prefer a large space for sleeping so that I can sleep with more comfort and ease. Taking into consideration all these needs of customers, Cocoon offers multiple size differences that are described in this Review. The size availability along with the dimensions is discussed below.

  • Twin Size                    (Dimensions: 38 inches × 74.5 inches × 10 inches)
  • Twin XL                       (Dimensions: 38 inches × 79.5 inches × 10 inches)
  • Full Size                      (Dimensions: 53 inches × 74.5 inches × 10 inches)
  • Queen Size                 (Dimensions: 60 inches × 79.5 inches × 10 inches)
  • King Size                   (Dimensions: 76 inches  ×  79.5 inches × 10 inches)
  • California King           (Dimensions: 72 inches  ×  83.5 inches × 10 inches)

Cocoon Mattress Best For You Or Not?

cocoon bed reviewsIt Is Best For You If:

  • A mattress can only be a good fit for the customer if it has all the required qualities preferred by the person buying it. People have different preferences when it comes to sleeping on a mattress, some like the mattress to be soft while few prefer a firm surface. The following are a few of the parameters on which it performs the best. People considering these factors while making a purchase decision can buy Cocoon without any hesitation.
  • The primary thing to consider is the coolness of the mattress. This mattress does not get hot while sleeping because of the special chill feature present in it. Cover contains a unique layer that regulates temperature level and a person sleeping on the mattress does not feel hot.
  • The basic thing that almost every individual consider while making a purchase decision is affordability. The price range is reasonable that anyone can afford it without making major budget changes. As compared to the other products available in the market in a similar category, cocoon offers a lot of valuable features at fewer prices.
  • The design of this foam is really basic containing memory, comfort, and base mattress. There are no frills attached. It is a simple sleeping solution for all the customers because of offering comfortable sleeping.
  • The motion transfer of this mattress is amazingly different. It not only claims but also offers great isolation of motion where the partner does not get disturbed because of movement.
  • They take into consideration all types of sleepers by making both the categories of soft and firm mattresses. No matter the person is a side or stomach sleeper, he can easily choose a mattress of his choice and get away from all the health issues. The pressure remains controlled and spine movement remains aligned according to the perfect position.

You May Dislike It If:

  • The mattress comes from a well-established company so all the things are taken into consideration. However, there are a few people who do not like some of its specifications. The major issues encountered on the side of customers are as follow.
  • As discussed earlier, this mattress is not really great in terms of edge support. People facing the problem of rolling over during the night should give it a thought before making a purchase. In case of a serious issue, the customer should rethink about other options available.
  • Another common issue faced by some of the customers is off-gassing. On experimenting, I observed that the issue of off-gassing is really less. There is nothing large but it is more than other mattresses. The degree of smell is really less so people having serious concerns regarding off-gassing should consider this fact. Otherwise, it is a great option to consider.

Warrenty & Other Information

The warranty period is 10 years. During the first 10 years of making a purchase, the customer can make a claim at any time and the company will reimburse the solving the problem. 10 years is a great amount of time and as compared to the price, the warranty period offered by the company is amazing.

This shows that the product will remain in perfect shape without any complaint for a long time. During this time, only the transportation cost will be charged, other than that, all the charges of repairing or replacement will be taken by the company.

The trial period is 100 nights. If the purchase is made from the official website, the customer can return the mattress within the first 100 nights of making a purchase. However, if the purchase is made from Amazon, the return policy only works for 30 days. This is a better option for people who are looking for discounts.

As the order taking takes place from the online channel, the delivery and shipping take place from the company and is totally free. The time period taken by the company to deliver the final product at the doorstep of the customer is about 2 to 7 working days. This time may differ depending on the area of the customer but usually, it is delivered within 7 working days.

Company Information

The Sealy Corporation was founded in 1881.  Cocoon by Sealy launched in March 2016.

Cocoon Mattress Review - Conclusion

cocoon mattress reviewCocoon is a great choice for amazing styling. Its covering is designed in a modern way for both the chill and classic versions. It delivers a grand sleeping experience to the customer because all the points of comfort are considered during the manufacturing process.

The features of firmness, motion control, hot and cold issues combining with the affordable price make it the ultimate solution for all the sleeping problems for delivering an amazing sleeping experience.

However, if this product does not offer the required features from a customer, then they may look somewhere else. This product is not as advanced as other products available in the market, but it is great in providing an innovative feature of chill and different firmness levels at a reasonable price range.

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