DreamCloud Mattress Review

Dream Cloud Review

The Bottom Line

  • The Dreamcloud mattress has proven itself to be a dream mattress really in terms of super classic eight layered construction.

  • Eight layered construction combines with the springy coiled part at the bottom to provide comfort and pressure relief along with providing a feel of contour to all bodies.

  • Very less disturbance caused by motion, and providing a feel of like floating over the clouds and not being sink in the mattress
  • If some one is looking for a mattress with a very luxurious fell DreamCloud is a best choise for them!

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Detailed DreamCloud Mattress Review

dreamcloud mattress reviews

Dreamcloud Mattress Review is the one I am super excited to share with everyone just because of the supreme luxury along with the super classy comfort this mattress provides! This two in one aspect of providing luxury along with super comfort is due to the super-dense foam as well as coils which are encased!

Dreamcloud Mattress is one of the newest addition of mattresses in the market. It promises to give its customer a trial of 365 days, though most mattresses in the market give a sleep trial period of 100 days, along with it there are a number of other things dream cloud mattress promises which are quite better than most available options in the market, so the review is done to check if the promises they have done with its customer are really true or not!

  • Info about the company: Better Business Bureau has not assigned any grade to the company because of the non-availability of the customer data. Nectar sleep is the father of Dream cloud company. Nectar sleep company being in business since 2017 while it has been developed from January 2018. Moreover, the company has no physical store anywhere, thus available online only!
  • What kind of Mattress is it? This company is very new in the market offering supreme class mattresses at a greater trial period as compared to the other mattresses and also at a very reasonable price.

DreamCloud Mattress Size & Price

Dreamcloud mattress is present at the very feasible size and dimension options which are described here, though prizes of all of these sizes are very less, almost 30 % less than many mattress options available in the market.

$874, $1199, $1399, and $ 1399 are prices of the mattresses from Full, Queen, King, and California king mattresses respectively.

Twin and Twin XL are out of stock at the moment so their prices are not available at the moment.

1Twin39 × 75 × 15
2Twin XL39 × 80 × 15
3Full54 × 75 × 15
4Queen60 × 80 × 15
5King76 × 80× 15
6Cal King72 ×84 × 15

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

Dream Cloud ReviewCashmere wool is the core part with which cover of this luxurious mattress is made. Cotton pads of this cover are treated with heat and made in such a way to dissipate the heat of the mattress in the environment as much as possible. Thus cover of the dream cloud mattress is super cool and consumers are much in love with the overall texture of it.

Dreamcloud mattress is no simple mattress like many other mattresses in the market. This offers luxury along with comfort, thus it is a two in one mattress. And this feature is possible by a complex layering of many sheets.

There are a total of eight sheets layered upon each other. These sheets make almost a 15-inch height mattress. Following is given the detailed description of all of these eight sheets:

  • 2-inch comfort layer: 2-inch comfort layer is on the very top of this mattress. This layer is true tufted handmade and so is very less commonly found in many mattresses.Mattress layers
  • 5-inch cooling layer: This is memory foam infused with gel and it provides the supercooling effect to the layer which is on top of it.
  • 75-inch comfort layer: This layer have a total of 1.75-inch thickness and it is softly quilted with memory foam thus provides softness as well as a desirable delicacy to the overall mattress to provides comfortable sleep throughout the night. This is also responsible for the relief of the pressure applied over the mattress when a person sleeps over it.
  • 5-inch response layer: This is made up of hypoallergenic latex design which is solely responsible to provide perfect bounce and response to the person over the mattress.
  • 25-inch support layer: This layer is a dream plush supportive of the memory foam and it provides super contouring to the overall body.
  • 5-inch transition layer: This layer is also a dream plush supportive very densely and it is, in fact, a transition layer between upper comfort layers as well as coiled layers present on the very lower side of the mattress.
  • 8-inch support layer: This layer is 7 inches thick pocketed with steel and innerspring coils, collectively made up of 5 layers. All of these layers are responsible for the supreme support to the body, but along with providing variable stiffness to the body. Thus determining itself where the body needs support and where the body needs less of it.
  • 5-inch base foundation layer: This layer finally arrives which is quite dense as well as super soft. This layer provides the ultimate foundation to all of the mattresses and also feel of compression deep down.

Firmness & Edges support

The firmness of this mattress comes in almost the middle of the scale because the rate of firmness being 6.5 out of 10. 10 is supposed to be the most firm of all. Thus Dreamcloud comes in the almost middle position.

As far as comfort is concerned, this mattress has proven itself to be very comforting for the user, because of the complex layering system. The Comfort layer of the upper part of the mattress is the main reason to provide this comfort.

This top comfort layer provides comfort and deep down pocketed coil layers provide ultimate firmness. Thus this mattress has proven to be a firm one as well as comforting, thus it is a two in one mattress, unlike most mattresses which are either too firm or too softer one.

This mattress is very feasible to be used by a number of users due to its ideal firmness level, side by side providing an ideal kind of comfort, no matter what kind of sleeper is on it, whether stomach, side, or back sleeper. This is the ONE AND ONLY mattress every one strives for! Because of the most mattresses not being a versatile one, while Dreamcloud, though a new one, has proven itself to be very versatile due to the complex layering system in it.


Multiple foam and latex present in top layers are associated with comfort to the person. These are the supreme source of cradle to the person regardless of whether he or she is a side, back, or stomach sleeper.

These layers provide magically a feel of hug a supreme contour to the overall body of the person over it. Present down are the spring layers that are responsible for the true support needed to the body. The Hand-tufted layer, discussed in an earlier section, is very much supportive to the body.

Thus providing comfort, along with support to all kinds of users, regardless of their weight is something very unusual as this mattress is concerned. This aspect is possible due to the complex eight-layer system in it.


This mattress, though being on the comfortable side, provides a good feel of bounce to the user, and this is possible by the coiled spring eight-inch support layers present down of it. This layer provides a good bounce to the body, along with comfort.

Motion Transfer & Edges Support

Motion Transfer:

In my dream cloud mattress point of view, I found the dream cloud mattress to have a very minute motion transfer across the mattress. Thus this was the very best quality for a consumer, including me, who are very much against the transfer of motion all over the mattress throughout the night.

Some people are very sensitive to motion and wake up suddenly sue to little motion. I was one of them. So Dreamcloud mattress is one of those mattresses which have very little disturbance which may be created by the motion and I really found my dream sleep ultimately in the form of dream cloud mattress, after a series of trials of many different mattresses available in the market.

Edges Support:

Sides of both of the edges are much powered in order to sleep as firmer on the side as in the middle of the mattress.

Edges get to be expanded at the very last moment so if you want to enjoy a fully expanded edge, wait for a while! Because edges are something that comes in the most last moment to get expanded fully. Thus edges are then enjoyed up to the fullest level from then. It is because edges are fully expanded and thus are ready to be used by the consumer.

Is It Hot To Sleep On?

Top layers that are infused with gel and also springy coils beneath make as much less heat to be retained in the foam as possible.

Many of the mattresses available in the market struggle for the best possible ways to dissipate heat in the environment as possible, but they are not good in this regard in any way.

Most favorite mattress, regarding heat transfer, was the dream cloud mattress. And this mattress really makes the feeling of like sleeping very up on the clouds having beautiful dreams, as the name says itself.

Is It Best For All Types Of Sleepers?

types of sleepersBest contouring supplied to the body is possible using this mattress, also a feeling of being floated is also a very unique quality of dream cloud mattress. This quality is something very much suitable for all kinds of sleepers, regardless of whether they are the stomach, side, or back sleepers.

Thus this quality is best suited for more than one person, in the form of couples who have different preferences as far as sleeping positions are concerned. Following is one by one description of different sleepers:

  • The back sleeper is going to find this mattress very comfortable as his spine is going to get aligned over the mattress quite greatly. Pressure relief is also a plus on the points of joints. Memory foam, micro-coils, and latex are together reasons for giving weight distribution very Back sleeper is thus going to fall in love with this mattress as this mattress is going to make them feel very comfortable while being in bed.
  • Stomach sleeper is a category of those people who will find the dream cloud mattress to be very much made JUST for them. This is because the best contouring feel is given to those sleepers who spend a major portion of the night while sleeping on the stomach. This is because lumber is not going to be dipped within mattress too much, unlike many other mattresses and thus this is going to be loved by stomach sleepers as well.
  • Side sleeper is the one who is surely going to enjoy this mattress throughout the night very much. Because of the best suitability of this mattress for all kinds of sleepers. But a preference person wise may be greatly determining your liking for it. Because a person who is side sleeper as well as wants more and more softness and a feel of hug coming from the mattress, they might not like it. Many sleepers who don’t like a feel of sleep while being ON the bed, rather than being IN bed are surely going to fall in love with dream cloud mattress.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for sidestomach sleepers.

Warrenty & Other Information

Warranty of dream cloud mattress covers all of the aspects of material and how durable it is. As a customer buys it, the dream cloud company deals with those people like their own family and makes sure for the customer to gain a full level of satisfaction. This type of behavior is very much unlikely to be found in the mattress industry.

The confidence of the dream cloud mattress company is very high for its customers. The main buyer is the owner of the mattress after buying and he is responsible to take all maintenance requirements for the mattress, as long as being in warranty period. But this mattress doesn’t promise to be as comfortable for you as at the time of purchase. This is because a little wear and tear are very obvious for all of the things in life.

The way a person deals with this mattress is something that counts how this mattress is going to be for you lifelong.

The age factor is another point of how you are going to feel it as you age. Because a young person feels while being on the mattress may vary as an old man being in his sixties.

For the first 10 years after purchase, the Dreamcloud company provides a chance to change the mattress with a brand new one and this is something very surprising and unique quality of the mattress, unlike many others.

And even more than that, years afterward, They promise to provide the user a chance to repair your mattress and even replace it.

Dreamcloud is very much sure of the supreme qualities it has mentioned and gives its customers a very unique period of the trial of as much as 365 days. This is because it provides its customers a chance to avail and check the dream cloud mattress in all of the four seasons.

So that a customer is able to see what it does in all of the four seasons. So the company gives a FULL YEAR OF TRIAL so that a customer himself finds dream cloud mattress to be an ideal mattress and feel that they are enjoying the best of the mattress available in the market.

There are very minute chances of not liking this mattress. But if a customer finds this mattress to be unsuitable for him, he is supposed to contact the company, even after the passage of one year. And there is a promise of 100% money back to the customer. And another point worth noticing is that the ratio of people who are not going to like this mattress is as low as 3% ONLY.

Though most of the mattresses in the market have a 100 night trial period, dream cloud mattress stands uniquely in this regard too, by providing a FULL YEAR of the trial period.

The one year nights trial period is making this mattress to be liked by many customers all across the world and they find it to a very trustworthy company which is providing the customers with such a great deal of test and trial period.

Return policy:

As mentioned earlier, this mattress is going to be very much favorite of most customers, because of the 100 % money-back guarantee. Thus if a customer finds to be not for him, he may call the company and they themselves are going to come and pick it up with ALL THE MONEY being returned to the customer. Though only 3 % of people are in the ratio of those ones who have given back the mattress and taken back their money so far.

Shipping of dream cloud mattress is done free of cost if the buyer is living within or very near to the United States. But an additional charge is applied for the mattress to be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada. The total shipping period is 5 working days, though 2 days should be kept in mind to exceed if a buyer is availing a delivery option of the white glove.


Dreamcloud mattress company made it very feasible for the customers to find it online easily on its official website. Overview of the mattress and all the basic information is easily accessible. There is a shopping cart option to buy the product very simply, without any hassle. This is a very friendly option and a viewer can order the mattress within minutes.

It is a very simple, yet comprehensive illustration of the sizes and prices of all the mattresses on its official website. A six-month financing option, along with an upfront purchase is provided to all the users.

Company Information

DreamCloud launched in January 2018. Its parent company, Nectar Sleep, has been in business since 2017.

DreamCloud Mattress Review - Final Verdict

DreamCloud Mattress ReviewIn short, the Dreamcloud mattress has proven itself to be a dream mattress really in terms of super classic eight layered construction, which is going to be well suited and liked by a number of sleepers, no matter what the season is. Though being a luxury product, this is a very affordable product, at a rate as less as 30 % as compared to other mattresses in the market.

Eight layered construction combines with the springy coiled part at the bottom to provide comfort and pressure relief along with providing a feel of contour to all bodies.

Very less disturbance caused by motion, and providing a feel of like floating over the clouds and not being sink in the mattress, this mattress has proven to be very unique and a combination of a number of benefits at a price which is surprisingly so less in the market.

Another plus point that makes this mattress to be much different than most available mattresses in the market is the one-year sleep trial period, though most mattresses have a sleep trial period of not more than 100 nights.

In short, if some person is looking for a mattress which is very luxurious, and able to provide cool effects with a heat dissipation sheet and good cover, along with 100 % money-back guarantee with a year trial period, then what option can be better than Dreamcloud mattress in the market. A buyer is never going to be disappointed and the ration of people who returned this mattress within warranty is no more than 3%.

Thus a dream sleepover the clouds is at your doorstep!

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