Casper Mattress Review

The capser mattress review

The Bottom Line

  • The Casper mattress is coming in 6 different sizes. Those sizes are very easy to memorize because they are titles with attractive names.
  • The zipper cover has produced with 100 percent polyester fabric. It has little elastin/stretch in the fabric so it can make a tight grip on foam layers.
  • Firmness and bounce of the foam help to prevent sinking into the mattress.
  • It has no spring as totally constructed with memory foam. With these maximum benefits, it is offering the best competitive prices for easy afford

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Detailed Casper Mattress Review

casper masttress reviewThe Casper mattress comes with an attractive cover style. That is thick and easy washable after usage time. The mattress is comfortable for different types of sleepers. It is best in firmness and so back or stomach sleeper would love its comfort quality.

The sleeper weight is many variables in finding the best quality mattress. Mostly lighter weight people do not find any smooth mattress. Same as lighter, heavier body people need to be careful to find the best mattress. But what we found that it is best for both lighter and heavier body people.

We found the mattress best in the pressure relief section. It easily lets you adjust to any position and no matter how much weight you own. it has a very standard engagement of different qualities. It will not bounce you much and even do not let you move slowly. You will find a good result in resilience as well.

About Casper: 

The mattress is the big name in the mattresses. Whenever you need to shop for your bedroom, you cannot ignore it. The company has published many product reviews by consumers.

It is good for construction, durability, and design as well. You will find it with the qualitative, best look, and competitive in price. In this context, we have briefly described our experience with the mattress.

The Company has become online in 2013. They have promoted themself within a short time period. They got much success and have achieved a good reputation in the sleep products market.

They have started the partnership in sales with different authentic retailers. So the buyers easily can find them online and can shop according to needs. The company is selling all variety of sleep products like mattresses, pillows, sheets, blankets, and many more.

Casper Mattress Size & Price

The mattress has managed the sizes according to the sleeping needs. But with the minor differences in measurements, they have managed to provide affordable prices with different sizes.

They have differently designed their sizes with such minor differences. These minor differences do not affect sleep needs and do not disturb the adults. Do not get a hurry for picking up a mattress size.

Here are many factors to go for a suitable size. E.g. how big is your bedroom? Do you share your bed with your partner or any pet? How big is your family? Do you prefer a more suitable bed or want to buy just for the luxury look?

The Casper mattress is coming in 6 different sizes. Those sizes are very easy to memorize because they are titles with attractive names. The sizes names are Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, CAL King. All sizes have 10 inches in height. So it comes with complete comfort in all sizes and all prices.

Here Are The Sizes

Twin39in x 75inBest For kids
Twin XL39in x 80inBest For Adults
Full    54in x 75inBest For 2 Persons
Queen    60in x 80inBest For 2 Persons
King    76in x 80inBest For Tall People
Cal King72in x 84inBest For Family

  • A twin size mattress is the smallest in the market for mattresses. It is best suitable for kids even with their pets. Also, an individual adult also can have good sleep on it. It is smallest in size so it is adjustable easily in apartments for small living spaces or day-time livings.
  • The Twin XL is longer than a Twin size. They have constructed it a little longer to get more comfortable for adults. It is the same in width as Twin but 5 inches longer. It is a good choice for adult students to keep in hostels or college rooms. It is the best option for a single adult sleeper.
  • Full is the first option for a young couple. It is of double width than Twill about equal in length. So it is a good price manager for a starting couple. It also called the double mattress in a market.
  • The Queen is the full and unique mattress size. It is the most popular for an adult master bedroom. It needs at least 10 feet by 10 feet square large room for the setting. It is offering a wide space for the active couple that likes to move around while sleeping.
  • The King, it is the heavy-duty big mattress coming with 76” wide and 80” in length. It is the King mattress very suitable for those adult couples who like to share their bed with pets and kids. The Kingsize mattress needs a large spacious room size.
  • The California King mattress sometimes named “CAL KING”. It is the largest bed size in the world market. It is the king's option for the tallest people as more than 6 feet long. It is also good for average size people who like to share a bed with a family.

So in the above review of sizes, it is well explained why the mattress is beneficial.

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Construction ( Cover & Layers )

review casper mattressIt is constructed with four layers of foam. It is a completely competitive mattress according to its material and sizes. It is durable than any other spring mattress in the market. There are many other brands which are offering different construction techniques.

Casper has won the best rank among all these competitors. Whoever, many others would attract as well to the buyer. But here you will see why it mat is best to try at first.

It has made developments in construction in 2013. The company aims to offer the best sleep ever but not too warming that awakes you with the tired body.

The four layers of foam are covered in the thick and beautiful fabric cover. The design is well known for its uniqueness. The buyer can identify the mattress by its look as well.

Here we will explain more briefly about its construction. So every buyer would have maximum information before the purchase.


The zipper cover has produced with 100 percent polyester fabric. It has little elastin/stretch in the fabric so it can make a tight grip on foam layers.

The zipper lock is a high-quality metal zip and polished with unstained paste. It does not harm the fabric and stays lost longer with the warranty of the mattress. The cover is thick, smooth, and cozy in touch and feel.

It is blended with two color shades. You just need to grab it little and it will adjust to shape quickly. It is not harsh and lets you grip it smoothly whenever you need to move the mattress. The fabric is breathable and it allows the airflow to keep it a cool and fresh smell.


The first foam layer is called the comfort layer. It is about 1.5 inches in height and especially materialized with response foam. It is the soft and smooth foam layer that offers much comfort to the first touch. It has been made of Latex foam which qualifies it as a hybrid quality.

The Response foam’s best quality is, it responds quickly to the pressure. So it lets the body bounce and adjust in the position easily and softly. The second quality of its little smart layer is, it offers to cool to the mattress through the latex material.

The small 1.5 inches and the very first layer is holding maximum benefits like pressure relief, little bounce, and cooling. These benefits combination help to avoid sleeping too hot.

The second comfort layer is also 1.5 inches in height. It is made of memory foam with low density. This layer is not offering much pressure response. As for lighter body people, the response foam offers enough response to their pressure. But the second comfort layer offers pressure relief to those which pressurize till the comfort layer. So it is responding to heavier bouncy people.

The construction with a combination of memory layer and response layer helps to avoid stuck in bed. Every weight of the person can feel easy and comfortable on this mattress. It feels lighter to adjust to different positions.

The third is the transition layer and it is also made of 1.5 inches height. It has a maximum density of 4 lb.

It is made of fully polyester foam. It is hard and offers strong firmness. As the above two layers are soft and responsive to pressure, the third is helping to transition while pressure relief. It blocks the pressure to coming till lower and helps to bounce lighter as much needed.

The above two layers are softy and hybrid. This one is fully polyester and firm. So by this construction quality, It has fully eliminated the spring techniques to keep standing the mattress.

The base layer is 5 inches in height. It has a high density of 1.8 lb only. It is called a high-density base foam layer. It is also made of the polyester foam layer. It is also the firm layer but with the maximum height, it is offering a quick response to pressure.

It is the base and performs the foundation role of the mattress. It needs to support the upper layers and also needs to provide a strong grip. It fights to keep the exact shape from the start.

It is the core to provide durability. The base layer is performing as a strong foundation for the durability of the whole mattress.

All four layers performing their features to prove the construction as a big and living idea. These four do not need spring or any alternate hold. From the top and till base, the consumer will find the soft cozy feeling, pressure relief, resistance, bounce, breathability, and strong structure to hold the grip on the bed.

Firmness & Edges support

Mattress FirmnessFirmness:

The above all description of its materials and construction is giving the idea of its feel and firmness. However, we will discuss here the needs of exact firmness for a dreamy and cool sleep.

We have experienced it by pushing down with the maximum pressure by hand. Once we started pressing it, we can quickly feel the first comfort layer of response foam. This foam gives a quick response to pressure and set back the bounce very quickly. But by pressing with more weight, we can feel the memory layer to relieve the pressure more quickly. But again, the pressure came back to its place and easily adjusted to the shape.

It means, the firmness and bounce of the foam help to prevent sinking into the mattress.

After all experience, we will mention here that the people with heavyweight can get more benefits of firmness. They will get a lighter bounce and easy adjustment. For more clearance, we have discussed here with the experience of different people.

Most testers have given a score of 6 to 6.5 out of 10 for firmness. It means, the Casper can handle multiple types of sleepers. It offers medium firmness which is not so much bouncy. So the active sleepers can adjust easily while changing positions. It offers support while changing and helps to pressure relief with the firmness quality.

As per my experience as well, I marked it as 6.5 out of the 10. I found that it has constructed a mattress with the unique qualities of foam and adjust with perfect alignment of pressure demand. It is comfortable and able to adjust to multiple positions.

I deeply felt that it did not bend the back while sleeping on the back or stomach. It fills the space at the bottom back instantly and supports with warmness. So you can awake fresh and relaxed body.

It is workable for lighter weight people and for the maximum heavier weight of people as well.

Edge Support:

Edge support is an essential part when choosing the best mattress. It is most important while buying a double bed mattress. Because a double bed mattress supports to share with the second sleeper.

Whenever you need to share your bed with your partner, kids, or any second sleeper, you need edge support to sleep well. Two peoples will share each side of the mattress. If the edges are strong and cannot keeps you straight lay then you will get back pain after one-night sleep.

You will feel disturbances as you cannot lay easily while loading full weight on the mattress. So we have tested by sleeping at the side of the mattress as if we need to use the whole surface of the mattress then how the Casper support us?

When I was lying on my back and near the side of the mattress, I feel the center area of mattress support till the edge to feel comfortable and strong. But after some time, I felt like I was hanging on the side and I can roll up as well while staying too long.

The compression rate is very minimal here. The top cover is blende and it plays a good role while holding your body near to the side. At the very side, it loses little compression and get softer and pressurize. But it still keeps the shape and never lets you lose comfort.

In addition, I would like to discuss when I was sitting on the side of the mattress. I was sitting in full straight back positions and my weight was fully down in the area of the mattress.

This position for pressing the mattress was a great idea to determine the compression of edges. The mattress does a good job here to maintain firmness and hold a higher amount of weight applied to it.

Motion Transfer & Sleeping Suitability

casper bedsMotion Transfer:

Motion transfer is the factor to judge when you have to share your bed with your partner. It should be comfortable while the second person comes into our out to the bed. It should be even friendly while two persons are tossing or turning on the bed.

The testers have viewed statistically how it holds the intensity of motion. For this test, we need to use different weights to push the mattress and check the bounding level.

We used the different sizes of steel balls to check the motion transfer to the other side of the mattress. This test was conducted by dropping the ball at different distances.

This test helps to check the motion transfer for different weights of people. So we tested by dropping from 4 inches distance, 8 inches, and 12 inches distance.

For the 4 inches distance drop, it creates little disturbance which maybe not felt to the person laying on the other side. But with 8 inches and 12 inches distance drop, it creates some large spikes. But according to the standard of mattress quality in the market, it considered still good. But the good point was here is, it managed very well to adjust the positions again after these spikes.

Sleeping Position Suitability:

The Casper is offering a good feel for all sleeping positions. It is good for firmness and even does not so much softy like cloudy. We have examines it with different sleeping positions.

When laying on the back, the body weight was distributed all over the body. But it is very beautiful managed to cover the weight and filled the spaces within the bones. It will provide you with relaxation on the lower of your back. So the backbone will be fresh and painless.

casper mattress priceIt is the best part of quality for the back sleepers. If the bodyweight is heavy, then it will sink the body a little bit. But still, it allows you to change the positions smoothly and provide you maximum comfort.

While lying on the side position, I feel that we push the mattress with more weight. So the absorption in the lower area would be more.

The side sleepers need to be more conscious of pressure relief. In this condition, the mattress has added the memory foam to control the weight pressure. So as a result, it is most beneficial for side sleepers.

So the third most sensitive position is to sleep on the stomach. On the stomach, the sleeper’s weight also gets much distributed and do not get much pressure into the mattress. But as it is a sensitive position, so the sleeper still needs to be careful while sleeping.

The sleeper should be careful to not put much weight on the stomach, so it can help to breathe easily. It will keep your hips up and you can lay straight and with equal weight.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for sidestomach sleepers.

Casper Design Modification

casper reviews
The mattress developing all their essentials within a short time period. They have tested over and over into different factories to design the best mattress. They always have kept 4 factors to focus on as Comfortability, Support, Durability, and temperature management with breathability.

Within the quality, they always focus on the beauty of the mattress. So they keep changing into the design and try to offer the best qualitative and attractive mattress that catches the eye of the buyer.

As per its current design, you can see it with blended color. It is smooth and well stitched from the sides of the thick pipeline. It has the Dark grey color all around the sides and white but heather grey for the upper and lower surface.

It has stitched the label of the Casper so everyone can identify that it is the Casper mattress. It has become the largest name in the sleep products market for quality but as well as it has earned a good name for luxury products.

Warrenty & Other Information

  • It offering a ten-year warranty for all sizes. This is the limited warranty time period and covers many of the essentials.
  • Corrosion of the mattress caused even into the 1 inch is applicable to giving back within the warranty period.
  • The mattress is applicable for return if any defect, crack, and awful caused by the fault of production.
  • The cover damage or zipper in cover damage is applicable for return within the warranty period.
  • These warranty conditions are the only application if these are not caused by any mismanagement in placing the mattress.
  • If it was not placed on any flat or rough surface.
  • Any damage caused by treating badly is not applicable for return.

It has done the best in customer service after providing this long trial period. Now, you do not need to worry about having the wrong product. You can get its trial of 100 night’s sleep. The Casper offering a free trial period of 100 nights.

They have promised to provide maximum comfort. Its four-layer construction does not let you return it back. However, by any condition, if you feel it return then you can return your mattress and get back to a full refund within this trial period. So there would be no stocking fee or return fee.

You just need to apply your return and the company will get anyone to pick up the mattress from you. With just this simple step, you are done with your job in this purchase.

Company Information

Casper was founded in 2013 and officially launched in April 2014.

Online form  |  1-888-498-0003 |

Casper Mattress Review - Conclusion

casper review
Many communities now are habitual of spring mattresses. Spring mattresses are kept stands like the rock.

They are not fully constructed with foam qualities. But many people likely to sleep on puffy softy like the cloudy mattress. Casper does not offer these both options. It is for those who love to have maximum comfort with the luxurious choice.

You will see the full review that how the mattress is giving you the maximum benefits with some factors. It gets a good rank in firmness. It has no bounce so you will feel light while sleeping.

It has no spring as totally constructed with memory foam. With these maximum benefits, it is offering the best competitive prices for easy afford. It comes in box packaging. It is very easy to handle while adjustment. Even it is a little fun to unboxing the mattress.

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