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Tuck Mattress

  • Tuck mattress brings a comprehensive package in order to fully get what a mattress can do for you. The most amazing of these features is the ability to give a soothing sensation to people with back pain problems.
  • Rayon and polyester are the keys ingredients to make the cover. It is specifically made to be pretty thin so that it is not going to make the feel of the underneath mattress to be nay less.
  • The very first feel when you press the mattress is the copper-infused gel memory foam; it is going to give your hand a very pretty contour feeling!

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While you are in search of the best product in this quantity wise crowded world, you might be facing difficulty in getting the perfect one, but getting the most appropriate product while remaining at home might be the best of all ideas.

Mattresses offered now days have many features but one supreme feature might be lacking in them. Tuck mattress brings the comprehensive package in order to fully get what a mattress can do for you. Most amazing of these features is the ability to give soothing sensation to the people with back pain problems.

The mattress industry is not so new one. It has always strived to get the most perfect product in order to fully enjoy your sleep. Various innovations during this time have always been based on the demands and need a consumer is portraying over the producers.

Tuck holds the pride of keenly in touch to listening to these needs and actively giving a response to all the customers in one single classic product: Tuck Mattress

So in short, whatsoever age group you are in, or whatsoever bodyweight you carry, tuck holds a perfect custom mattress JUST FOR YOU because we believe in individuality!

Construction ( Cover & Layers )

A wide range of mattresses is offered which has great personalized ones for all variety of weight, height, and personal need or demand of every individual. Copper-infused gel memory foam, micro-coils, latex foam, pocketed coils, and two types of poly foam are used in our tuck mattresses. It is the position change and use of these layers which alters the types of these mattresses and thus suitable for a variety of people to get that peaceful sleep.

It is also noteworthy that they also cater to a range of split construction for queen size and above sizes. This means that a bed is able to cater to different types on wither sides in order to cater to the different demands of two different partners: what could be better than this!

Feeling and support of the truk are placed in the middle of the mattress, as for the demand of an average weighted person. Motion transfer isolation was also having less chance because of the construction of the mattress in order to cater to an audience who feel higher temperature while asleep.

Cover –

Rayon and polyester are the keys ingredients to make the cover. It is specifically made to be pretty thin so that it is not going to make the feel of the underneath mattress to be nay less. It also makes breathability to be more. Yarn i.e. REPRIEVE, a form of recycled bottles of water is also a very novel ingredient that is used in our mattresses.


  • Comfort layer – Copper-infused gel memory foam is used in our comfort layer having a density of 3.5 lb and IFD is 5-15. Relief of pressure and a great feel of the contour is always fully enjoyed in such kind of layer. Copper is infused in these layers so that all the heat of the sleeper is dissipated in the environment in order to make the sleeper cooler. Thus due to its customization for a variety of sleepers according to their demands and needs, this mattress is supposed to be the most comfortable of all. Everyone’s comfort level is very easily achieved using this mattress. This comfort level is easy to achieve because this mattress is designed in such a way to meet the demand of all kinds of sleepers whether they are the stomach, side, or back sleeper.
  • Micro coils –  A transition foam separated the comfort layer from micro coils. These both work together to give a bigger chance of relief of pressure by not compromising on the bouncing capability. This enables the sleeper to fully enjoy relief but never a feeling of stuck in the mattress.
  • Support – This support core consists of pocketed coils that are able to provide an extra bounce to the mattress along with compression support which arises very deeply. Temperature regulation is another factor this quality is able to cater to because airflow is blown from spaces created in between. Motion is also isolated due to support. Because these coils are individually wrapped thus they are thought to be better than traditional spring placement.
  • Base – High dense polyfoam is placed at the base of the design with 1.8 lb density, and IFD is 41-62. This is made more firm in order to provide great support to the upper pocketed coils to nicely rest on.

Tuck Mattress Firmness

The very first feel when you press the mattress is the copper-infused gel memory foam; it is going to give your hand a very pretty contour feeling! Micro coils are further felt when you are going to provide some more pressure, you will feel a big bounce this time!

This bounce is necessary to make the stuck feeling in the memory foam sink as less as possible. People are going to feel the same kind of mattress quite differently. The feel description of yours might totally be different from the other audience: that is some very unique characteristic of nowadays!

This unique firmness range falls in 7 out of 10 as per the description of four different people so it gives that perfect medium firmness! Thus I was able to feel bouncing while being in bed while my body sinks into the mattress, and so a variety of feelings come when you are in the mattress! Thus a perfect luxury feel is able to achieve easily.

Thus the firmness level is also of many levels whenever you are in need of it.  Your feel for the perfect mattress and demand for an ideal sleep is easily predicted and hence they provide a product that is also able to give you exactly that feeling you are looking for.

Pressure –  While being on the side, you are able to feel more pressure because of the more concentrated weight over a smaller area. Thus people with lower weight are going to select our mattress range with softer touch because of wanting to get the sink in due to this increased pressure.

People who tend not to sleep sideways are going to select mattresses which are giving more support on the stomach and back as well thus a medium and firm mattress is better for those people being best for these positions.

Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, should select a more firm mattress because then hips are no longer going to get the sink in, and also back tends to get thrown out of alignment.

Motion Transfer & Other Things

As firstly, these mattresses were designed for only one person in mind, the thing which was not sure was the feeling what one person would feel when his or her partner would come in the bed, or he or she tosses and turns over the bed. For this, 1 lb steel ball was drowned from heights of 4 inch, 8 inches, and 12 inches.

4-inch ball drop caused very little disturbance which will give the same feeling like your partner turned his position from sideways or upside down. And the supreme classed mattress was so well in it!

Same way, an 8 and 12-inch drop of steel ball was a very great experience. This height was similar to the feeling like someone just got in the bed, while another partner already being in bed. Memory foam and pocketed coils were the most helping hands in this regard to transfer motion transfer down as these both contain qualities to dampen the disturbance imposed.

Thus though already tuck range was made for one person only, it performed so great while we tested it for two persons too because of the supreme quality ingredients used in order to make it!

  • Edge support
  • Off grassing
  • Conforming
  • Longevity/ durability

A steel coil of the higher gauge is used all around the perimeter just to avoid being rolled off, which is a great mistake of many foam mattresses.

Edge support –  A steel coil of the higher gauge is used all around the perimeter just to avoid being rolled off, which is a great mistake of many foam mattresses.

Off grassing – It has less than 45% memory foam so there are very minute chances of off grassing and is happening, they go away from a few hours to a day minimum.

Conforming – Micro coils and latex foam combine to give an overall grasping rounded lift to the body, because of which consumer never sinks in the mattress rather feels quite supported in it.

Longevity/ durability – The supreme quality mattress is supposed to last for as long as 12 years due to its high-quality coils and foam.

Most of the mattresses available online and in stores, they provide the information to last their mattress as less as 8 to 10 years. But a longevity or durability period of more than 12 years is provided.

A soothing sleeping experience does not encourage flipping. Adjustable base, solid support, the grid of metal, and even floor are great sources for this to hold.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for side & stomach sleepers.

Why Is Combination Sleep Opted?

eluxury sleeping sutabiltyAs we are living one-third of our life in sleeping, it is most important to know that we need specific positions of sleep in order to get that peaceful and restful night in order to get rid of all the tiredness we faced while working for the whole day.

The position in which spine and pelvis are aligned to each other is side position because of which it is considered to be the healthiest one of all types. It makes fewer chances to snore and also good for heartburn. Thus a combination sleeper makes very fewer chances of back pain by sleeping in various positions.

A combination sleeper thus makes very fewer chances of back pain and enjoys many possible positions thus increasing chances of blood circulation.

Medium to a medium firm with a scale of 1 to 10 is the ideal mattress for these combination sleepers, with 10 being the most form of all. Mattresses with the higher end on the scale are ideal for people weighing more than 230 pounds, and so lighter persons should look for scale on the lower end of this scale. Disregarding sleeping position, proper support is necessary for people with combination sleep.

The side position of side sleepers is the most availed position and thus this position makes the body to go very deep in the mattress, thus it is of utmost importance to look for a mattress that is going to give ultimate support while being in this position.

Tuck Unboxing

This mattress reaches you from 3- 5 days. Delivery is done on weekdays and the shopper is optional to be at home necessarily. You, first of all, need to place it along with the box in the room where you require placing your mattress. When you will open the plastic sheet, the mattress will itself unfold and get placed over the floor.

So try to keep that box before unwrapping as close to your bed as possible, so that it lays down as near to your bed as possible so that as soon as you open it out of the box, it immediately shifts on the bed.

When you receive it, you might feel a smell of “new mattress” which is quite minimal to ignore. As soon as you unbox the mattress, this smell of the new mattress goes away within a few hours. However, this might be an exception for the people with few breathing problems. These people should keep the mattress in the open air for as much as 12 hours in order to dissipate this smell fully. But reminding you, this mattress deals very well in this category too.

How To Take Care? 

The cover is able to be washed but it is highly recommended to do it without removing it. This is due to the reason of perfect tailoring which is going to match with your preferences exactly. Other than washing, you may also use a damp cloth to remove all the extra dirt or some dry thing to remove.

When you receive it and feel it compressed, do not worry! 7 days are needed to fully make your mattress free from the pressure of compression of all the traveling and package which make the mattress little compressed.

Tuck Mattress Size & Price

Whether you have been familiar with the sizes just because you bought it earlier or you have the very first chance to get it, buying the tuck exactly according to your needs might be a little challenging for the buyers. You would never agree to bring a mattress with a complete opposite of the needs as well as choices of yours, it is exact HERE to help you out what is best suitable for you.

It is bringing all of the terminologies in front of you in order to help you what would be the best option for you to be selected in order to get that comfort sleep without any hindrance created by the wrong sized mattress, and thus you would then be able to get that ideal sleep either alone or along with your loved one, or even you can sleep quite comfortably along with your lovely pet!

SrMattress sizeDimensions
1.Twin38” × 75”
2.Twin XL38” × 80”
3.Full/ Double54” × 75”
4.Queen60” × 80”
5.King76” × 80”
6.California king72” × 84”
7.Crib mattress28” × 52”
8.Toddlers mattress28 × 52”

Tuck Twin Mattress –  Twin mattress is the smallest possible mattress size that is designed to accommodate smaller children and also young adults. This option is best for people who want to buy for their young child or for a single person whos loving in a small apartment or a studio etc. Though this is not suitable for taller people or people with much weight or also not for those who take much space to roam all over the bed.

Tuck Twin XL Mattress – A college dorms room is the perfect place where you might find this kind of mattress. It has the capability to get fit into smaller spaces while accommodating people with much height.

It is great for the ones who want to enjoy a little bigger mattress while not having much space such as a studio etc. Even couples cannot take this one, they have a much exciting option to come.

Tuck Full/Double Mattress – This mattress has a foot greater space in its width than Twin or Twin XL mattress. This was one of the best options for couples who were having smaller homes.

Nowadays it is considered ideal for single adults. It is an ideal option for those who want to get cozy with their pets. Now it is not suitable for couples who want some extra space to starch over the bed and get relaxed.

Tuck Queen Mattress –  Queen mattress is one ideal size for couples with even bigger height and also for those who want some extra space to get stretched a bit too. This is the best option for those who want to sleep alone with their pets or even for those couples who want to sleep without pets.

Thus it is obviously not a good option for those couples who do not want to let their pets away from them even at night.

Tuck King Mattress – It may be considered as two twin beds side by side to each other. Couples find ample space while being on this bed and even along with their pets or children. People who want two different kinds of the mattress, they can order two twin mattresses to get fit in a king-size frame.

This option is thus an ideal option for those who want to sleep quite comfortably with each other while also having a space to stretch or even for those people who want to sleep along with their children or pets.

Tuck California King Mattress – The California king mattress is the biggest possible mattress available at our store, (of course, unless you order a custom one). It may also be considered to be a couple of size modes of two twin XL mattresses.

Taller adults or adults with heavyweight are very comfortable to sleep over this mattress as it gives much extra space while still accommodating their weight or height very nicely. Small bedrooms are thus not ideal to accommodate the size of a king mattress.

Tuck Crib Mattress – As the name says, cribs of newborn babies are accommodated in crib mattresses. Crib frames are ideal to meet newborn children unless the children reach the age of 18 months old, or is more than 3 feet long or are going to begin getting longer than their cribs.

Very firm crib mattresses are offered to meet ideally to you, this is because soft crib mattress may make babies their face sink in the mattress and thus SIDS or suffocation is likely to occur with babies, thus the safety of your children is the most important in our eyes, as in your eyes.

Thus this an ideal option for children of less than 18 months of age or for those children who have a height of fewer than 3 feet. All the people other than these children cannot use a crib mattress.

Tuck Toddler Mattress –   Almost similar to the crib mattress, the toddler mattress is a little softer. Toddler bed frames are able to accommodate toddler mattress, unlike the crib mattress. Detachable safety rails are a must to attach with toddler mattress in order to make changes of falling out very less.

After the crib, it is an option for parents to choose the toddler mattress, while some parents also prefer to skip the toddler and move directly towards the twin mattress.

Thus toddler mattress is perfectly designed to meet the demands of toddlers while everyone else is an exception as far as the usage of this mattress is concerned.

Warrenty & Other Information

A warranty of 11 years, 1 month and one day is given. But this offer is for direct buyers of beds from tuck website. Manufacturing flaws, physicality flaws other than normal wear and tear are the factors their warranty policy does not cover. Damages due to normal day to day use are not covered in this policy.

If a customer requires to use this warranty policy under before mentioned conditions, he is first of supposed to pay full transportation/ shipping fee. If a mattress falls in warranty conditions, he should first get reimbursed by a shipping cost which is equal to 100$, and a replaced or repaired mattress is sent to the consumer as less as 90 days.


Shipping – Compression, rolling, and ultimately boxing is done in a vertical container in order to hip it safely towards our doorstep. Except for many online stores, they hold the pride of even explaining each and every step involved in boxing.

The mattress is first of all compresses with the help of a machine from 11 inches to 1 inch so that all coils come as close to each other as possible, in their smallest form. Then it is sealed with heat, rolled in its half position, and finally wrapped in a plastic sheet and last but of course not least. The Tuck mattress is sealed in a box with dimensions 17”×17”×45”.

145 Day Sleep Trial – Most of the online stores offer almost 100 sleep trials but this is a moment of pride to offer a 145-day sleep trial so that you are completely satisfied with the unique quality of this product. Waiting for 30 days is also offer after which refunding is offered. Exchanges are also permitted in this sleep trial period.

There are very fewer chances that you won’t like the mattress still we offer you in case if you don’t like it, you may donate it to any organization or a third party may be involved. A refund is then done in less than 5 days of the other party picking that up.

Tuck Mattress Review – Conclusion

tuck mattress reviewsThis information is enough to tell the audience that an ideal product is made with a powerful ability to give you a feel of support, contour, bounce, and elasticity at the same time which most other mattresses lack!

Being able to know what consumers want from time to time online quizzes which were so helpful in making a decision of choosing the perfect material to meet your demands as closely as possible.

Support and confirmation both are easily achievable using this mattress because of the medium level of firmness. Thus this is going to exactly match the demand of a variety of consumers. All around the exterior are innerspring coils, which are so able to give edge support, unlike many products available in the market.

Thus a solid makeup of our unique mattress is providing a supreme level of performance to the many customers and this increase in users is increasing day by day.

This mattress meets with people who need to sleep alone and also for those people who need to sleep with their partners. Due to its good dealing with the movement, this is the best one for people who are sensitive to movements.

Coils are arranged in such a way to increase breathability and circulation to the fullest.

Moreover to it, this mattress offers a 145-day sleep trial, unlike many mattresses which offer almost 100-day sleep trial, thus this mattress really transcends towards supreme class due to its high-end materials with which it is made of and also because of complete confidence you are going to fall in love with it as soon as you will unbox it. This is very real pride starts! Their passion for it is quite visible in all the work done, moreover to it, this passion of theirs is quite visible by being able to achieve the confidence of consumers over us during all these years.

Hope you strive for the best and they provide the best!

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