Eight Sleep Mattress Review

The eight sleep mattress review

The Bottom Line

  • The Eight Company usually offers the foam type mattresses and these foams are either the Memory foams or the ones with kind of latex layers.
  • The Cover has been designed in a very unique manner and the key material used in its preparation is Polyester
  • The Firmness varies from soft to medium and a bit hard
  • If you are comfortable with memory foam, this is the best option for you as, unlike other memory foams, it does not get hot and its temperature can be easily adjusted without any problem.

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Detailed Eight Sleep Mattress Review

Eight Sleep Mattress Review

Owing to the best experience that I have had with my brand new Eight Sleep mattress, I decided to take a step further to let the world know about its unique qualities, and therefore, I have devised a wondrous review regarding it, by the name of  Eight Sleep Mattress Review.

The Eight Company:

The Eight Sleep Mattress Company is a new initiative that has been taken by some enthusiastic group of people for providing a person the best sleep experience ever known to mankind. The CEO of the Eight Company is Mr. Matteo Franceschetti.

The company has been founded in the year 2014 and its headquarters are located in New York City. It has emerged as a challenging brand for most of the previous ones, as it has already managed to achieve the highest levels of fame for which, most of the others long to date.

Let’s take an overview regarding the different mattresses that are being offered by the Eight Company:

What Kind Of Mattress Does The Eight Sleep Offer?

eight mattress
The Eight Company usually offers the foam type mattresses and these foams are either the Memory foams or the ones with kind of latex layers.

But the most important observation that I made during the use of my Eight Sleep Mattress was that despite being a memory foam mattress, it didn’t turn very hot during the night and it has always guaranteed a peaceful cool sleep because of its breathability and fluffy touch.

Therefore, it's worth trying for all those who are looking for such a memory foam mattress.

smart mattressTypes Of Mattresses Offered:

There are a total of 6 types of Mattress which are named after the Planets of Solar System.

The types that contain the plus sign are actually the ones that contain the Smart Technology and in this way, they are different from the simple or the standard types. All six types of the Eight Mattress are enlisted below along with their unique attributes:

1. Saturn: It is a simple type of memory foam mattress offered by the Eight Mattress Company which is one of the most widely used products of the Company. It is 10 inches tall and is composed of three comfortable layers that make it quite cozy and firm. These important layers include the 2 inches comfort layer, 2 inches transition layer and the base consists of the 6 inches tall foundation layer. The component that forms these layers is polyfoam, whose presence gives the right amount of stability and firmness to the Saturn Mattress. Its price begins at almost $359.

2. Saturn plus: Although both the Saturn and Saturn Plus mattresses are similar in structure the only thing that differentiates them is the presence of The Sleep tracker based smart technology. Its price is also higher and begins at $699 because of its smart nature. It is also somehow firm but this firmness adjusts with the person who is in continuous use of the mattress for a long period of time.

3. Jupiter: The Jupiter Mattress is composed of four layers that provide the medium firmness. Hence, if you are looking for a comparatively softer memory foam Eight Mattress, then it is the most suitable option. It is also 10 inches tall in size.

4. Jupiter plus: If you require the mattress with smart technology and want to enjoy a cozy foam then Jupiter plus turns out to be the best possible option in this regard. It includes the premium quality mattress foam and usually doesn’t allow any transfer of motion. It is hence a very promising mattress and resembles Jupiter other than the Smart Technology feature.

5. Mars: The Mars Mattress is the softest type of all and is a kind of hybrid mattress. Its height is 11 inches and it contains some coils within its polyfoam layers that make it bouncy and soft. It provides the right breathability because of its wonderful structure.

6. Mars plus: It is similar to the Mars Mattress but differs in the Smart Technology covering and also in price.

Other Attributes Are Listed In The Following Tables:

Names ThicknessFirmness Level
1. Saturn10” tallQuite hard and firm
2. Saturn plus10” tallQuite hard and firm
3. Jupiter10” tallMedium
4. Jupiter Plus10” tallMedium
5. Mars11” tallMuch Softer
6. Mars Plus11” tallMuch Softer

The above-mentioned table clearly shows that the mattresses are just the same and they only differ in their prices and the fact that the standard mattresses lack the Eight Sleep Technology and the Sleep Tracking sensory cover. Apart from that, they are just the same.

Firmness /Feel / Bounce

The Eight Sleep mattress firmness
The Firmness varies from soft to medium and a bit hard. It depends upon the type of mattress that a person requires according to his own will or desire.

In case a person requires a soft mattress, he can order the Mars or Mars plus mattress. Similarly, if someone requires a medium type firm mattress he may order the Jupiter or Jupiter plus type.

In case one needs a firm and durable one, the best option is Saturn or Saturn Plus. This all depends upon one’s own desire.

  • Feel: Although I have found my Mattress very comfortable and soothing as compared to the previous memory foam mattress which caused a lot of disturbance in my sleep and now I have no complaints regarding my new mattress at all. It has turned out to be a great blessing for me in a true manner.
  • Bounce: I was really happy to discover that the superb construction of the mattress provided just the right quantity of bounce for me and never made me feel disturbed at all. I was very obliged for getting the exact feature for which I had been searching for such a long time.

Edge Support & Motion Transfer

To my greatest delight, my Eight Sleep Mattress is designed in such a way that the edges don’t cause any sort of trouble for me and I don’t feel like sinking when I sleep on the side of my bed.

This is another appreciable quality of my mattress that makes me feel very secure even during my sleep and I have no fear of falling down or sinking to the sides. It is indeed fashioned in the best possible way ever.

  • Motion TransferAs I share my bed with my husband, so I was really worried about the transfer of motion at first. Because both of us have different sleep timings and during the last mattress experience, I used to get disturbed in sleep whenever he got up or go back into the bed. I can now happily exclaim that the Eight Mattress does not allow much motion transfer and is best suited for the couples.
  • Smell or Off-Gassing: During the time when I was unpacking the mattress, a little smell was felt by me in the room but it was not a pinching one and it faded away within 2 days. The mattress does not give out any sort of harmful gas and is environmentally friendly and very safe to be used in a home environment.
  • Sleeping Hot: Unlike other memory foams, the Eight Memory foam is fashioned in such a way that in Technology, the sleep tracker is able to adjust the temperature for us. This attribute has made it easier for the customer to adjust it just according to his will and enjoy the night without any chance of feeling hot and staying cool.

Some Factors You Must Have To Take Care Of!

eight mattress
The choice of a mattress is totally based upon what you are personally looking for. Therefore, there are many factors which may suit some people but not others. Following are the factors that must be kept in mind while choosing your type of mattress and avoiding any sort of regrets in the future:

  • The Eight Company offers a variety of sizes and different age groups require different sizes. Therefore, this is an open option to buy whatever size a person may require according to his or her own will.
  • There are many kinds of mattresses offered by this company which differ on the basis of their level of firmness. Now it is up to the customer what type of mattress may suit him the most. So, I decided to buy the Mars plus mattress as I wanted my mattress to be very soft. In the like manner, everyone can choose according to one’s own wish.
  • As in my case, I wanted a record of my sleep, so I preferred the mattress with Smart Technology and the sensory Sleep Tracker, so I ordered it on my own will. In case you want a check and balance regarding your sleep and breathing, heart rate, etc. , you can select it as your best available option.
  • If you are comfortable with memory foam, this is the best option for you as, unlike other memory foams, it does not get hot and its temperature can be easily adjusted without any problem.
  • It is quite affordable and is delivered to you at a very early time.
  • This mattress is durable and long-lasting and has a warranty of 10 whole years which is really something to be admired

Keeping all these factors in mind, I finally ordered my Eight Mattress and it is just wonderful.

Warrenty & Other Information

I was very obliged to find out about the best warranty of the Mattress Foam which was offered by the Eight Sleep Mattress Company. It is described as follows:

The Eight Company offers the full 10-year warranty. This clearly shows that the 10-year warranty is not applicable to other accessories and the sensory layer portion as well. Apart from that, the sensory layer of the foam also falls under the 1-year warranty.

The warranty period applies from the exact date of purchase of the mattress. The warranty is only applicable to the original person who purchases the mattress.

At the time of the claim of any sort of defect or replacement issue, one must possess all the necessary documents required for the replacement of the Eight Sleep Mattress.

In case the mattress is resold to someone else, then the other person cannot claim the Repairing or Replacement of the older mattress.

The warranty is only applicable to those mattresses that have been used in the home environment. Such mattresses which have been used by the patients or inside the hospital environment cannot be replaced at all.

The trial period offered by the Eight Company was very satisfying. Following is an overview of the trial period:

The mattress can be ordered online at the website of the Eight Mattresses. When I placed the order of my Eight Mattress, it was delivered to my home in a week after the placement of the order.

The trial period began on that very day and due to my concerns, I did not pay for the product and promised to do so after my satisfaction.

The results were just amazing. Within a few weeks, I got the hang of my amazing smart technology Eight Mattress, and tried it for a long time. When I was fully satisfied, I paid for it and never got bored of it till now.

Usually, the trial period is for 100 nights and if someone is not satisfied, it can be returned within this time period. There are no charges in case the mattress has to be returned within the trial time and even the company arranges the van on its own for its safe disposal as well.

  • Return Policy: 

The Return Policy given by is described as follows:

They offer a simple 100 night trial period in which you can freely get used to your mattress and if you face any kind of problem, you may contact the headquarters via email or telephone and confide in all the required details. They usually respond within a few days and solve the issue.

One doesn’t need to send the mattress back; rather the company would itself reach out to you and would make proper arrangements for the disposal of the mattress to the right place. It is because the Eight Mattress that has become worn out or defective is never accepted by the company again and is never resold.

The shipment is free of cost and imposes no penalty on the original purchaser within the 100 night trial period. This is in my personal opinion one of the best return policies offered by any mattress company.

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for sidestomach sleepers.

It has no match at all. I live in a state which is quite far away from New York. But, as per promise, they managed to provide me with a free shipping service within 8 days of placing my order.  It was very unbelievable for me that the order reached me so early and it was so gently packed that it made me feel very happy.

Usually, the company completes the online order within 7-11 days of placing the order. 

Company Information

Eight Sleep (originally Morphy, Inc.) was founded in 2014 and adopted its current name in 2015.

Eight Sleep Mattress Review - Conclusion

Eight Sleep MattressThe Eight Mattress Company is indeed one of the best companies in the world which has been known for providing the best quality mattresses. The Eight Company has earned this glory due to the fact that today it is second to none in its quality, products, the material of the items, and many other features that greatly attract the customers to a very large extent.

I have been privileged to become one of the happy customers, who are very much satisfied with the Eight Sleep Mattress’s enchanting qualities and so, I would love to suggest it to everyone I know and would end the trouble of those who don’t manage to get proper sleep due to their Mattress’s issues. The most unique feature of this company is that it has offered a collection of technology-based mattresses which make your life quite easy for you.

The Smart Technology introduced by the company has made it possible for a lot of people to enjoy the facility of Sleep tracking, keeping a record of their heart rate, breathing, hours of sleep, etc. Therefore, along with other facilities like Wifi and app management, many of the problems have been solved by using smart technology. Hence, it is a complete package to make you feel satisfied and happy for years.

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