How To Use iMessage On Pc, Mac & On Android

How To Use iMessage

iMessage is a prompt message service provided by an Apple, facilitate its consumers to send a message through the internet using personal data.

But how to use iMessage is a query of many individuals. Sending a message through iMessage consumes a lot of data within no time. iMessage is to be found in the default message application in an iPhone.

iPhone users should prefer iMessage as it is an easy, convenient, and appropriate way of sending messages, pictures, or document files.

It can be used on PC, on mac and android. A person can share its reaction and sentiments with friends and family through iMessage stickers as well and keep in touch with them.

No matter how much the distance is present between the two people if a person knows how to use this message application it would be very easy for an individual to leave any other source of connection.

The difference between iMessage, SMS, and MMS is clear as iMessage is faster than SMS and MMS. By way of iMessage use iOS and must require an internet connection for the endowment of best amenity.

Through iMessage, a person can connect with anyone in the world anytime. This overhaul facilitates its consumers all over the world with the best quality and immense service. The only purpose of iMessage is to provide the best mean of communication all over the place, anytime.

How To Use iMessage On Pc?

Hundreds of applications are present nowadays which are not only user-friendly but overwhelming too. Beyond lots of merits of certain applications, there would be demerits as well which confuse some time and not well responsive as they should be.

Over many mobile applications, iMessage is one of the best apps for iOS users.

iMessage is perhaps the most much-loved one due to its lots of benefit over shortcoming.

If a person does not have Apple but he or she also wants to use iMessage on PC instead of mobile then he or she should keep an eye on few basic strides and easily work on PC, in addition to, connect by means of friends as well.

The use of iMessage on pc divided into several segments which would be helpful in understanding how to deal with it.

Segment No. 1.

By using a chrome remote desktop service extension person easily connect with iMessage by following few basic steps because there are not many methods of using it on PC instead of this simplest way to get it, The most important thing is that an individual must have a Mac.

  •  Open your PC install google chrome and chrome remote desktop extension as well not merely on your windows pc but going on your Mac as well
  • Starved of any hesitation start the application on your windows pc as well as on your Mac in addition to press get started on My computer.
  •  Click enable remote connection on your mac after that just start download chrome remote desktop host installer and wait until it will get started meanwhile stop doing any other installation.
  •  As soon as the installer started, open it, and follow the given instruction given on the screen in order to finish the installation.
  •  Instantaneously you can connect with two computers and enjoy the fun ride of iMessage with friends and family on Windows PC.

Segment No. 2.

What if a person does not have Mac then obviously it becomes problematic in addition to the directions above-mentioned procedure lose its worth and a person still stands there from where he or she stared, so, no need of worry as there is always key along with its problem.

Just keep an eye on these rudimentary points,

  • First of all, install an iOS emulator on to your windows PC. iOS is basically a software that is responsible for creating a virtual iOS ecosystem on windows pc a Linux computer for the batter use of an iOS application.
  •  Before going into further description one thing must bear in mind that while using these emulators a person must be very careful as these sorts of emulators bring along with them some unwanted software which can cause damage to your computer system.

List of some common iOS emulators:

  • iPadian
  • APP.IO
  • SmartFace
  • Mobione Studio
  • iPhone simulator

As soon as the installation of emulators turns out to be finished you can freely revel in the iMessage onto your computer.

Segment No. 3.

How to get access to an iMessage data record or history on the computer is very essential and crucial which urges a person to focus on, as there are many ways to look iMessage history on the computer but tranquil on is to use Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery.

This one is not only powerful but user-friendly iPhone data recovery freeware as well. This software allows a person to view all iMessage history on a computer in addition to an iPhone, not only this but it would also help in recovering lost data very with no trouble.

How To Use iMessage On Mac?

Messaging on mac enable society to connect with all and sundry as, the use of iMessage on a mac is no more a matter of debate anymore, but if still, the person wants to know how to tackle it, let’s move on to the procedure before getting into more discussions,

Follow these step ladder in order to associate by means of the whole world within no stretch,

Step No.1:

  • Liftoff message from the desktop from documents and application folder.

  •  Enter your Apple id in the given column and do not forget to enter your password as well.
  •  Sometimes there may have two steps so in order to complete your procedure step by step open your Apple id and send a code in order to verification.
  •  As soon as you verify this screen would appear on your computer.

  •  Go to the message and select preferences for further specifications.
  •  After selection, the following screen will appear on the computer which will describe your further options just go for the account tab
  •  Handpicked whatever you want to access, mobile number, and email address.

  •  Pick one that you want to disclose or which one your friend can access each and every time you would like to start the talk with them.

Step No.2

Method of setup the messages in iCloud in macOS is also very easy and exciting. This would hang onto data sync in the middle of Mac and iOS devices, in addition, to help in retrieving the data each and every time a person wants to set up or start a new device.

This procedure is also very easy like other just by tracking a small number of steps mention below,

  •  First of all, open the main screen just like that,

  •  And click on the message as mention below in the screenshot,

  •  Go for the preference mention in the screen,

  •  Now select the account tab just like that,

  •  Now go to your iMessage account and search the bar where they mention enable message on iCloud as soon as you got it just click on that, for the conveniences of individual the screenshot of that particular is available like previous others,

This would help a person in accomplishing exactly where a person wants to reach.

  •  Now final step in order to sync immediately click on sync now option.

In this manner, a person may find a way to turn on an iMessage sync. For proper use, a person has to open it on the other devices as well.

Step No.3

Method of message setup in iCloud, beforehand starting it make sure a person enable iOS in order to sync messages between different devices, so let’s start the tracking of option to find the way of message setup in iCloud,

  •  Like all others, first, open a setting

  •  Click on the Apple id option

  • Select the iCloud

  •  When reach the option message turn the bar into green it will sure you that this option becomes available and a person can use it.
  •  Go to the message
  •  Now select the option of Apple id
  •  Go for the option of setting
  •  Click the option of message
  • And click the sync option in order to complete your procedure of connection with iCloud

How To Use iMessage On Android?

A person cannot simply use iMessage on android until or unless if a person has the right choice of software, there are some technical difficulties but then again if a person is excellent in picking up the right command he can use it easily iMessage on his Android phone as well.

As iMessage is not able to run on android without the right software it is necessary to come in some indirect way that would connect iMessage with android.

The only thing in iMessage is the compatibility issue as iMessage is compatible with iOS macOS. So in order to connect with or interlink between iMessage and Android a person has to install weMessage first. This is the route through the mac to the iMessage network.

Simple as that for using iMessage on your android you have to go for weMessage which sent all your message to iMessage and passed for macOS and iOS while using Apple encryption.

It is not easy to set up iMessage on android as it requires lots of step because of the intermediate stage for the setup of iMessage a person have to setup weMessage first, so, here are those little tricky steps are mention below,

  •  First of all, you have to configure weMessage on Mac for initiating iMessage on your android.
  •  For this, you need the addition following steps.
  •  To use weMessage a person has to install a java system for the concurring this step navigate to the Application go to the utilities and install the terminal app which is pre-launch on a person's mac. From there type java and go back
  • Now there are two possibilities either you got an error or not if an error is present java is not available and vice versa
  • Download the weMessage program
  •  Press the run command
  • Open system preference
  •  Go to the security and privacy> general tab >open anyway
  •  Now enable accessibility on a mac in similar way
  •  Double tab to give a run command
  •  Enter your email id
  •  Enter the password

Now set up the weMessage on your android.

  • First, install weMessage app from the google play store
  • Open it
  • Click for continue and allow system modification setting on
  • Go for mac id address with a similar step as mentioned above
  • Enter your iMessage id and password
  • Click for sign in
  • If you see the conversation screen it will configure properly now you can start a conversation easily on your android
  • All these steps useful if you have a proper internet connection.

How To Use iMessage Stickers?

Stickers always make a conversation attractive this is a beautiful source of sending personal emotions to others in addition to express the feelings, here are few steps to use iMessage stickers,

  • Install a sticker pack from the app store
  • Start an existing conversation and add a sticker from a drawer
  • When you find a sticker pack just click on get it
  • Enter the id and password in order to enable it
  • And go back

Add sticker to a conversation,

  • Start conversation
  • Shift left-right in-app drawer select and open it
  • Add a sticker of your choice by pressing on it and drag it into the conversation simply.

How To Use iMessage On Pc – Conclusion

This is all about How to use iMessage on different gadgets in order to connect with friends and loved ones. All these steps would be very helpful in downloading and using iMessage.

In any step of downloading if a person becomes fail to move ahead of the next step, there would be a message appear by which person becomes known that what happens in following the procedure and can get easily rid of it.

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