13 Best iMessage Games, You Can Play

Are you tired of hearing your loved ones complain about how you spend more time on your mobile playing games instead of giving them time? Now you can get lost in your favorite game with your family members.

Realizing the trend of socializing through games, Apple has introduced iMessage games which will let you connect with your friends. Games on iMessage have been made part of Apple’s operating system iOS 10 and other latest versions.

With the turned based feature, you and your friends can play the game on the time you prefer. Moreover, Apple gives you the option of playing some of your favorite games outside the app. Let’s make it easy for you to understand these games.

How To Get iMessage Games?

Games on iMessage cannot be played on software versions that are older than iOS 10. Here are the instructions regarding how you can download the games through App store utilizing iMessage:

  • First, you are required to create a conversation.
  •  After that, locate the App icon which is near the iMessage text box and click on it.

  •  Inside the App menu, you will be able to find the Grid icon located on the bottom -left. Just tap on it.
  • Several options will appear on your screen. Choose the Store icon.
  •  Now feel free to choose the iMessage games you are dying to play. If you can’t locate the game you want to play on the home screen, just use the search bar to find it and click on Get to start the installation process.

How To Play iMessage Games?

The game will be available at the end of your app list after it has been installed. To bring your friend to battle, follow the steps mentioned below:

  •  Create a conversation with your friend you want to challenge.
  •  Again, tap on the App icon placed near the text box of iMessage.
  •  Now move to click on the Grid icon to open the list of app.

  • Scroll down until you find the game you want to play and click on Create Game.
  •  Now just start playing the game. After your turn is finished, your friend will receive the message notifying them about their turn.

13 iMessage Games You Should Play

1. Game Pigeon

When the Game Pigeon was introduced, it took the world by storm. If you love to play classic games, then you should install Game Pigeon immediately on your phone. They are several mini-games waiting for you.

2 . 8-Ball

Don’t need to purchase an actual pool table to play this entertaining game anymore. 8-ball is a miniature interpretation of pool game. To make things easy for beginners, the game provides tools like line direct a cue and ball-predicting option. Aim like a pro.

  • Checker

Inspired by a traditional board game, checkers will let you challenge your mind to create strategies to defeat your frenemy. Remember it will take time to understand all the rules as the game is a bit complicated. Don’t give up after a few losses.

  • Battleship

Provoke your brother to the battleship to remind him of days when you used to fight over the board game with the same name. Adjust the grid according to your need. This game takes time to finish playing it when you have no distractions.

  • Anagrams

Test your vocabulary by making as many words as you can to in one minute. The game is not as it seems as the pressure of the time limit can confuse even the expert.

  • Word Hunt

Join the letters to create a word. The letters are placed on the grid and you have to string them together. Don’t forget that letters should be next to each other, so you can join them.
There are several games available on Game Pigeon. No wonder it is one of the most downloaded gaming platforms in the world.

2. Tic Tac Toe

Revisit the days when you use to draw crosses and circles in the sandbox. Tic Tac Toe has been a favorite pastime for kids for years. Acknowledging its popularity, Apple has introduced a digital version of the game in iMessage games.

Mark X’s or O’s in the space available in the 3×3 grid. To win, you need to get 3 of your marks in the same row whether it is vertical, diagonal, or horizontal. Use your brain to adopt a tactic that will make you win every turn.

The game doesn’t involve any complex graphics, so you don’t get distracted. Moreover, it is fairly easy to understand the rules of the game. The only problem is that usually, it ends withdraws but that what makes it more interesting.

By tapping on the grid to mark, the game takes you to the iMessage app, so you don’t forget to press send. Furthermore, it comes with the nudge option, so you don’t forget about making a move when you are taking part in intense conversation.

If you get bored with simple X’s and O’s, then purchase other hilarious combinations from the app. Try Justin and Justin (Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake), cat and dogs and Trump and Clinton and have a good laugh.

3. Wordie

With over 20 million downloads and more than 3.5 million active users, Wordie is one of the top games since its launch with iOS 10. Even though Wordie is available as a stand-alone app but over 25 percent of US players prefer to play on iMessage games.

Created by Fastmind, players are given four pictures. They have to guess the common theme of the pictures by combining the letters given below to create a word.

The game allows you to create a group with 40 members and it can be played on various devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. Usually, a group in Wordie includes 4 individuals.

With the rise in the game’s popularity, the creators are finding new ways to challenge their users. The game was updated to introduce animated images from GYPSY. Create your own puzzle by utilizing the animated images and challenge your friend.

Search for the four Gifs which support the word you have chosen. Then just press send to invite your friend to guess the word. In other words, Wordie permits you to create your own level and connect with your friends instead of playing with strangers.

4. Mr. Putt

I love to play golf but don’t have time to spend on the golf course. Then don’t worry, iMessage games have brought the game on the screen. Just be ready to strike the ball with full swing.

With interesting graphics, Mr. Putt lets you feel that you are standing in an actual golf course. With easy to understand controls and game modes, you will be a pro in no time.

Moreover, the app will inform you about the power and direction of your swing, so you can know where you are making mistakes. It also comes with four distinctive courses which are retro, blaze, nebula, and froze.

No need to waste time sending an invitation or waiting for your friend to take his turn. A player can finish the game in one go and just have to wait for results which will be given after the other player takes his turn.

You don’t have to spend a single penny on this sports app as it is free. Don’t forget to give 5-stars on the Apple store to indicate how much you have enjoyed the game.

5. Simple Trivia

If you have faith in your general knowledge, then don’t hate to download Simple Trivia. Have some fun while answering questions that will joggle your mind and put your friend’s knowledge to the test too.

Simple Trivia gives you the option of selecting the subject that you believe is your specialty. Select either history, geography, sports, entertainment, science, or everything. The app will present you will multiple-choice questions.

If you think answering the questions in-app is as easy as pie, then you are hugely mistaken. You will only have a few seconds to give an answer. In other words, the internet will not be able to help you to cheat.

The best thing about this app is that questions are regularly being added. Lately, more than 600 questions have been included in the sports category. To summarize, you always have to be on your toes when you are playing Simple Trivia.

The app will automatically compare your scores with your friend. This is the ideal game where you can place bets. Get ready to empty your friends’ pockets.

6. Four In A Row

Inspired by classic Connect Four, Four in a Row has been creating rivalries among friends for years. The game can be played in single mode as well as with your friends.

First, you need to select the color. Drop down the colored disc in seven-column and six-row grids. Afterward, you just need to successfully match four counters in a row before your pesky friend. Seem easy to understand but difficult to play.

Many users have expressed how hard is to win the game. Several spend hours trying to connect counters. That is what makes it more fun. To start the game when you don’t have anything to do.

Four in Row targets all the group ages. Even your kids can learn strategies to beat you. In other words, this app develops encourages mental growth of kids. Also, it assists your kids in developing social skills. Don’t forget to download it.

7. Truth Truth Lie

Want to know how well your friends know you, then send your friend an invite to play this game. It comes with the option of playing in a pair or group. It is entertaining when you have to guess the lie your friend is telling.

Send two truths and one lie to your friend. Your friend will have to speculate which one is a lie. After your friend has answered, the lie will be indicated with devil emoji which angel emoji will be used to identify the truths.

If you are not feeling to write text, then you can make three statements through a video message. This way the game is more fun as you have to point out the lie by judging the facial expression of your friend.

Remember to develop the skill of keeping your expression neutral as you will need it to play the game. The person who identifies the lies more will be the champion of this game.

This game helps you learn more about your friends. Sometimes people tend to avoid subjects that are painful to them in daily conversation. Truth Lie develops human interaction which is missing nowadays in our life.

Some features of the game require you to pay a few bucks. We can assure you that these purchases will be worth every penny you spend on them.

8. Tayasui Sketches

Feeling the urge to creating a piece of art but don’t have the tools. Just download Tayasui Sketches on iMessage. The most realistic drawing tool, the game makes you feel like you are drawing on a piece of paper.

It is one of the most user-friendly drawings available on iMessage. Create some eye-catching sketching, dazzling paintings, and dramatic illustrations with just tapping on your phone.

With watercolor brushes and a brush editors, you don’t have to worry about failing to capture your vision on the screen. You just have to learn to control the pressure and angle to create a mesmerizing masterpiece.

Store your creation in folders provided by the app. Organize and save them to show them to your loved ones and friends. Explore your hidden talent through this game. Moreover, you can share your drawing on the Sketches community to take the assistance of other players.

If you are a beginner and haven’t developed the skill to make complex sketches, then rely on its layer feature. Layers will simplify the drawings which can only be created by experts.

You can also visit Tayasui to watch tutorials regarding the app if you don’t understand its manual. Now everyone can become an artist through this app.

9. Cobi Arrows

Tired of playing games with boring puzzles or repeated general questions. Mostly, people play games just to have fun and don’t want to get trapped in baffling games. Cobi Arrows is a perfect app to have some relaxing time.

This arcade game will put your aiming skills to test. You are required to shoot towards the target in 30 seconds. If you don’t shoot within the time limit, you will lose the turn and your friend may have an upper hand over you.

You need quick reflexes to succeed in the game. Remember to challenge your friends to a duel through iMessage. Moreover, it also comes with interesting characters so choose the one which fits your personality the most.

Even though this app is free, but you are required to take a few bucks out of your pocket for in-app purchases. You need to spend some cash to open some new characters or buy characters.

10. Wiktionary

If you are looking for mental exercise, then the wiktionary will provide it to you. Test your vocabulary and create four-letter words as many as you can. It gives you the option of choosing the mode you are comfortable with

If you have started the game, then select the easy mode. If you think that you are ready for more difficult, then tab on either not so easy or quite hard option. It also comes with a multiplayer option.

To play this game you have to find your own four-letter word by guessing the hidden four-letter word. The letters which are not included in the word will turn red. Letters that are part of the word will be highlighted in green.

If you have mastered all the available modes, then spend some cash for more difficult options. Moreover, Wiktionary will provide you with interesting information regarding the word you have unlocked.
Create your own wiktionary by unlocking thousands of words. This mind-jolting game is perfect for road trips and lunchtime in the office.

11. FastThumbs

Text messages have increased our speed in using our fingers to tap on the screen. Use this newly found skill in challenging your friends to a duel.

First, you need to select a category from 20 options. These will include animated movie, music, find the phrase, emoji shuffle, etc. You and your friend will be given 10 phrases. You have to type them before your friend to become FastThumbs champion. Don’t make any typos as you will lose a point because of them.

As you progress, the levels will become hard as the phrases will include emoji, numbers, and punctuation marks. You not only have to work your fingers but have to think fast. In the end, the game will calculate the scores and announce the winner.

Keep in mind that you have to pay $1 for each category you unlock. This game doesn’t include any complex manual. You just need to install and send a message to your friend to play with them. Moreover, it won’t take much space in your device.

12. Cobi Hoops

Who wants to go outside and play basketball in scorching heat or freezing temperatures? Coobie Hoops let you enjoy your favorite sport without breaking any sweat. You can shoot baskets on the screen of your device.

Cobi Hoops is an ideal break from the strategic games. You don’t need any special abilities to compete in virtual basketball. To compete with your spouse, you need to score as many baskets as you can within 30 seconds.

Wait for your opponent to make a move to beat your score. Then the game will decide who the winner is. The pixel art makes it easy to identify the characters. The graphics are not some muddled-up colors.

The only problem with the game is that you cannot block the moves of your opponent. In other words, it is not challenging enough. Moreover, you have to pay $2 to buy characters and unlock levels, and other game modes.

This game is perfect for leisure time. Its graphics are better than other pixel art games. Moreover, the only thing you need to win the game is to shoot some baskets.

13. Wit – What Is This

Have you just visited the Eiffel tower and want to tell your friend about your trip in a funny way? To create humor out of your mesmerizing pictures, don’t hesitate to download the app.

Wit allows you to make a puzzle out of every pic you upload on it. Just select a photo from your camera roll. You have to make the grid by dragging across the picture. Select shuffle to break the picture into jumbled up pieces of the puzzle.

Send the puzzle to your friend and let them spend hours in understanding what the picture is. You can create puzzle pieces from 2 to 144. You can also utilize the picture-blur feature to further confuse your friend.

Wit is a humorous way of informing your friends about the location you have visited. Create as many puzzles as you can as this app is really easy to use.

Best iMessage Games – Conclusion

Mobiles and computers have always been blamed for reducing communication among people. It is believed that people are more aware of what is happening on the screen than in their surroundings.

Apple has developed iMessage games so you connect with your loved ones while having fun. Have a good laugh when your friend loses or send them snarky remarks when you are still in playing mode.

Games on iMessage have been mostly inspired by classic games. We know how much you love to play board games in your childhood. Moreover, these games are also making 2000’s kids appreciate the complexity of old games.

Even most of the games mentioned above are free, several of them come with in-app purchases. Well, developers have to earn their bread and butter. They deserve every penny you give them to acknowledge they put to create a platform that connects your family and friends.

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