Best Mattress Under 500

Best Mattress under 500dollar

The choice becomes way much easier when you have a comparison in front of you based on facts and figures. Moreover, personal honest reviews and ratings make it way more convenient to make a perfect purchase. Here we will be providing you with a guideline which will help you to analyze which mattress perfectly matches your budget, your sleeping position, your desired firmness, a suitable height, a non-disturbing motion-isolation, expected edge support and guarantees you a relaxing sleep experience. This comparison will take place between the top 10 most sold mattresses under the price bracket of $500.

Each of us allocates our savings and earnings in a budget if we are planning to conduct a purchase this fact-based content will be assisting you to the best purchase under the budget of $500. $500 is a good amount of investment in a long so you need to make sure that this long-term purchase is worth every penny in regard to the value of money, quality and self-satisfaction.

10 Best Mattress Under 500

1. Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress
Recommended for Sleepers who want to reduce painful joints
2. Tuft & Needle Mattress
Recommended for Best for back and stomach sleepers
3. Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress
Recommended for Back sleepers
4. Lucid 12” Mattress
Recommended for
Sleepers with spinal pain
5. Zinus Memory Foam
Recommended for Side and back sleepers
6. Dynasty Cool Breeze Memory Foam
Recommended for Back Sleepers
7. Sweet night Infused-gel Memory Foam
Recommended for
back and stomach sleepers
8. Signature Sleep Memory Foam
Recommended for Side & Stomach sleepers
9. Swiss Ortho Sleep
Recommended for
Sleepers looking for a cool mattress
10. Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam
Recommended for Sleepers with regular body pains

1. Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam, Non-Toxic, Made in California Mattress, Twin

Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam, Non-Toxic, Made in California Mattress, Twin


  • Cooling Memory Foam
  • Environment-friendly
  • Natural Bamboo & organic wool
  • 25 years warranty
  • A 4 months sleep trial time


Brentwood Home is a company located in Los Angeles that gets its memory foam manufactured in California. They use high-quality material and their production process is environmentally friendly. This mattress is a memory foam made up of viscose elastic which helps your body to relax and release body pains during the pressure release.

Construction ( Layers & cover )

The cover of this mattress is made of wool imported from New Zealand since it has a lot of benefits including flame retardancy. The cover is very comfortable to lie on as it is very breathable and elastic. The elasticity makes it very convenient to take off the cover and wash it when needed.

The mattress itself is 13”; having a gel memory foam beneath the cover. The foam absorbs heat waves produces by the body while sleeping and cools down the body temperature. It does have good absorbency.

Then comes the second layer of 2”, which is an Air luxe ventilated layer. As the name says this helps the air molecules to pass by and lets the mattress breathe.

The last layer is a huge supporting layer of 7.5” with a density of 1.5 PCF, which falls in the range of a good durability mattress.


This mattress is medium-firm and is recommended for someone who weighs around 400 pounds or less but it does accommodate almost all the different types of sleepers. The sinkage intensity is not bad at all since a 6-7 inches sinkage is experienced once a 200 pounds weight is pressed on the layered foam trio. However, if you are underweight then this is not idle for you since you will not be able to feel the softness to some extent and you would need the assistance of the plusher to have a good experience.

Motion Isolation

Tossing and turning of the sleeping partner is not an issue when you are sleeping on a Brentwood mattress. The movement of one partner has minimal effect on the position of the other partner due to the support provided by the memory foam.


Off-gassing is very minimal in these mattresses because of the natural and sustainable material used in manufacturing. Moreover, if you let the mattress rest in the air for a while after opening it and then sleep on it you will face off-gassing at all.

Edge Support

Like all other memory foam, this also lacks edge support to some extent but when pressure is applied in the middle of the side edges of the mattress it does bend to some point. When applying pressure on the ends of the side edges the sinkage is way more but still, the grip is there a no feeling of falling is experienced due to good support from the base layer.

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Recommended for:
  • Sleepers who suffer from a restless seeping partners due to its amazing motion control who gives you a completely undisturbed sleep for hours.
  • Sleepers who want to reduce painful joints
  • People who prefer deep compression and support
  • If you like to sleep cool
  • If you want to invest in an environmentally friendly product
Not Recommended for:
  • Underweight sleepers
  • For sleepers who love extremely soft mattress to sleep on

2. Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress


  • 10 years warranty
  • 100 days trail time
  • Amazing motion isolation
  • Recommended for back sleepers
  • No memory foam layer


Tuft and Needle is a very budget-friendly mattress producing company that was started back in 2012. Its price is unbeatable as it is marked amongst the lowest priced mattresses. Tuft & Needle is a good choice for people who change positions frequently while sleeping.

Construction (Layers & cover)

The layers of the mattress are enclosed with a thin polyester cover which does not restrict the air permeability of the mattress. After the cover comes to the two-layered 10″ mattress

  • The top is a comfortable layer of 3” proprietary poly foam which is slightly infused with the cooling gel to make sure that the body temperature remains cool. This layer has a quick response to any pressure that is applied to it.
  • Then comes the base layer which is 7” in height and is made up of high-density polyfoam. This layer forms the shape of the mattress and provides a base to the upper comfort layer.


Tuft & Needle is a firm mattress as it quickly reacts to weight and pressure. The movement and change of position would be easier in this firmness. Moreover, this mattress is suggested for back or stomach sleepers who need support around their body so they don't sink in the polyfoam layer.

Motion Isolation

The motion isolation is great as the top comfort layer makes the movement of the body very convenient and it results in excellent mobility.


Off-gassing is not a concerning feature in this mattress as none of the layers has memory foam, it has propriety poly foam and high-density polyfoam.

Edge Support

The 7” support base layer provides amazing edge support. However, the experience would be different for an overweight person as they might slip to the corner of the mattress edge due to the sinkage of the thin upper comfort layer.

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Recommended for:
  • For sleepers who are low on budget
  • For sleepers who change their sleeping positions very frequently
  • Best for back and stomach sleepers
Not Recommended for:
  • Sleepers who are looking for a memory foam
  • Side sleepers because they usually want support for shoulders and arms
  • Sleepers who weight more than 200 pounds, because of thin comfort layer

3. Live & Sleep Ultra Queen Mattress, Gel Memory Foam Mattress, 12-Inch


  • Soft Flex Cover
  • 30 nights of sleep trial
  • Top-quality medium plush
  • 20 years warranty
  • 5” contour


This is a 12” memory foam infused with gel. The advantage of this memory foam is that you get a cool sleep where the combined layers of the foam evenly support your body. The mattress is structured to provide a relaxing sleep experience for all types of sleepers. The design concept is similar to that of a hotel bed mattress.

Construction (Layers & cover)

The top layer is a 2.5″ viscose foam layer with amazing airflow. Then comes another super thin memory foam layer of 1” which is infused with gel. At the end is a huge 8.5” supporting layer to define the shape of the mattress. All the layers combine to provide an excellent luxurious sleeping experience.


The mattress is medium balanced and is not too firm nor it is so soft. The top is not at all firm it is cotton-like soft but then comes the firm layer which is the supporting and the bottom layer.

Motion Isolation:

The motion control is controlled to some extent but due to the high sinkage caused by cushion-based mattress any tossing and turning by one partner can disturb the sleep of other partners.


There is no off-gassing at all. No smell is released due to the chemical formula. The cooling gel infused foam layer locks the chemical in itself.

Edge Support:

The edge support is not good at all because of the cushion based top layer when pressure is applied and weight is placed on the layer it loses out balance and sinks in. Poor edge support makes it difficult for you to conduct activities like wearing shoes.

Recommended for:
  • Sleepers who are looking for a less firm mattress with great base support.
  • Sleepers who do not like the usual mattress smell as there is absolutely no smell of the gas and other materials used in production.
  • Sleepers who like to clean their mattress often because this is lightweight and can be lifted by one person moreover, the cover is removable so it can be taken off, washed and then placed back on it.
  • Back sleepers as it provides a soft cushion layer to sleep
Not Recommended for:
  • Sleepers who are looking for great edge support since it badly lacks that
  • Sleepers who sleep hot at night since it lacks the cooling feature
  • Side sleepers as it will not provide the support that is needed under shoulders, sides, and hips

4. Lucid 12” Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid 12” Memory Foam Mattress


  • 12 inches thickness
  • Medium Plush feel
  • Recommended for side sleeper
  • Total weight capacity of 750 lbs.
  • Firm
  • Bamboo Charcoal main material
  • Conforming support
  • 10 years warranty


Lucid is the US certified ventilated memory foam that conforms to your body once your weight is applied to the layers in the form of pressure. It is a highly breathable mattress with a cooling gel to maintain the temperature of the body and keep it cool. The mattress is likely to sink due to the pressure application but motion isolation is not compromised due to perfection in a complex layer structure.

Construction (Layers & cover)

This Lucid mattress is a 12” medium feel plush foam with a 3” ventilated gel memory foam layer, 1” bamboo charcoal memory foam, and an 8” high-density foam base. All these layers are covered by a super soft lyocell blend cover. The layer does absorb any moisture particles on the mattress and prevents it from entering the layers.

The top layer allows air to flow in the mattress which helps the gel beads to prevent the mattress surface from heating and aid the ventilation process to serve the best out of its surface that is breathability.

The thin bamboo layer adds to the support of the mattress as it keeps the back aligned and provides it with complete support. Then comes the last layer which is a hue supporting layer.


The mattress is more towards the firmness side on the scale than towards the luxury side. The heightened base layer makes it firmer while the softness of the ventilated gel-infused layer makes the mattress softer for you to sleep on.

Motion Isolation

The mattress performance in this category is remarkable as you won’t feel any disturbance in your sleep pattern even if there is consecutive movement from your sleeping partner.


There is no off-gassing complaints by the customers for this mattress since they experienced none. However, the typical smell of a new mattress is there and that too is unnoticeable.

Edge Support

The edge support is great just like the support that is in the middle of the mattress. The supportive edges hold on to the body and save you from falling from the bed. Moreover, it makes it easy to do chores while sitting on the corner of the mattress.

Recommended for:
  • Back and side sleepers
  • Sleepers with spinal pain
Not Recommended for:
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Sleepers who are looking to invest in a fancy mattress as it is not luxurious and is a bit firm than the regular mattresses

5. Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen

Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, Queen


  • Very affordable
  • CertiPUR -US certified
  • Knitted Jacquard Cool Fabric
  • 4 layers
  • Infused with green tea extracts
  • 30 nights trial period
  • 10 years warranty


This Zinus mattress is a 12” Green Tea infused memory foam that perfectly releases pressure and is equally comfortable. It might not be comfortable for people who weigh more than 400 lbs. as the pressure bearing of this mattress is less than what is required for this weight.

Construction (Layers & cover)

The four layers include 2 layers of egg crate supporting foam layered on top of each other, a transition foam layer and a top layer of memory foam. The last 2 layers which are the supporting layers are made out of egg crate foam the shape of this foam is similar to that of an egg crate.

The mattress has a knitted jacquard cover which is thin and white. The cover is not a favorite of many sleepers as it gathers around in no time restricting the mobility of the sleepers and causing unease.


This mattress is noted towards the softer side of the scale and is not firm at all. The top memory foam layer makes the mattress super soft that once your body rests on it you just sink in bottom layers and the top layers are hugging you. However, the firmness of this mattress did change due to the weather it is said to be firmer in cold weather and softer in warm weather due to the composition of layers.
Motion Isolation

If you are a person who keeps on changing positions in bed every then and now this is not going to be a comfortable choice for you reason being the softness of the memory foam which makes it difficult for you to change your position so frequently. The memory foam naturally absorbs the movement leading to amazing motion isolation.


There is no off-gassing issue in this mattress however the sleepers will feel a slight smell of green tea extracts that are infused in the mattress.

Edge Support

The edge support of this mattress is not so great it does hold your body for a while but then you do feel that slipping off to the ground.

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Recommended for:
  • Budgeted shoppers
  • Sleepers who do not want a perfect memory foam
  • Sleepers who love green tea extracts and are organic lovers
  • Side and back sleepers who are under 140 lbs.
Not Recommended for:
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Overweight sleepers
  • Hot sleepers since it is not mainly a memory foam
  • Sleepers who are resistant to soft and viscous memory feel

6. Dynasty Mattress 14-Inch, 5 Layer, Grand Cool Breeze, HD Gel Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)

Dynasty Mattress 14-Inch, 5 Layer, Grand Cool Breeze, HD Gel Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)


  • Cooling feature
  • Medium Firm
  • 30 years limited warranty
  • Certi-Pur US certified
  • 120 nights trial time


The dynasty mattress is a heightened mattress made with top-quality materials composed in 4 layers. The mattress comes covered in a white luxurious cover with brown suede piping on the corners. The company offers 30 days return policy.

Construction (Layers & cover)

The first layer is a 4” foam layer then comes the 1” comfort foam layer. The third and fourth layers are 2” airflow foam each. The last layer is a 5” high density supporting layer.

The cover of this mattress is different than that of all other mattresses since despite the fact being white it comes with brown suede piping around the corners of the mattress which acts as a fire barrier in case of an unfriendly situation of catching fire.


This mattress is medium-firm and is not very soft. The firmness is just what should be of a mattress.

Motion Isolation:

The motion isolation is so great that you won’t feel any movement no matter how many times does your partner changes his position during the night. This means you will get a comfortable and undisturbed sleep every night.


No noticeable complaints are given for off-gassing which means that the room in which the mattress is being placed will smell for while but it will be normal in no time.

Edge Support:

Edge support of this mattress is expected to be great because of the height. A sleeper would want to have firmer edge support so they do not slip or lose their balance when they are on the edge. Due to the height, the sleeper is likely to hurt himself more in case he falls.

Recommended for:
  • Back sleeper
  • Sleepers who like medium-firm mattresses
  • Sleepers who like upgraded mattress cover
  • Sleepers who like to sleep cool at night
Not Recommended for:
  • Sleepers who are a fan of amazing edge support

7. Sweet night 10 Inch Queen Size Mattress-Infused Gel Memory Foam Mattress


  • The sweet night gel memory foam mattress provides the sleepers with the perfect fit and releases back pain
  • This mattress has 2-sided firmness which helps to maintain balance and motion isolation
  • The zone design used in the mattress also helps to provide targeted support to the sleepers.
  • Manufactured without harmful substances like mercury.


Sleep night gel memory foam mattress aims to provide the sleepers with comfortable sleep. The mattress comes with gel-infused memory foam which helps to maintain a cool surface. The mattress has an open-cell breathable cover that does not allow heat to trap inside. The mattress has 4 layers and comes with a zone design to provide balance.

The mattress also provides targeted support as it adapts to the size and weight of the sleeper. It is hypoallergenic which means that no harmful substances are used in the making of the mattress. The queen size of the mattress comes for $438. A mattress is a bed-in-a-box option.

Construction (Layers & cover)

  • The topmost layer of the mattress is made of 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam to maintain a cool temperature of the mattress. Moreover, the cover of the mattress has open breathable cells which further help to keep it cool.
  • The second layer of the mattress is 1-inch ventilated comfort foam. This layer adds to the comfort and helps to maintain a cool temperature.
  • The third layer to the mattress is made of a unique 3 zone air-flow open-cell comfort form. This layer is 4 inches in thickness. It helps to maintain a balance and provides the mattress with its unique firmness.
  • The fourth layer of the mattress is 3 inches in thickness and it is made of high-density support foam. This layer provides the mattress with durability and improves the edge support of the mattress. It improves the performance of the mattress.


This mattress has two-sided firmness which helps to provide the sleepers with the perfect fit. This mattress is soft on the top and falls to be 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale. In case, the sleepers don’t like the soft side they can flip the mattress and enjoy the firm side. The firm side is 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Motion Isolation:

As the mattress has gel memory foam, it is good at motion isolation which means that partners can easily enjoy the same mattress.


There is minor off-gassing as the mattress comes in a box, however, it is temporary and does not last long.

Edge Support:

The mattress has good edge support as the high-density foam is used in its making.

Recommended for:
  • This mattress is best for strict back and stomach sleepers. It provides support for spinal alignment.
  • The mattress is also good for side sleepers as they can enjoy the soft side of the mattress.
  • Sleepers with back pain and frequent body movement during sleeping
Not Recommended for:
  • The mattress does not have a lot of bounce, this means that some individuals might feel stuck in the mattress and might not find it very comfortable.

8. Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size

Signature Sleep Memoir 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Size


  • Perfect or a bunk bed mattress
  • Very pocket-friendly
  • 2 layers of accredited quality foam
  • Polybase


This mattress consists of two layers that are not made out of PBDE, TDCPP & TCEPs flame retardants, ozone depletes, and other toxic materials. Relief is provided on our pressure points when we lie on our back position on this mattress.

Construction (Layers & cover)

This mattress is structured in two layers, first is a 3.5” memory foam layer on top of an 8.5” layer of high-density foam. Both layers work hand in hand to provide an amazing sleeping experience as they change their shape according to the direction of the pressure applied by your body.

The cover is silky soft and super comfortable. The breathability of the cover through tiny holes makes our skin less itchy and there are no chances of allergy and irritation. However, the cover is not removable.


The sleeping experience on this mattress is very comfortable due to the memory foam. The mattress is a firm one due to the huge core supporting base.

Motion Isolation:

Motion isolation is present there to some extent however, the layers are composed in such a way that it is made sure that motion transfer is kept to a minimum level.


The off-gassing is not there because environment-friendly chemicals are used in the layers. The least use of ozone harming chemicals is there so no harmful or odorful gas is released when pressure is applied.

Edge Support:

The edge support is present but it is not sufficient according to the sleepers so, this is a lacking feature of this mattress.

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Recommended for:
  • Side sleepers
  • Stomach sleepers
  • Sleepers with pain in joints as it releases pain
  • Sleepers who want to sleep cool
  • Sleeping hot is the main cause of it being not favorite for many sleepers, but price-wise it might be ok for some people
  • Edge support is not up to the mark

9. Swiss Ortho Sleep, 13" High-Density, 3 x Layered Gel & Memory Foam Mattress


  • 13” and has 3 layers
  • Temperature-sensitive
  • A layer of cooling gel
  • Delivered in compressed packing
  • 10 years warranty


This is a high-quality mattress which was manufactured to be able to serve every time of sleepers, be it back, side, or stomach sleeper. Comfortability is the priority aim of the company. The mattress top is quilted making it way much more relaxing to lie your body on.

Construction (Layers & cover)

This mattress has 3 layers of foam including cooling gel-infused memory foam, a comfort foam, and high-density foam.

Mattress layers consist of a top layer of 2″ inches of cooling memory gel, then a middle layer of 9″ inches of the comfort foam layer, and 2″ of high-density base support foam.

The mattress has a high-quality bamboo cover which is breathable and removable at the same time. It is a white, soft, and knitted cover.


It is a firm mattress with a soft top layer to provide a comfortable sleeping experience. The body gets hugged by the mattress once pressure applied but there is no sinking of the body between the layer.

Motion Isolation:

Motion isolation is not an issue since the move from one side of the mattress is restricted to that side only it doesn't disturb the peaceful and comfortable sleep of the other partner.


Off-gassing is an issue faced in this mattress. Moreover, complaints about after delivery smell even after several days have been recorded.

Edge Support:

It has sufficient edge support the support that normally a mattress with memory foam is expected to give.

Recommended for:
  • Sleepers of different body types since there is no weight restriction
  • Sleepers who are considerate about health benefits when investing in a mattress
  • Sleepers looking for a cool mattress to sleep on
  • Sleepers who like mattresses with high breathability
Not Recommended for:
  • Sleepers who don’t like to sleep cool
  • Sleepers who don’t like the after-delivery odor of the mattress

10. Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress


  • Different sizes are available
  • 1.0 Mattress Style
  • Polyester
  • Newest generation
  • 80 x 76 x 14 inches
  • 30 days return policy
  • 10 years limited warranty
  • Fabric cover


A classic cool gel is gel-infused memory foam with three different layers added on top of each other to build the mattress structure which provides a medium plush feel. It comes with a very friendly base which is adjustable. The cool foam provides maximum breathability and a cool surface to sleep on. It comes in different sizes which adds as a feature to enable a different type of buyers to buy which suits the best to their need, for example, a couple would go for queen size mattress however a couple with one kid would consider a king-size mattress.

Construction (Layers & cover)

The 14” inches mattress is structured on 3 layers;

  • 9″ high-density base foam; being the first layer provides support and majorly controls the motion transformation. It ensures that great edge support is established from the base layer
  • 2” cool gel support foam; this serves as a supporting layer for the third and the top layer. This boosts the level of comfort for the foam by supporting the body. The foam used in this layer is made up of soft poly marble gel.
  • 3” cool gel memory foam; this is the most welcoming layer as it has a direct influence on our body temperature. It balances our body temperature according to the surrounding.


This mattress is a bit firmer than what you expect a cool gel-infused mattress to be. But once your body gets adjusted to the firmness it brings you the relaxation you crave for the ultimate sleeping experience. The mattress supports each part of the body evenly and offers integrity too.
Motion Isolation

The gel memory foam slowly adjusts to your body and it automatically reshapes itself according to your changed body position, curling around your body. This concludes if you are tossing in your bed your partner’s sleep would not be disturbed with your movement.


This gel-infused mattress is more porous than other mattresses the cells are connected, therefore the off-gassing is not there due to high breathability. Moreover, it is a hypoallergic mattress which restricts dust and bacteria molecules to be laid on.

Edge Support:

The huge base is sufficient enough to provide a supportive edge to the sleeper where his body is safe when placed on the edge of the mattress and it restricts the sleeper from falling or tripping.

Recommended for: People who want cool sleep during nights
  • Whose body is adjusted to the typical odor of a memory foam
  • Side sleepers as this save them from the pressure they face on hips and side when they sleep on a traditional mattress.
  • Sleepers with regular body pains as this relieve pain and pressure.
  • People who suffer dust allergy as it repels dust and germs because of the high-quality material used in manufacturing.
Not Recommended for:
  • People who are used to a less firm mattress as this would be too firm for them, especially when offered as plush.
  • People who are not used to the odor as they categories it as an unpleasant smell.

Things That Need To Be Considered When Buying A Mattress?

There is a listing of things that you need to keep in your mind when purchasing a mattress for yourself. Here are the few things that are mandatory for your checklist

  • Your sleeping positions
  • The level of firmness you like
  • The construction and other factors of the mattress
  • Your budget
  • Services and facilities

These points can not be ignored if you want to purchase a perfect mattress to have an undisturbed sleep.

1. What kind of sleeper you are?

Which mattress you should buy majorly depends on your sleeping position. Although there are other factors which may affect your decision which includes your budget, availability of the mattress you want to buy, the features of the mattress which includes its construction, firmness, motion isolation, off-gassing, and edge support but a sleeper can conveniently compromise on few of these factors to some extent if a mattress is perfect according to his sleeping position and does not meet any of these terms.

There are mainly 3 different types of sleeping positions with countless postures. The three different positions are back, stomach and side. The sleeping postures are at times dependent on your comfort and at times due to a changed sleeping situation and environment which may include sickness. Sleeping in a wrong posture can lead to pains in the back, neck or shoulder. 

Below is a description of the different sleeping positions to justify which mattress supports the best position.

  • Stomach Sleepers

 This sleeping position is also known as ‘prone position’ in scientific terms. In this position, your body weight is completely on your stomach and your neck and spine are not in a neutral position. These sleepers are usually expected to hug their pillow and if not then they are recommended to do that so their neck and spine say stable and in a much neutral position. 

This is position is one of the worst positions as a lot of stomach sleepers suffer from the crunching of sensitive muscles around the neck and back resulting in pain. If you rest on your pillow sideways then a good airflow will take place in your body. This posture is known as ‘freefall position’

These sleepers typically like to sleep on a firmer mattress as it restricts the lower part of our body from sinking in the layers. Innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses are recommended for them due to their firmer and complex layers.

  • Back Sleepers

This position is known as the ‘supine position’ by the experts. As the picture shows in this position your weight is completely on your back and your back is aligned to the bed but this can still cause pain in your lower back due to a high amount of pressure. This can contribute to your existing back pain and make it worse. People who suffer from regular chest burn and are patients of asthma are recommended this position.

The two most popular posture of back sleepers is the soldier position and the starfish position. In a starfish position, your arms are against and slightly over your head and your head is facing towards any one side of your mattress while your body is straight. One of the major cons of this position is increased snoring and this is not at all recommended to sleepers who snore while sleeping. 

The back sleepers need mattresses that are firmer all over be it the center of the mattress or the edges. Airbed mattress and innerspring mattress is a good option for these sleepers.

  • Side Sleeper

The sleeping experts call this position ‘The lateral position‘ and it is the most popular position. Your entire body weight is on your sides mainly on your shoulder, arms, and hip. If a sleeper curls his body and brings his knees near his stomach while sleeping on his side it is said to be ‘fetal position’. Sleeping in this position may hurt your hip. You can prevent sore hip by placing a pillow between your legs as it releases pressure. This position is really good for those who snore. 

A very soft mattress is ideal for side sleepers as it completely allows their hips and shoulders to sink in the conforming layers. Hybrid and memory foams are the two options for them.

2. What is your desired level of firmness?

The level of firmness that a sleeper would want is linked to his sleeping position but more than that it is directly dependent on his weight. It is your body weight through which the pressure is applied to the constructive layers and then a release takes place. 

The world’s population is divided into 3 different groups when it comes to weight one those who are underweight weighing under 130 lbs. then comes the ones with an average weight weighing more and around 30 lbs. and the last category is of the ones who are overweight weighing more than 230 lbs.

A sleeper who is underweight wants a mattress that is medium-firm and more towards the softer side on the scale of firmness. Since their body weight is less so a softer mattress would allow their body to sink in the layers and let a pressure relief take place. Moreover, if you are an under-weight side sleeper you would want a less firm and softer mattress than the back and stomach sleeper. They would want a medium-firm mattress due to more exposure to body pressure on the mattress surface. 

Live and sleep gel memory foam mattress will be a very considerate option for these sleepers. Moreover, Zinus memory foam which is infused with tea tree extracts is likely to turn out to be an excellent option.

A sleeper whose weight is average would go with for a medium-firm mattress. It now depends on their comfort level and their sleeping position that if they would want a soft medium or a hard-medium firm mattress. 

An average weight side sleeper would want a soft medium-firm mattress however an average weight stomach and back sleeper would comparatively want a bit firmer mattress. 

Brentwood Home cypress cool gel memory foam will turn out to be a good option for their desired firmness according to the weight.

An overweight sleeper would want a firmer mattress because that would aid in pressure release as a good amount of weight will be pressed on the layers. This will prevent the body from curving down. While the stomach and back overweight sleepers want a much firmer mattress to sleep a medium-firm mattress would work perfectly for an overweight side sleeper. The memory foam mattress is recommended for these sleepers as its firmness has the weight-bearing quality which is needed.

3. Find your mattress type & other facts about the mattress

Once you are clear with what type of a sleeper you are and what is the desired firmness you are looking in the mattress according to your weight its time to explore more about the mattress and have a close look about its construction including the layers, motion isolation, edge support, and off-gassing.

Below is a chart of the 5 most common mattresses in the market. 

  • Innerspring Mattress

Which type of sleeper you are? An innerspring mattress is ideal for a hot sleeper. The airflow between the coiled layers is amazing which neutralizes your body temperature. 

Mattress Construction: An innerspring mattress is coil-based it has numerous steel coils joined with each other to build up the supporting layer. It has a comfort layer that consists of foam, fiber, and memory foam.

Mattress Firmness: The more the coils are in a mattress the more supporting is this mattress. Since the number of coils which are known as mini coils varies in different innerspring mattresses the level of firmness also varies leading to many firmness and comforting options but it is more of a bouncy mattress.

Mattress Motion Isolation: These mattresses are highly recommended for couples as it provides suitable bounce for sex.

Mattress Off-gassing: The innerspring mattress which is made naturally they do not off-gas however, once other manufacturing methods are used off-gassing will occur. 

Mattress Edge Support: Due to minimal conforming, these mattresses do lack edge support to some extent but they have a good support layer construction.

  • Foam Mattress

Which type of sleeper you are? Foam mattresses are recommended for people who complain about joint pains and other chronic pains as the soft comforting layer releases pressure and you have a pain-free sleeping experience.

Mattress Construction: These mattresses are made up of two layers one is supporting and the other is a comforting layer. The support layer has high-density polyfoam while the comforting layer has memory foam and polyfoam too at times. 

Mattress Firmness: A foam mattress is a firm mattress, unlike a bouncy spring mattress. It tends to hold your body and its shape when you rest on the layers.

Mattress motion Isolation: These mattresses have amazing motion isolation so you tend to have a non-disturbed long sleep.

Mattress Off-gassing: These mattresses do off-gas because of the polyurethane used in the supporting layer.  

Mattress Edge support: The edge support is as comfortable as the other parts of the mattress because of the top polyfoam layer. The edges of these mattresses are a great place to sit on that too comfortably.

  • Hybrid Mattress

Which type of sleeper you are? Sleepers who complain about constant back pains should invest in this mattress as the comforting layer releases pain. Moreover, back sleepers are recommended to buy these as the coil layer provides just the accurate amount of support that is needed to keep the back aligned. Hot sleepers should also purchase these as the airflow through coils helps to maintain a cool body temperature leading to a night of good sleep. 

Mattress Construction: As the name says hybrid mattresses are made from a combination of innerspring and foam mattresses. The supporting layer has an individual coil and the comforting layer has memory foam and at times also an additional layer of latex foam too.

Mattress Firmness: The combined layers make it a medium-firm mattress that is very responsive to pressure. The conforming element is present there.

Mattress motion Isolation: These mattresses are rated as fair when it comes to motion isolation but when talking about couples it can be a comparatively responsive mattress for them during sex.

Mattress Off-gassing: These mattresses do off-gas but on a minor level because of the combined layers.

Mattress Edge support: The edge support for this mattress is perfect. It is ideal for people who are looking for strong edge support as a layer of polyfoam is surrounding the edges of the mattress.

  • Latex mattress

 Which Type of a Sleeper You Are? It is said that a latex mattress is perfect for side sleepers let’s see why. The cushioning in the layers provides the right support that is needed by the body to keep the back aligned. It configures around a sleeper’s body and it adjusts according to its natural bending.

Mattress Construction: A Latex mattress is made natural latex sap which is removed from a rubber tree plant which is then whisked in a foam later poured in a mattress mold which is baked to form the mattress. This is an eco-friendly mattress.

Mattress Firmness: Most Latex mattresses are medium-firm and they are the most comfortable ones. A sleeper who weights under 12 lbs. may prefer a softer mattress to sleep while someone weights around 220 lbs. will go for a medium-firm mattress. 

Mattress Motion Isolation: Motion Isolation of a Latex mattress is just on point as it absorbs any movement on the bed leading to a night of perfect sleep.

Mattress Off-gassing: A Latex mattress does not off-gas as they are made of natural material and not from any synthetic material.

Mattress Edge Support: Latex mattress highly lacks in edge support. There is nearly no edge support and sinkage is another issue too.

  • Airbed Mattress

Which type of sleeper you are? Sleepers who want a very durable mattress should purchase this but they will have to keep a track on the maintenance. Recommended for back sleepers especially the one with back pain as they can adjust the firmness according to their requirement.

Mattress Construction: Individual air chambers make up the supporting layer with a comforting layer on top of upholstery and padding.

Mattress Firmness: This mattress comes with an amazing feature where the airbeds allow you to adjust the firmness of the mattress according to your needs. This adjustment could be done manually or automatically through a remote too.

Mattress motion Isolation: Motion transfer is very minimal in this mattress so any tossing and turning by the partner would not disturb your sleep at all.

Mattress Off-gassing: There is no as such off-gassing recorded but during the first week, an odor is there because of the air chambers and foam.

Mattress Edge support: The edge support is not great but it is effective as it does protect you from falling when your body is on the edges.

4. What’s your budget?

You need to decide your budget when buying a mattress since it is going to be a long-term investment and you will be investing a good amount of money in one go.

A great population of people keeps their budget somewhere around $500. It starts from $500 and the budget goes up to $1000 which is usually in case of a Queen mattress. Memory foam and innerspring foam takes the lead when it comes to affordability as compared to latex, hybrid, and airbed. 

5. What are the other facilities you are looking for?

A sleeper would highly consider the trail time of a mattress he wants to invest it. The standard trail time for most mattresses is 90 nights, which means almost 3 months. If you are not satisfied during this time then you have all the right to return your mattress and claim for a full refund.

The next thing would be the guaranteed time. The typical year count for most of the mattresses is 10 years. During these years you have the right to complain about any error or discomfort to the company and they will have to solve your issue and ensure that you are satisfied.

The mattress cover is also something that a sleeper considers. Is the cover removable and washable is one of the major concerns. The material that is used to stitch the cover also counts as it does add to the comfort of the mattress and can lead to a much more relaxing sleep.

Best Mattress Under 500 - Conclusion

Best Mattress Under 500

The above described 10 mattresses are categorized as the best mattresses under the budget of $500. This includes different types of mattresses that satisfy the needs of a different type of sleeper depending on their position of sleeping, their weight, and their preferences. Moreover, what you are looking in a mattress is what influences your decision, for example, the list includes King size mattress for couples, single mattresses for bunk beds and students who live in hostel, green tea extract infused mattress for nature lovers, removable cover mattress for couples with an infant so they can wash the cover in case of any spill and the list goes on.

  • If you are a hot sleeper and you are looking for a cool mattress then you need to purchase Classic Brands cool gel ultimate memory foam. It is a 14 inches mattress with a 5 inches cool gel memory foam on a high-density base of 9 inches.
  • Parents who are looking to invest in a mattress under $500 for their children bunk bed then they should buy signature sleep memoir 12 inches memory foam mattress. It is a quality mattress and is very pocket-friendly at the same time too. Moreover, students, who are looking to invest in a mattress for their hostel room could be a highly recommended option for them too.
  • The education about sustainability has increased customer awareness hence they would love to save nature by purchasing a comparatively sustainable product so for customers like that Zinus green tea extract memory foam is the best option ever. It does serve the purpose of memory foam to some extent but the green tea extracts in the comfort layer improve the sleep of the sleeper and give them an incredible experience with the comfort of investing in a nature-friendly product.
  • Brentwood home cypress cool gel memory foam is another option for an environment-friendly mattress as it is a non-toxic mattress. Natural bamboo and organic wool are used the production. This is not only an eco-friendly mattress but it is categorized as one of the best mattresses for sleepers who have joint pains as it releases pressure and reduces the pain in your body. This is also a highly recommended option for those who have a disturbed sleep pattern and they suffer from a restless sleep. The layers give you the most comforting surface to rest and sleep on with amazing motion isolation with no disturbance at all due to the minimal changes in the layers by the body movement. The comparatively hard base of the mattress makes all this possible so it is not recommended for you if you love sinking in the layers of your mattress.

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