Casper vs Eve Mattress Comparison Review

casper vs eve

Casper Mattress

  • The Casper mixed-foam mattress conforms closely to the body for exceptional pressure relief.
  • The mattress sleeps cooler than many competing all-foam models.
  • Thanks to the excellent motion isolation and no noise when bearing weight, the Casper minimizes sleep disruptions for couples.

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Eve Mattress

  • Eve has an additional anti-slip layer which is super comfy for all kinds of sleepers.
  • Eve cover breathable than all other mattresses.
  • Good for backache and joints pain as many people suffer from it and it is very difficult for them to change position and get up again and again.

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Casper vs Eve: Quick Overview

casper vs eve mattressCaper Hybrid and Eve Original are both bed-in-a-box option. The Eve original is made in the UK and has been able to establish a reputable market image over time. It sells its mattresses online all over the UK and Canada.

With pride, it claims to be the best option for every individual as it is designed in a way that is perfect for every kind of sleeper. It was developed after years of research to ensure the perfect firmness and quality of the mattress. 

Over a short period of time, the brand has been successfully able to establish itself after its launch in 2014. It has become so famous that it is regarded amongst the top mattress brands in the UK. Comprising of three layers of different memory foams to ensure a quality sleep experience.

The Casper Hybrid is made in Pennsylvania and Georgia. It has also been able to establish itself in the market. Currently being sold online and the target market is the UK and Canada. The mattress is made with memory foam and polyurethane support foam to provide an ultimate comfort experience to the sleepers.

It comes in different models that have different firmness levels. They also have mattresses made with a silicone polymer. Mostly, they comprise of three to four layers. Both, essential and luxury mattresses are a part of the extensive range. The main aim is to provide the customers with the maximum comfort level.

There are many types of models available such as Hybrid and Original. In this comparison, we will be comparing the Casper Hybrid mattress with the Eve Original mattress.

Casper vs Eve Mattress Comparison




Trial Period

100 nights

100 Nights


10 years

10 Years

Shipping Cost



Shipping Time 

1-3 Days

1-3 Days



Memory foam and polyfoam

Made in






Sizes Available 

Single, double, king, emperor and EU sizes

Single, double, king, emperor and EU sizes

Washable Cover



Casper vs Eeve: Pros & Cons

The pros of the Casper Hybrid include easy delivery. Not only do they have easy delivery but it is also quite fast which makes the lives of the customers much easier. Many sleepers have claimed that this mattress is of the perfect firmness and allows them to have an ultimate sleep experience. 

The great return policy is also a plus point. They have an easy return policy which allows you to get a refund in case of any problem.

A con for Casper Hybrid is the price. This mattress is a bit more expensive as compared to Eve and the other mattresses. Another con of the mattress is that it takes some time to break in. Unfortunately, this means that the first few nights with the mattress can be a bit uncomfortable. 

As Eve's original mattress is made of memory foam, it is a very good option if you are sharing the mattress. It is also an excellent option to reduce joint pains as it helps in releasing the pain. This mattress is also a great option if you want a heat resistant mattress.

The only con is the off-gassing smell. The off-gassing smell can make the first few nights uncomfortable with this mattress.

Type of Sleeper Is Best Suited for?

The Casper Hybrid is not as firm as the Eve Original and it is recommended to sleepers who prefer a less firm mattress. However, it comes in many different models and the firmness can vary amongst the models. So this means that sleepers can select a mattress that is more customized to their demands. 

Casper Hybrid is recommended to sleepers who like a medium-firm mattress. Individuals with more weight will feel the mattress to be more firm due to the sink. It is best for individuals with a medium weight that is between 130 to 140 pounds.

On the contrary, Eve claims that it is perfect for every individual. However, it is suitable for those sleepers who prefer a more firm mattress. It is the best for back sleepers and individuals with joint pains. This mattress is preferable for sleepers who don't like too much of hug or body contour. 

It is also preferable for sleepers who are between 130-140 pounds to get the perfect sleep experience. Heat resistance is also amongst the qualities of the mattress making it a perfect option for hot weather.

Casper vs Eve: Cover & Layers 

Casper Hybrid Mattress –

The cover of the Casper Hybrid mattress is white on the top and grey on the sides. Its cover is made with polyester as it is a breathable material and helps to provide a comfortable sleep experience.

To ensure the quality of the mattress, side panels are made with polyester and polypropylene. The fabric used on the sides has more strength as compared to the top material. This is to make sure that the mattress is of high quality and remains durable throughout its life. 

The cover of the Eve Original is made of 100% polyester. Its cover is breathable and elastic so it does not trap heat. The elasticity of the cover also makes it easy to remove. The cover is also washable which makes life easier and cleaner. The side panels of the mattress are a bright yellow color and the fabric used on the sides is quite stiff. 

Look wise, the sides of the mattress provide a unique look but that is also bold on the other side. A major disadvantage of the mattress is the yellow sides, as they can be seen from under light-colored sheets.  

Layers – 

The Casper Hybrid is made of four layers of different foams to provide an ultimate sleep experience. The total thickness of the mattress is 9.5 inches.

  • The topmost layer of the mattress is also called the cooling or the comfort layer. this layer is 1.5 inches in thickness and it is made of synthetic Dunlop latex foam. It provides the mattress with its feel and the hug-like feel that it gives to the sleepers. Heat elimination is amongst the features of this layer which makes the mattress very practical for the summers.
  • The support or the pressure relief layer is the second layer of the mattress. It is made of memory foam and it is also 1.5 inches in thickness. As the name suggests this layer helps to relieve body pressure and pains. This layer allows the right amount of sink in the mattress. This is so the sleepers can get the right amount of the hug from the mattress. However, this layer is not there in every model of the Casper mattress.
  • The third layer of the mattress is also 1.5 inches in thickness and it is called the transitional support layer. Its main purpose is to provide support to the mattress. Polyfoam is used in the making of this layer which helps to provide support.
  • The foundation layer or the fourth layer of the mattress is mainly responsible for the support of the mattress. Structural support of the mattress comes from this layer and it is 5 inches in thickness. High-density support foam is used in the making of this layer. This layer helps to provide a structure to the mattress to ensure a great sleeping experience.

Eve Original – 

As the Eve Original is a complete memory foam mattress, all its layers are made of different types of memory foam. The mattress is made of three layers each comprising of unique memory foam. 

The foams used in the formation of the mattress include memory foam, latex foam, and support foam. Firmness wise, this combination of layers perfectly complement each other to provide the sleepers with the right firmness and comfort. The height of the mattress is 10 inches. 

Layers –

  • The topmost layer of the mattress is also called the Comfort layer. This layer is made of memory foam and is 4 cm in thickness. Moreover, it ensures the feel of the mattress. Not only does this layer ensures the feel but it is also responsible for making it perfect for every individual. Moreover, it provides the initial comfort to the sleepers and also helps to eliminate heat, making the mattress perfect for the summers.
  • The pressure relief layer or the support layer is the second layer of the mattress. This layer is made of polyurethane foam, and it is 3.5 cm in thickness. As the name suggests this layer helps to provide support to both the sleeper and the mattress.
  • The pressure relief layer also helps to release body pressure which ultimately helps to reduce joint pains. Polyfoam also eliminates heat which makes the surface of the mattress cool for the sleepers. These layers work in contrast with the top layer to provide the right firmness to the mattress.
  • The Foundation layer is the third and the bottom-most layer of the mattress. This layer helps to provide the mattress with its shape while supporting the above layers. Density support foam is used in the making of this layer and it is 16.5 cm thick. The foundation layer does not play an important role in the feel of the mattress, its main purpose is to provide the mattress with the right structure.

Motion Isolation & Edge Support

Casper Hybrid –

Casper Hybrid provides a great amount of motion isolation, the partner's movement cannot be felt if they are six inches away. That is quite good as partners can easily share the mattress without disturbing each other. Sleepers have rated it 6 out of 10 for motion isolation.casper Motion Isolation

Eve Original –

On the other side, Eve Original is an excellent mattress for motion isolation. On this mattress, the partner's movement cannot be felt if they are 7 inches away which is quite good. It is rated 7 out of 10 for motion isolation.

There is some sink when you sit on the edge, but the support is good. As it is a complete foam mattress, some sink is expected. The edge support of the Casper Hybrid is better than Eve original and it does not sink as much. 

Casper vs Eve Firmness





6.5-7 out of 10

6.5-7 out of 10


Very good

Very Good

Motion Transfer



Eve's original claims to be of the perfect firmness. It is considered to be of medium firmness that is 6.5-7 on the firmness scale.

Casper hybrid is not as firm but it is also considered to be of medium firmness and is considered to be 6.5 to 7 on the firmness scale.

Motion isolation is amongst the major qualities and this is because it is a complete memory and foam mattress. On the other hand, the Casper is also very good at motion isolation but not as good.

Casper vs Eve : Price, Shipping and Warranty 




UK Single



Petit Double



Small Double



UK Double



UK King



Super King



EU Single



EU Double



EU Queen



EU King






7 by 7



It can be seen in the table that the prices of the Eve Original mattress are relatively lower than the Casper hybrid mattress. Moreover, it has a larger range of sizes available when compared. However, it also depicts that it is a relatively budget-friendly option.




Shipping time

1-3 Days

1-3 Days

Shipping Cost




100 nights

100 Nights


10 years

10 years

There is no difference in the shipping and warranty of both the mattress brands. Both the brand's ship within 1-3 working days and do not charge any additional shipping cost. The warranty and trial period is also the same. Moreover, both the brands have a return policy which can be used in case of a problem with the mattress.

Casper vs Eve Mattress - Conclusion 

Both the mattresses are good in their own ways. There are many similarities between the brands which make the comparison difficult. Both of them are bed-in-a-box mattresses and are quite famous in the UK and Canada. 

The shipping, warranty, trial, and return policies are also the same. Moreover, both the mattresses are of medium firmness and have great motion isolation. There are more similarities than differences between both.

The only major difference between both brands is the price. Casper Hybrid mattress is a bit more expensive as compared to the Eve Original mattress. This makes the Eve original mattress a more budget-friendly option. It is upon an individual's personal choice about which mattress they opt for.

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Casper Company Information
Company History: Casper was founded in 2013, and officially launched in April 2014.
Physical Stores: Casper operates brick-and-mortar stores in the following locations: San Francisco, CA, Costa Mesa, CA, Torrance, CA, Denver etc
Contact Email: Online form | 1-888-498-0003 |

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Eve Company Information
Company History: Leesa was founded in 2014.

Physical Stores: There are not any eve brick-and-mortar store locations.

Contact Leesa: 169 11th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone Number:1-800-383-3994 (available from 9am to 6pm PST)
Company Website:

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