Can I Get iMessage On HP Laptop?


The HP laptops have recently become very popular and many users have switched to them. HP laptops come in a wide range of designs, features, and prices. This is the reason many people from different backgrounds are using them.

However, many users using HP laptops have iPhones and they want to access iMessage on HP just like the individuals with Mac Book can.

Can We Use iMessage On HP Laptop Legally?

If you through questions directly to Apple or HP, they will simply tell you that it is not possible as iMessages are only compatible with Apple products. But many technical freaks have found out ways to access iMessages on HP and other PC’s.

As the HP laptops have windows software in them, they can get iMessages on their laptop but not directly. For example, if the users want to directly install iMessages on their laptop and start using it that is not possible. However, there are other methods that allow the users to use iMessage on their HP laptops.

iMessages can be accessed with the help of Chrome Remote Desktop, Emulators like Bluetstack, Jailbreak and by using ipadian. So basically there is no direct method of getting iMessages on you HP but you have to use these indirect methods.

The Chrome Remote Desktop helps to access iMessages with the help of Chrome. It can easily be done on HP laptops that can make the lives of the users much easier.

  • The ipadian emulator is another way, it is a kind of hacking and misguiding the system that eventually allows you to use iMessage on your HP laptop.
  • Bluestack is another emulator that can be installed on your laptop. This would also allow you to use iMessage on your HP. Finally, Jailbreak is the most common and effective method for using iMessage on your HP. With jailbreaking you install a software application called Cydia which allows access to applications that cannot be used otherwise.
  • So you can get imessages on your HP, but there is no legal and authentic manner to do so. By using the above-mentioned methods you can also create problems on your iPhone and laptop. It is recommended to use iMessage on Apple products.


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