GhostBed Mattress Review

GhostBed Mattress Review

GhostBed Mattress

  • GhostBed mattress is a combination of latex and body-contouring memory foam.
  • This mattress is the best choice for pressure and pain relief especially in the hip and back of the sleeper, which offers you a medium firmness with a lot of comfort at night.
  • GhostBed offers you free shipping in the united states along with the 101-night trial. It comes with 20 to 25 years of warranty.
  • It is good in motion transfer as well as little to no off-gassing problem.

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Detailed Ghostbed Mattress Review

GhostBed Mattress company was started in America in 2015 as a branch of veteran Nature’s Sleep.

The CEO of a GhostBed mattress was planned to make the buying experience better for people by removing the need to deal with the salesman.

They have the experience of a business for more than 100 years. Particularly GhostBed Mattresses are in the market and providing their services for about 15 years of hard work and match-less efforts.

They have started with one mattress but gradually they have grown and extended their sleeping products such as base, foundations, and pillows.

They have the credit for creating the world’s most advanced complete adaptive cooling sleep mattresses.

They have released other types of mattresses namely, GhostBed Luxe, GhostBed Flex, GhostBed 3D Matrix.

GhostBed Luxe gives a cool sleep if you are a hot sleeper. GhostBed Flex Hybrid gives you perfect comfort along with the support of pocketed coils.

What's the Best about GhostBed?

The best part is the comfort level of this mattress, just amazing. I personally really liked it and suggest it to all especially the people with any kind of injuries or pain in their back.

Their zipper cover is also very attractive. I spent about 3 months of my life completely and continuously on the bed, the marks of the stains due to medicine, juices, etc. were very easy to wash.

Its adjustable foam is amazing and being a patient like that I enjoyed its automatic adjustable feature.
It has the best motion isolation ability as well as low noise potential for all beds. Free shipping in all united states is the top attraction for all the people.

GhostBed has proved to be quite impressive by providing medium firmness that softens up during sleep. It can easily fulfill the need for many sleepers at a time.

You can experience 11 inches height with 0.5 inches extra comfort foam. Maybe it does not sound much but believe me, it makes a huge difference. It priced low than you would expect if you are planning to buy one!

Construction (Cover & Layers)

The Mattress is comprised of 11-inch height in total consisting of three different layers i.e. Top Layer containing Luxurious Plush Cover, Second Layer with Continuous Aerated Latex Foam, Third Layer with Gel Memory Foam and the last layer with High-Density Base. 


The formation of the GhostBed cover involves viscose and polyester with a lot of stretchiness. So, if you are experiencing bouncing up when setting a position on the bed, there is nothing to worry about. 

The cover of the mattress is quite thin so, it allows air to pass through it which is very beneficial for temperature regulation and cooling. An additional feature of this cover is, it will not interfere with the feel and comfort of the first layer of the mattress.


  • Continuous Aerated Latex Foam: The top layer is 1 and a half-inch (1.5”) high and the weight is 3 and a half (3.5”) pounds of the density of continuous aerated premium Latex Foam. The top layer is the most important because it has direct contact with your body. They have designed their top layer with the comfort providing material called Aerated Latex Foam to give the softest, comfort, and baby touch feel. It is manufactured in a way that keeps the mattress and your body cool without retaining heat. Its continuous aerated latex foam does not allow heat to resist instead keeps the mattress cool and heat-free.
  • Gel Memory Foam: The middle layer is of height 2 inches and with the 4 pounds density gel memory foam. This layer also helps to keep the mattress cooler and soother by using the proprietary formula with larger cells to give the cooling effect.
  • High-Density Base: Serves as the base layer providing support to the whole mattress. Its height is 7 and a half-inch (7.5”) with 2 pounds’ density. This layer provides the best shape to bed.

Firmness /Feel /Bounce & Edges support

  • Feel – The Mattress is the perfect combination of comfort and support. When you will press the mattress at first it will give you a very soft feel. It’s a blend of soft and hard feelings when it comes to its feel it’s soft and when it comes to its hardness it provides a perfect shape to contour your body.
  • Firmness – It is proved by the tester that is a medium-firm mattress which means that it is a mixture of soft and firm to give the best contour to your body. They concluded with their test with medium firmness and rated their mattress with 6.5/10 firmness.
  • Bounce – To check the bounce of the mattress you will notice that when you press the mattress it bounces back quickly compare to another mattress due to its latex foam. This quality of the mattress makes it comfortable by not sticking to a previous position because many mattresses bounce back in 60 or more seconds, that is annoying.
  • Edges support – The GhostBed Mattress gives the same feel at the Edges as well. You will not feel irritated at its edges also. If you will use its foundation that contains the solid edge support, you will get the best support at edges.

Overall Design Modification

GhostBed Mattress is the product of Nature's Sleep. They have omitted the spring mattress concept by replacing it with the gel memory foam and continuous aerated latex foam and with the Adjustable base to provide the best positions.

The combination of such materials is made possible with very much care, after great research and experience of about century in the field of business and with the advice based on their expert workers who are in this field for about 35 years.

They have launched there many products like:

  • GhostBed Mattress
  • GhostBed Luxe
  • GhostBed Flex Hybrid 
  • GhostBed 3D Matrix

Like and Dislike of GhostBed Mattress

You May Like It If:

  • If you do not want to compromise on your health and the quality of the mattress then this mattress is the perfect option for you. They particularly focused a lot on the quality of the product. To provide optimum comfort with the best quality possible is their priority.
  • After using it you will feel the difference within a few days of sleep that how it is going to make your nights peaceful and relax. It not only improves your sleep but also makes it more satisfying and loveable.
  • A trial of 101 nights is also offered to make customers satisfied, let them feel the difference, and allow them to experience the sleep to make them realize that what GhostBed claiming is not just for the sake of the sale of their product, instead it’s for the comfort of their customers.
  • The gel memory foam and continuous aerated latex foam do not permit to be retained within the mattress. It keeps the mattress cool preventing it from heat. If you are in search of such a mattress that does not retain heat and gives a cooling and soothing effect then this mattress is designed for you.
  • Materials used in the manufacture of the mattress is of high good quality. They wanted to ensure the quality of their product which makes it long-lasting and durable. You do not need to change it after every few years and waste your money unnecessarily on the mattress by changing it every 2-3 years. The thick foam layers used in the construction of this mattress proved their resistance quality against imprints.
  • The company has used quality material to make this mattress which is a solid mix, beneficial for pressure relief and support. To maintain the quality of the product as well as low price as compare to all other mattresses like Casper, Endy, Leesa, etc.

You May Dislike It if:

  • If you are a lover of too much firmness in your mattress then this mattress is not for you.
  • Many mattresses in the market are available much cheaper in price. The reason behind it that they are spring mattresses which costs cheaper as compare to the memory foams. If you do not want to spend a little more money on your mattress then this could not be for you.
  • The Mattress is designed for all side's sleepers. If you sleep particularly at any one position so it may be a little bad choice for you because for that you need a more firmness in your mattress.

GhostBed Mattress Size & Price

The Mattress is designed under very precise observation. They have offered a variety of sizes to their customers for the sake of their easiness and requirement. Six different size ranges are available in GhostBed Mattress starting with a price of $

Twin38W” x 75L”11″
Twin Extra Long (XL)38W” x 80L”11″
Full54W” x 75L”11″
Queen60W” x 80L”11″
King76W” x 80L”11″
California King72W” x 84L”11″

For more information on sleeping positions please see our guides for sidestomach sleepers.

Warrenty & Other Information

They provide 101 nights for trial because they wanted to give you the time to test the comfort of the bed with your complete satisfaction. Because it is not possible to test the mattress in a few minutes or a day, so they are offering a long period to give you time to feel the comfort and decide as per you feel. If you are not satisfied and wanted to return it, the doors are open you can call them, and no fee will be charged.

The warranty is for 25 years. If any defects occur within the warranty duration, they will repair it, or it needs to be replaced so it will be replaced as well. The claim of warranty within the 20 years of duration can be made if fulfilling any of the below conditions:

If there is any kind of body impression greater than 1 inch excluding the sagging, box spring and mattress support.

Any material fault (cracking, breaking, or any uncomfortable material flaw) not including the damage caused by the customers’ mishandling.

After the 10th year of your warranty i.e. 11th year of your warranty, they will charge 55% of the original mattress price.

They have reduced the headache of going stores and check comfort level by simply sitting for a few seconds. They have also exterminated the middleman by the direct online purchase of their products, which has also minimized the rates of the mattress. The mattresses are available online. You can directly buy it from its official website or any well-known online stores. 

They claim to deliver their shipment within a duration of 24 hours. The shipment is free.

Even if you want to return the mattress on the 101 nights trial the company itself takes the responsibility to take it back from your doorstep free of cost without charging any fee.

Company Information

GhostBed was launched in 2015; its parent company, Nature’s Sleep, was founded in 2001.

Online form | 1-855-855-4499 |

Why Should You Have to Choose GhostBed?

ghostbed mattress reviewsFactors involved in making GhostBed the unsurpassed are as follows:

  • Designed with Care and Experienced workers – Ghosted Mattresses are designed and developed with very much care for the sake of customer’s comfort. Experienced workers are working under the roof to provide you with the best, having experience of about 35 years.
  • Heat-Free – Its Gel memory foam and continuous aerated latex foam that does not permit to heat the mattress and does not make you feel distressed and irritated. It is specially designed intended to provide you with plenty of peacefulness, satisfaction, and relief.
  • Easy to Buy – You can buy it from online stores directly. No retailer stores are available. Buy it from their online stores and the mattress will be at your doorstep within 24 hours without any delivery charges.
  • Adjustable Base – The feature which differentiates GhostBed from other mattresses is the Adjustable Base. It allows elevating your head at any of your comfortable position. Contain dual head and foot massager. Multiple Pre-set positions and unlimited foot positions. Not only this it also has USB ports on both sides and Underbed LED lights. Adjusted positions are necessary to reduce the back pain or to avoid back pain. GhostBed is permitting you to set the base of the mattress at your comfortable position and it also acts as a massager, you do not need a spa or any massage centers anymore. They understand the requirement of the body for relaxation and mitigation.
  • Removable Cover – The One-third life of a person is spent on his bed. It has direct contact with our body so its hygiene and cleanliness also very important for this they have proposed the solution by facilitating their customers with removable cover. It was made it easy to wash and clean the mattress. The cleanliness of mattress is very necessary because without it can be a place of bacteria and other harmful species, that can become the hindrance towards you and your family a healthy life.
  • Offers Klarna, ZIBBY, and Bitcoin Financing Options – Ghosted understands the market trends and always in the race of trendsetters. They have made financing so easy and according to the people’s interests. Now you can any of the financing options without any hesitation.
  • Eco-friendly Packaging – They are very much concerned with environment-friendly products, that may not hurt or destroy the environment in any way. Their packaging and mattresses are eco-friendly. The product is CertiPUR-US certified which means it does not contain the following things: Phthalates, Ozone depletes, Mercury Lead, Heavy metals, Formaldehyde, PBDE flame retardants.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is an easy and perfect choice especially if you are stomach and back sleeper. it is slightly firmer than all other mattresses in the market so, it will give you more than average support. 

It has a very nice bouncing feel which is good for moving around on the bed instead of being stuck.

You can set up Endy mattress easily by following our guidance which also includes the way of using Endy mattress on a traditional bed frame with box spring. 

It is a mixed foam mattress which is designed by the combination of comfortable layers of synthetic Dunlop latex and gel memory foam. The base is made up of a high-density polyfoam support core. 

The formation of cover involves polyester which is very fine and thin yet comfortable. Sitting on 11 inches height is a good feeling to experience.

Ghostbed mattress is a combination of different types of foam including, polyfoam, memory foam, and latex.

If you want to break down the composition of this mattress, you will get a chance to see three comfortable foam layers, comfortable memory foam, gel memory foam, and lastly the base.

Latex can last up to 15 years easily due to its rubbery feature while traditionally memory foam will start to break down in approximately 5 to 7 years. Ghostbed used synthetic Dunlop latex to make it more durable.

Yes, there is a weight limit to put on the GhostBed mattress. When you placed a weight of 750 lbs. on this mattress, surprisingly it will bear it. It can bear a large amount of weight without being sink. 

For the users who have more than 300 lbs., the company recommended a king-size Ghostbed mattress with the company’s base for GhostBed.

It is the perfect blend of soft and hard materials. It gives you an amazing level of comfort. It is firmer than the Leesa mattress. So, it is a good decision for soft and hard feel sleepers.

The GhostBed mattress is formed by the mixture of synthetic Dunlop latex, gel memory foam, and base. It will last up to 25 years.

All other mattresses Endy, Casper and including GhostBed mattress do need a box spring but it is only your personal choice, if you do not want so, you do not need to have it. A boxspring is a traditional base for all the old-style coil spring mattresses.

Endy mattress is designed to be temperature neutral which will give you same temperature all over the night. Your body heat will not influence on the Endy mattress temperature. So, if you sleep hot then Endy could assist you. Sleep cool!

The GhostBed mattress has 11 inches thickness if you are talking about the firmness scale. It is a medium-firm mattress, or you can rate it 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

The GhostBed mattress is one of the high-quality products with lower price, luxury latex and gel memory foam in the mattress industry nowadays. you can buy a GhostBed mattress with 100 percent confidence as it provides 25 years warranty period. It is the perfect blend of three unique layers. This mattress has the medium firmness with super comfy sleep time.

This mattress has proved to be the best mattress for back pain. If you look at the composition of this mattress, you will come to know that memory foam is not only providing firmness but also contouring your body to gives you perfect sleep during the night either you are sharing your bed with your partner or not. It is an ideal mattress for back sleepers.

Ghostbed is a product of the united states, a mattress ship from nine different locations. It means you can get these products on your doorsteps instantly. Most customers receive their orders within 2 to 5 days once the order has confirmed.

Keep in mind, a new mattress is a big change for your body. so it is expected that it will take one or two days to set. But in the case of GhostBed Flux hybrid may take 5 days to fully establish.

You may listen or read many times that the Leesa mattress is very suitable for the side sleepers. But finally, we have a piece of exciting news for Ghostbed users, it is not only good for stomach and back sleepers. It is a great value product for side sleepers too.

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